I am not your Puppet ~ Tryst Update

I am not your puppet ~ Tryst Update
This evening is the end of a very long day. This evening wraps up a very long week. This week has been very very productive, I must say! I am sitting here, thinking about all that I got done this week, and I gotta pat myself on the back! Good job Jen! I was busy and organized and got all my responsibilities done! Good feeling to have, especially when you have a mountain of things in front of you… that I do… along with emotional roller-coasters, and psychological abuse from the fam… it is a lot to handle all at once!!
Sometimes there are personalities who are very strong. There are personalities who are very smart. The intelligent and the wise don’t always use their wisdom in the best of ways… sometimes, that wisdom is used to manipulate others. ((Note, a stupid person can’t really manipulate others… it takes a certain kind of mind, a certain level of intelligence to be able to do this)) ((Also note, most addicts do a lot of manipulating… addicts, contrast to popular stereo-type, can be very smart. So, we do have the knack, the ability, the mind power to manipulate others to get things, or to believe things, whatever))
I have done my share of this exercise. Manipulation. I am not proud of it. But because I have done it, because I have practiced it, because I have somewhat succeeded in it, because I have almost obtained a PhD in it… that means I can recognize when it is being done to me. Yep. I said it.
You know the saying, ‘You cannot bullshit a bullshitter’ ? It is common sense. You cannot fool a fool… you can’t manipulate a manipulator!! It just cannot be done!! Sure, you can try. Go on! Give it your best shot! But I guarantee that you will be caught, it won’t work, your little plan of trickery will not go through because you can’t pull one over on someone who knows how to do the very same thing.
I think I’ve made my point here…
What is my next point then…? It is obvious that I am going through some things… I mean, I have some ducks in a row… but they are not lined up in perfect unison, yet… I still have some hurdles and some work to do… but I still have a whole life in front of me. What about the ducks then? I have some good ducks and I have some ducks that may wander, or fall down, or go swimming in the pond when I didn’t say it was ok… ((HAHA, I have totally gotten off on this duck thing, but I have a point.. I promise))
What I’m trying to say, what I’ve said before, is that in life, nothing is ever fucking finished, perfect, happy ending… there is always going to be something you face, have to deal with, are working on, get forced into… whatever!! Some things are not your choice. Changes happen that you do not orchestrate. Those changes are fucking uncomfortable!! But, we have to deal with them.
Some of my ducks are crossed right now because I am not only grieving the loss of my brother, who was taken from my life last June, but since this tragedy took place, my family has just broken to pieces. As a result, I pretty much have been forgotten about. It’s almost as if Dave and I died at the same time. I could be invisible, and nothing would matter… this is a very painful reality for me right now.
I guess my evening ramblings here are to empty my mind of some things… Above, I say I’m not a puppet because I am the one who controls the things, the atmosphere, the people, and the activity in my life. I know that my family is hurting right now, with the loss of one of our four, but even though I am the sibling that is left, I am no one’s puppet. No one should be telling me what to do, or how to feel, or using manipulation to make me feel like my feelings are wrong. Not validating someone’s feelings is emotional abuse, and it is very painful, especially coming from a parent or a close loved one. The death of my brother is not an excuse I pull to write pieces or shed tears… it is the most painful thing I have ever felt inside of my heart. And sadly, what has come with it, is two parents who, don’t even know they are doing this but, ignore that I’m here, lash out, take their pain out on me, look at me like they are angry that I’m the one here… all kinds of shit that sucks… and then use manipulation to tell me that I am selfish for things, like when I get completely left out of important family events, things that are important enough for my mother to invite a friend… but not me, not her forgotten daughter… In their grief, they have abandon the one they have. Which I have been told by my therapist, is quite common. When a family, when two parents lose a child, sadly sometimes, they get so caught up in their sadness, they forget about the child that is still alive, or they over-compensate with someone else, like a daughter or son-in-law… never in a million did I think I would be in this place… never..
I needed this rant tonight. I need the distance from this place. It is not good for me here. I don’t belong in this city. I will go one day… Yes, one day soon, I will go…
For now, I am still holding on…
J. Lefever




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19 responses to “I am not your Puppet ~ Tryst Update

  1. If your family are not nice to you, then maybe it is not such a bad thing that they do not always spend time with you. People drift apart in life, even if they are close.

      • It sure is. I don’t even want to look at a couple of people in my family. Some people can be a bad influence you know

      • Yes… even those who are supposed to love you no matter what.. even family… that is the hardest to digest when it’s where the pain comes from..

      • Yea.. I know completely… I am thinking distance. Distance, which also makes me sad.. but I MUST take care of myself, my needs, my emotions… Because if I don’t have my own back, my whole world can fall apart…

      • Love your body, I love the library, it is peaceful and quiet. No drinking or smoking is going on (or anything else)

      • I like going to the library too… it is a nice place. My favorite library is the one in Downtown Salt Lake City… I lived there for 5 years when I was in college… I’d go there to read and write all the time! Ah, I miss that place…

      • Well I live in a town of around 120,000 people (last time I checked) Not far out of it are places that could be in parallel to deep south only smaller and colder (you know common inbreeding, racism, crazy people who really should not be allowed in the wild). Although times have changed a little since the 80’s. We have been renovated a little because we have a half decent university. So our library is an interim one awaiting the old library to be vamped. It is quite small, although it seems more people are visiting than they used to. People were having there bags stolen on Saturdays, but you don’t get people wondering around with shotguns very often. What is salt lake city about, I have heard of it from movies

    • It’s such bullshit really… and just painful. I will be leaving soon though.. I won’t be in KC much longer. Thanks for being such a nice and cool guy. 🙂 XOXO

    • This whole situation sucks so bad… you know, we’ve talked about this stuff… and I tell you, you never know.. life doesn’t prepare you for some things… and when you need certain people the most, do not count on them being there.

      I wish things were different. I wish the death of my brother hadn’t broken my family so bad… it just has..


      • I hope all this stuff, eventually, leads me to a place where I’ve learned something, grown, and become more kind, patient and understanding…


        And I know you do Hasty… you are such a good friend! I love you dearly… XOXO

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