Silent is the Night

Silent is the Night



Silent is the night

As the stars watch me sin

A lonely soul, I wonder

My journey I begin

Elements of the world

Laughing all around me

Wondering why I fear them

Doubting what they see

Inside, I fight the answers

The truth can make me cry

Burns run so deep inside

Why am I alive?

I fight to find my joy

My inner peace and pride

Somethings still hurt so bad

You see me run and hide…


~J. Lefever~

Written in April 2013



 ©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

14 responses to “Silent is the Night

  1. I understand that you want to hide. It is a natural defence mechanism of the mind. Get out of everyone’s way when you are hurt so nobody can see the pain. But nobody is going to laugh. People are here for you. To talk to. You will always have people you can talk to.

    • I know I do.. thank you friend.. I do feel these things inside (obviously.. poetry is the truest color of one’s soul…) but I also know that I have you guys. And for that, I am very grateful XoXo

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