I’M OBSESSED ~ Tryst Update

I’m Obsessed!! ~ Tryst Updates


..Cinnamon Toast Crunch..

I have known that I have an addictive personality for most of my life. It is no surprise that when I like something, I want more & more of it! This is common, this addictive personality. I know that 85% of the population of this world are addicted to something, statistics don’t lie. Which actually makes me quite normal, kinda nuts huh?

Anyway, sometimes when I get on something, I get hooked and I just crave it daily!! These little obsessions, or hooks, happen all the time since I’ve entered the world of sobriety. I don’t mind either!! I feed my healthy cravings and obsessions!!

This week I am hooked on the classic kid’s cereal Kellog’s Cinnamon Toast Crunch!! It was on sale at the store and has been forever since I’ve had some. So, I bought a box and I’ve not been able to put it down since!! I’ve had cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner… and, I think I’ll go have another bowl right now…

If you enjoyed this cereal as a kid, and haven’t had a bowl in years, I suggest you go and grab a box of this delicious goodness!! I believe that we are never too old for kid cereal!! If we don’t have things we enjoy in life, what’s the point of being here? Life should be made joyful… and good… like this cereal!! HA!!

Have a great day Tryst!! XOXO


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7 responses to “I’M OBSESSED ~ Tryst Update

  1. haha I bought some fruit loops with the marshmallow’s today. Kids cereal is the only editable cereal =x x=

    I use to love cinnamon toast crunch but I foundered on it =/

    • Oh yea!! I’m down with the Fruit Loops, but I’ve not had it with marshmellows yet. Do you suggest? Is it bomb?

      I agree about the kids cereals, they are delish! But I also like ‘big-kid’ cereals too.. I do.. I can’t lie.. 🙂


      • I sure do! I had no clue they had another kind of fruit loops besides the original plain fruit loops…I saw it and was like >.< This is mine! The marshmallows are good kinda tastes like a really sweet fruit kind of marshmallows? Hard to explain But it has become my favorite cereal for sure!

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