True Beauty

True Beauty
Innocence painted
On their faces
With purity
Beauty so natural
Born with security
Happiness so real
As we watch them play
Tiny versions of us
Like we were one day
An unstoppable commodity
We forget the value
Of our existence
The years adding up
We cannot resist this
Time takes our innocence
And our natural joy
Our childlike minds
Are now broken toys
Mind & memory
Tainted with the things
We have seen
Our only escaping reality
Is in our subconscious dreams
If only we could remain
So young and pure
Keeping our souls
From needing a cure
With age we seek to find
True beauty like we once knew
In a difficult world
Killing beauty in all that we do
~ J. Lefever ~
 ©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

4 responses to “True Beauty

  1. Wouldn’t it be nice. To be able to stay young elsewhere other than dreams. But there again, in our dreams we can be who and what we want to be. If you look at that woman who was covered in acid, in her dreams she sees herself as the beauty she was externally but is internally.

    True … real .. beauty is inside. It can’t be seen, it can only be felt.

    Sorry, I may have missed the point

    • I agree.. Yes.. this piece is about the cruelties of the world, not of appearances, but of people’s internal intentions upon others… like the bombings that are happening here, people dying in school shootings and all other senseless crimes. Inside the mind and heart is where true beauty lies, yes.. but it is also where hate lives and the disturbing motivations for these terrible things that people do to people…

      • There are more beautiful people than evil people though. It would be nice if the news covered the nice people for a change. On the news over here, they have been going on about five bombers that tried to blow up a meeting last year.

        Would be nicer if they showed the person giving the boots to the homeless person, or a charity receiving money anonymously. A lonely person finding love. These would be real news and may start to change the way people see other people

      • OMG absolutely!! That’s why I don’t watch the news half of the time… it is so depressing. My heart is so sensitive… I can’t handle all the pain and suffering in the world. It really bothers me..

        It sure would be nice if they had up-lifting things on the news!!

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