Evening Reflection on Trystღ (04/05/13)

Evening Reflection (04/05/13)


Mind Walks

Happy evening to you. I hope the night finds you all well. I have had a day, quite busy, in my mind. When I spend a lot of time thinking, I call them mind walks. You know, we go outside and take walks… So, when I think a lot, I relate it to my mind walking around in the space of thought, philosophy, life… what makes us us. We are all so different, beautiful and unique. I am such a people person. I’ve always found the mind and soul such interesting gifts we are all given…

Tonight, I’ve been thinking of the scars we have. Not physical scars, like those from injury or accidents. But the scars we get deep down inside.

Life takes us places, shows us things, and gives us moments that leave ever lasting impressions. Impressions, scars, memories, nightmares, even traumatic events unfortunately take place and no matter what we do, or how old we get, or how much time goes by, or any & all the things we do to heal, forgive and/or forget… we still carry the scars on our hearts & souls.

These scars have an impact on the way we handle things in our future. We may have trust issues, or we may develop fear in certain situations because of past events. Our past is what we compare our present and future experiences with, because it is what we have literally already lived through.

I have some scars on my heart. Quite a few, to be truthful. I was wondering, the other day, if even though I am aware of these scars, and even though I have worked through so much, and even though I am in such a good place with myself… I wonder if I still suffer from these scars?

I can’t tell anyone how to heal. We all heal differently. Through my experiences, I can talk about how I got through them and relate to others in similar aspects, but I understand that we all need different things. I don’t think that one person has all the right answers for everyone. (This is why I have a hard time with psychologists who tell people how to heal. Unless the actual person giving the advice has been through it, how can they possibly know how it feels and how to possibly alleviate the suffering?)

My reflection is this: Scars on the heart and soul are deep and real. If we have them, it is important to recognize them and try to nurture them the best way you can for yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you that your pain is not real, or valid. No one gets to tell you how you feel!!

I hope you all have a great night Tryst Fam.

XoXo ~ Jen

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5 responses to “Evening Reflection on Trystღ (04/05/13)

  1. I go on many mind walks myself. I believe our scars have the potential to save us or hurt us. It help us in regards to preventing us from repeating the very action that once hurt us. And I believe it can hurts by preventing us from taking chances or from doing a certain thing in fear that it will hurt us again. We also all heal differently even if we think our situation is the same as another. Like you said we are all so different, beautiful and unique. There aren’t many absolutes in this life. It’s like one big test and none has the answer key.

    • Well said my sweet friend!! And so true. Life is one big paradox.. one big question mark.. nothing is for sure and everything is different for everyone as we are so complex… each one of us!! I write so much about these controversies. There are times when it drives me nuts not knowing the reason or answer to things, or even that I’ll never get an answer because some things, we are just not meant to know… ever!!! For people who are factual, who seek more knowledge and like to expand their intelligence, it can be frustrating not being able to find reasons and answers. We are supposed to learn from experience, right? Some lessons stick more, and other things we may repeat, even knowing that there is foolishness behind them. And then, with matters of the heart… forget about it!! We have no control over who we love and that can be quite frustrating!! ((Sorry I am rambling.. I told you I am in one of those thinking moods… I have all kinds of thoughts tonight!!))

      • I hear you. Sometimes things bother me or perplex me more so than other times and I have no idea why. The worst is when we are at our weakest mentally and we have to deal with some unanswerable situation. And don’t ever apologize to me about your so called rambling! 🙂

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