When Things Die

When Things Die



I’m stubborn to admit

When things can’t be helped

I hold on to

The littlest piece of hope

When the words come

Crashing down like knives

Upon us & the ones we love

Looking at those moments

It pains me to think

That is what it looks like

When love is dying


Driving down the road

Tears burn my cheeks

I feel my heart beat

Like it is literally crying

Afraid to pick up the phone

To maybe prevent

Our love from dying


In times

I thought I had it all right

What creates something so good

Then escalates us into a fight

I can’t imagine

Not waking up next to you

What part of me will you take

Do I still have a part of you too

What is left to keep us trying

I have yet to quit

Even when I fear our love is dying


Millions of emotions

I woke to greet my day

Frustrated once again

I didn’t know what else to say

The feeling of failure

Burns so bad inside

I have broken myself down

Behind something fake is where I hide

To the world outside

Things are settled and fine

But here we are

Just trying to survive

The words we pierce

each other’s hearts with

Is too much to handle

So we say it’s time to quit



Are we fooling ourselves

Are we fooling our fate

Does the heart love for nothing

What does this love create

Have you given up for good

Have we broken us by lying

Is there light after this storm

Or is our love just dying




~J Lefever~



This is… a piece of me today…



 ©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

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