Mountain of Too Much

((If you are offended by the “F” word… please do not read this piece… because I use the “F” word, only once, in this poem))
Mountain of Too Much
Trickling down
The mountain of too much
Were pieces of me
Fallen into the river
Flowing down the
Sensitive stream
Losing my mind
To the chaos of the day
At the bottom
Staring up at my climb
I have a long way to go
On this mountain of too much
Facing fear
Confronting my pain
Fighting my past
Remaining sane
You find me
Making my way
Through the thickest part of the climb
I have tremendous victories
I save a real sense of pride
Here I go, reaching the next level
When suddenly I fall
I begin to unravel
Have I taken on
Something stronger than I
Am I a fool
For giving this a try
My soul can’t take this
On this mountain of too much
A view of the top
I’m beginning to see
The calm of the storm
Is becoming a reality
I have made it far
I have stood tall to my fears
I have handled my shit
For a handful of years
Yet something catches my eye
And I begin to lose my balance
Facing something new, how can I
Frustrated by time, I start to cry
I thought I was there
At the top of my destination
Now I’m falling down again
The enemy of my own creation
It was always me
I was fighting against
Climbing this mountain
Knuckles bleed on my fist
Will I ever climb to the top
Of my mountain of too much
Or is it just too overwhelming, so
I am royally fucked?
~J. Lefever~
 ©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

12 responses to “Mountain of Too Much

  1. You are not royally fucked, you never will be 🙂 You are strong. The fact that you have got this far means that you have the strength to keep going. Look around you. Imagine you are on a path, beside a main road and you want to get to the other side. Stop. Look at your side of the road. Look at what is right beside you. Look at the people who have helped you get this far along the road. You may not need to cross yet. Relax and wait on your side for a while. Take stock of the good things where you are and take a few breathers. You will be okay. Don’t give up now.

    When you are going through hell, keep going. – Winston Churchill

    Don’t give up because you see how far you have to go, glance behind to see how far you have come.

    Life has a way of testing a person’s will, either by having nothing happen at all or by everything happen at once – Paulo Coelho

    Courage is the resistance to fear; mastery of fear; not absence of fear – Mark Twain


    There again I’m divorced, who am I to give advice. I hope some of the quotes help even if what I said doesn’t

    • oh my gosh!! What wonderful things you just said!! You are right!! But, this piece is not about giving up.. I write because it helps me release things inside.. so I don’t get overwhelmed… but I never give up. I will be here.. plugging away, keeping strong through all of this and I will keep my dear Tryst Family updated!

      You are such a deep soul, my friend.. and truly wise. I love hearing what you have to say! And the Paulo Coelho quote is the bomb!! Big stars and soulshine… you rock!! Thank you friend. I am glad to have you here.. XoXo

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