When The River Runs Dry



When The River Runs Dry


When the world is waiting

For the trees to come alive

And the rivers are flowing

Into the meadows of serenity


My patient soul is bare

Open and exposed in the air

As I wait to bloom

I am waiting for you


The City is under water

Some people are still floating

Trying to save us all

Even as my ignorance is showing


When the river runs dry

I will bring you nourishment

Feeding the earth my soulshine

Under the skies of blue


Sitting on the banks of despair

Leaves fall into the stream

The world has become hushed

Listen to the rhythm it dreams


We all share a spirit

Wanting warmth and safety inside

Even as a brave young woman

Sometimes I go places to hide


In the end I hope for solstice

Rebirth of the spirit in me

When the river runs dry, I’ll be there

Giving light to everything you see


~J Lefever~



 ©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

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