House of Blues


House of Blues
Etched in the cobblestone streets
Were years of forgotten stories
Mine may be lost already
Lost in the nothingness we call
But forever I will remember this nothing
As I was everywhere the light touched, I
Became the night air
At night, you could hear the trumpets
On the streets of the surrounding place
Hopeful souls would come to hear
And get lost in the darkness of the Jazz
I sat at my window sill
On the nights they made their music
Never distracted by the other noises
Of life
Not when the Blues crept its way
Through the night air
To reach me, only me
Awaiting at my window
Underneath the star sprinkled sky
Midnight at its finest
The trumpets sang about my sadness
All the reasons my tears fell
All the way down, to the cobble stone streets
But that’s just how the music hits me
Right in the center of my soul
Tender notes and beautiful words
Penetrate my innocence
Reminding me how breakable I actually am
Telling me that no one dares to try
To understand, even see
The reasons why my tender heart bleeds
So I get lost inside the Blues
At night, with the trumpets
I become the Blues
Infinite sensitivity
My own melancholy madness
Music take me away
As my tears fall like rain
Tiny droplets, pieces of me
Cleansing my soul to the sound
Of painful music
As I sit and memorize
What it feels like inside
To be in The House of Blues
Without ever having entered it at all
~J. Lefever~
©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

29 responses to “House of Blues

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    • OMG!! I don’t have sound on my work computer and last night I didn’t get home till late but… I am going straight home to hear it tonight!! So excited!! I bet she did a killer job!! I ♥ her!! Miss Shackled that is..
      I love you too!! Thank you for reading!! XoXo ~J

    • OK!! I just heard S&C’s read and… she nailed it!! So so good.. I had to put it up on Tryst too!! What an honor to have my words read.. I am flattered.. I am humbled.. Thank you too for enjoying what she and I created!! XOXO~Jen

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