My Triumph


My Triumph
The silence has been broken
By the music of my mind
Distant visions playing
With things I’ve left behind
It’s only just a moment
You know you’re better than this
Take control of your spirit
Control of anything you wish
I am guarded by many fences
In the center of things unknown
I am much more intricate
Then the things I may have shown
Inside of my sensitive soul
My innocence prevails
I have so much more to tell you
The words I speak entail
Consequently I’ve lost control
Running somewhere to be
I feel like it’s impossible
For me to freely be me
My air is thick and heavy
Surviving in my kingdom
I persevere in every moment
Having triumph in my freedom
I fly on my own wings
With the rising of each sun
Until my dying breaths
Into this world I come
~J. Lefever~
This is a piece of strength, acceptance and resilience… because I may fall down, but my soul is good and I never give up, I never stop fighting for myself and I never hand my spirit over to someone trying to put out my spark…
©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

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