Look at You

Look at You


She will look at you with utter amazement,

watching as you speak to others.

Then as you walk across the room to sit with her,

she will listen to all you have to say.

She will respect you and your love for her will grow

as she stands by your side with a

proud sparkle in her eye.

Laugh and be silly with her and she will love you more.

Be true and faithful and she will love you forever.

She will take care of you, tell the world

how great you are and she will do all she can

to make you feel like a king.

Her commitment to you is true and pure.

All she wants is for you to look at her the same,

each and every time

And for love to work its magic

You will always be mine.

~~ J. Lefever ~~

I wrote this piece about ten years ago… I came across it the other day… I can see, even then, I loved to love. I’ve always had a lot of love in my heart… to give… and hope to receive. The interesting part is how much my writing has changed in ten years. My writing has grown just as I have…

©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

17 responses to “Look at You

      • Watch your tone with the whatever you say babe stuff! 🙂 Thanks so much sweet queen of hearts. You’re right, how silly of me to think you weren’t being your normal bright self. I thought maybe you were still grumpy and down 😦

      • Maybe down, but not grumpy!! I don’t do grumpy!! My life has handed me a lot to sort through lately, but slowly & surely, I am sorting through it… See, with me, there is always hope. I always have hope in a positive way that all will be A.O.K !! And when I’m on top of things… I send out the soulshine to others. Do you need some today? I have some to send…

      • Ha, good. That was just a little poke to get a rise out of you. You had me nervous. I was like dang my consistent Tryst has jumped train. I’m glad you are motoring through the muck and it’s good to hear your view of hope. I wrote a post on hope the other day called “Arrows Waiting To Fly”. Girl, you know I’ve always got room for you soulshine, but you go ahead and hold on to it for yourself and let me give you some bright friend 🙂

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