House Of Blues

This is my piece I wrote… only spoken by the beautiful and talented Miss Shackled & Crowned. Listen to her soft voice… as she tells the story… of what music can make me feel…
This is what I said to me sweet friend : You, my darling dear… spoke each word perfectly!! You put emphasis on the right syllables, the right words, for me… and hopefully for you as well. This piece is an emotional slice of what good, deep, soulful, and sometimes painful music creates inside of me. When you hear a musician getting lost in the sounds and a voice, singing of the things we feel inside. Music is magic. Music can be my best friend… telling me exactly what I need to hear… when I can’t seen to find the words myself.

I loved it!!

Shackled and Crowned

House Of Blues – Poem by Jen.
She is a pretty spectacular woman who has a way with words and painting vivid pictures with her poetry. Her “Story” is one to revere, so hit her up. She is worth following. 🙂

Etched in the cobblestone streets
Were years of forgotten stories
Mine may be lost already
Lost in the nothingness we call
But forever I will remember this nothing
As I was everywhere the light touched, I
Became the night air
At night, you could hear the trumpets
On the streets of the surrounding place
Hopeful souls would come to hear
And get lost in the darkness of the Jazz
I sat at my window sill
On the nights they made their music
Never distracted by the other noises
Of life
Not when the Blues crept its way
Through the night air
To reach me, only me

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4 responses to “House Of Blues

  1. Music has taken me to madness and rapture. Sometimes, all in the same song.
    I understand how music speaks to you…as it speaks to me.
    Different than Jazz (thus, my problem, relating earlier), I thought I couldn’t speak it right until I was able to trade the single word…an instrument…a style, for something that I could relate to. That’s when I got it.
    I knew there was something special about it when I read it the first time. After time three….I was starting to feel a connection to it for “whatever” reason.
    Oh, I ramble….

  2. Oh that was beautiful. She has a wonderful voice and matched with your poetry was magnificent. Going to go over to her blog and tell her the same thing I think 🙂

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