Too Cool To Care


Too Cool To Care
Through the confusion
I saw your spirit anyway
I reached out to you
For you to take my hand
You will be safe with me
I will show you how to feel
I will show you love that’s real
It is alright to be who you are
My heart won’t hurt you
I will not leave a scar
I truly believed that you were able
To see that love can save
Ones soul
Many years you were rough & brutal
An act to create the illusion
That you are too cool to care…
Today you stand before me
A gentle soul indeed
There is no reason to cut me down
Yet you still try to make me bleed
Down on my knees
My soft hands are up in the air
Listen to my honest cries
Why are you too cool to care?
Leaving your foot prints
In my body as you kick my side
Standing over me
You shout that I am weak because I hide
You may be right
I do hide things from you
Giving you my all just doesn’t seem fair
With the bruises I hide
Cause you are too cool to care
I still give you my truth
Truth in the love that has never died
It is when you are not looking
I hold my eyes and I cry
My words may never be enough
For us to have a love that we share
You still doubt the reality of love
You will always be too cool to care
~ J. Lefever ~
This piece was written sometime this year…
It has no actual relevance to my life… or maybe it does…
 ©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

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