Dead and Gone… Never Apart

Dead and Gone… Never Apart
I whisper quietly
Just for me to hear
I talk to you
Blow kisses
In certain places
Never knowing
If they make it to you
Up in the sky
Of clouds and blue
Where are you
Where have you gone
It so surreal
I even sing this song
I never thought
You would be taken
From me
I never thought
This is how I bleed
Your energy moved on
Dead here, somewhere gone
I want to be there too
When can I come
Be with you
Can you hear me cry
Everyday for you
Can you hear the words
I am telling you
Why did you leave me
Here, alone, with them
Their darkness
It burns
And I have no one who understands
What does it mean
When someone dies
Why do they leave
Us here just to cry
Where is my brother
Is he dead and gone
Can I go see him
Hear my song
What ever these words
They are meaningless in my heart
He is never gone from my soul
We are never apart
~ J. Lefever ~
 ©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

22 responses to “Dead and Gone… Never Apart

      • Lately, I have isolated my feelings inside a lot. More so than ever in my life!! It has been difficult, but I really have been bitting my tongue a lot more. I am very choosey about the things I talk about… then again, I write a lot on Tryst, so it prob. seems like I’m all out there, but I’m really personal with certain things and details… I am really overwhelmed right now.. it blows…

      • I find it easier to write about everything here. In my personal life, no, I cannot. I feel as if I’m always being judged, wait, I was, but cannot seem to get over it. I feel as if I’m always being judged. It’s something to work on, but here, I can put down my personal feelings, and if they’re judged, guess what? It was their choice to read or pass over, so they don’t need to read it or judge. I don’t judge, this is my judgement free zone. I can feel better this way. This place really helps me.

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