If I Could Run

If I Could Run
If I could run
To anywhere but here
I’d run to the moon
To see the stars near
On the tail of a comet
I would fly across galaxies
Floating in the sparkling sea
Losing myself in zero realities
My reason to run
In the rear view behind
The haunting mistake
I’ll never rewind
I travel the universe
Looking for black holes
In hopes to find one
That no one knows
But reality sits grounded
Finding me running nowhere
I’m stuck confronting
What chases me from fear
J. Lefever
Written in February of 2012

 ©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

4 responses to “If I Could Run

  1. Trying to run away from the past
    Even for a short and little time
    May not be the answer
    May sometimes seem a crime

    Just because you are hurting
    Is no real reason to run
    Everything is in the past
    What’s done is really done

    While this may sound very callous
    Believe me, it’s not supposed to be
    You know there’s always someone
    You can talk to, even me

    I know with what’s been going on
    With your family and your brother
    No one can replace any of them
    They have all your love like no other

    I do hope you’ll understand
    What I am trying to say
    Any time you want me to
    I’ll sit with you and pray

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