When I’m Alone

When I’m Alone
When everyone has gone
I’m in the presence of just me
My spirit and I play games
We argue with what we see
There is no outside noise
No chatter from other voices
But my mind is loud as always
Battling all my life’s choices
I go back and forth
From good to bad to everything
In the space in between
Living inside of nightmarish dreams
My angels are strong
Standing up to my devils everyday
Good fighting evil
Consuming my soul in every way
When I am alone
I’m not really alone at all
I’m stuck with my mind
Inside self prison made walls
Daily I think
In memory of my innocence
My own reflection reminding
Of my spirits remembrance
The years have slowly taken
The person I was born to be
When I am alone
I am haunted by me
~ J. Lefever ~
 ©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

36 responses to “When I’m Alone

    • Really? That’s awesome!! I love it when my readers can feel where I’m coming from… that means my delivery was better than smoothe!!

      How are you this fine Monday.. sweet friend??


      • You do know, that you may feel that you are heading away from what you think you are meant to be, whereas in fact you are heading to where you are actually supposed to be.

        Monday’s are never the best days. There are so many days left to the end of the week

        • Yes.. that is true.. I actually wrote that poem yesterday, not today..

          I am having a good Monday here in the city.. it is very warm today!! And the sun is out!! That stuff makes it hard to be negative.. XOXO

              • It is. Not sure what country you are in. I chat to some in America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada as well as Romania … I think a couple are in China. But I don’t so much chat with them rather just read their blogs

                    • Well.. It’s three hours difference from West to East coast.. no, wait, it’s four!! I’m in the middle, for right now, so I don’t have to adjust too much when I travel. Soon I will be moving to the East Coast, and I’ll be there for a while!

                      I think we’ve just always had four time zones.. so it’s what we are used to..

                      😉 Wink

                    • Being in the centre has it’s perks then 😉

                      Noooo don’t go to the East Coast! That’s where the aliens hit or when there is a cataclysmic incoming disaster hits. Especially when there is a black president. Mind you, as long as you don’t move to within spitting distance of the Statue of Liberty, you’ll be fine :mrgreen:

                    • You are very strong in your opinion here!! Aren’t you!! I love the East Coast!! I’m headed to South Florida though, where my spit couldn’t possibly reach the Statue Of Liberty… so that’s good!! But I do love New York.. my family is from Brooklyn, so my roots are there.. my American roots that is.. my Great Grandparents are Russian and French. (Hence my French last name, Lefevre, which my grandpa Americanized to fight in the WW2 to Lefever… I wish he would have kept it original 😦 And my grandmother is Russian. Just went on rambling about my family, sorry… I’ve had a lot of coffee today!!

                    • Why are you apologizing? You have NO reason to!! You didn’t say anything wrong silly!! I am the one apologizing for rambling on and on about my family .. blah blah. being from NY.. 🙂

                      You are silly.. no reason to say that!! You are my sweet friend!! I love talking with you!! XO

    • Thank you very much! I always enjoy when my words touch another, as they mean so much to me… Every word I put into my poems is meaningful in some way…

      This is how my soul expresses itself.

      XOXO ~ Happy to have you on Tryst my friend…

        • When my words can reach another, just one other person or soul… it makes writing my pieces so fulfilling! Also, for those feeling we think we suffer from alone… once we share, we realize how NOT alone we really are, right?

          • I know! Coming here, was part of my therapy. I’m becoming better and feel more loved. You guys are the bestest for me, and finding people that are like me, helps. I’m so glad to help you feel fulfilled.

            • This WP world and community is ine of the best parts of my day! I have met some really great people… I cherish talking to you, and the others, so much… You ALL mean the world to me. I have connected on some very close levels, I have connected on some very healing levels, I have grown with all my written words… I too have healed here, and with the creation of Tryst… Tryst is my fav place to come hang out sometimes!!

              I wish I had more time to read because I know that there are some brilliant things I’ve not seen yet… my inbox is overflowing with everyone’s posts that I refuse to delete without reading first!! Maybe I need to take a weekend break from from writing and just read…

              I heart you! Thank you for reading Tryst and being such an important part of my life!! XOXOX

              • That is awesome. I’m happy for you! This is the best place to heal. You are free to express, and free to be yourself. THus making yourself feel better. At least that is how I feel.

                I have been spending more time responding to people than ideas lately, but I’m writing them down in a little notebook. 🙂

                I heart you too hun! Glad you’re in my life too. Here for you!

                • Thanks sugar!! I am always a hop & a step away too.. I have been through… so much… I am a little insecure about sharing ALL my war stories because… some of them are… quite traumatic… some are quite unbelieveable… some are not rated PG.. so, I hold back a little. I’m trying to break this shell a little bit, per request and advice of TwinDaddy (Such a great guy)

                  So, maybe more to come in this dept. But, my long-winded answer here is, I have a compassion for others because of my own experience and I never mind helping another in any way if I can.

                  XOXO Thank you for being wuch an important part of Tryst!!

                  • We have all been shaped by different experiences. I have a feeling that, even if we all experienced that same things, we would still come out different based upon how we all adapted to them.

                    Oh he’s been telling me too. I try to write down everything pretending no one is reading it so I’ll be free. Who knows if it will effect people in any ways.

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