Stormy Seas

Stormy Seas
Escaping the stress
Ridding my stormy seas
Running from my pitfalls
Confidence locked behind stone walls
The wind blows cold
Striking me across my face
Reminding me that I’m real
Hidden inside the things that I feel
Stormy seas with grey clouds above
Choppy blue water of the sea
Out of control, I seem to be
Much like the sadness inside of me
Something that comes and goes
Tears of pain become tears of madness
Anger subsides my cries
And once again,
I am screaming at the city for what it took from me
Nothing can make the clouds go away
Maybe they are here
Giving me permanent rain
Words can’t describe the pain
Stormy seas represent my soul
Searching for something to make me whole
I am alive, still breathing today
Living the reality, for which I pray
~ J. Lefever ~

 ©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication



15 responses to “Stormy Seas

    • I wish I could predict emotional weather… but I can’t. Emotions are not based on logic. They just come and we need to accept them, feel them, and let them pass. We can control our actions, but not how we feel. As for the end of the storm, in missing my brother, I believe my soul will always rain for him, in some way.. likewise for the rest of my family… You are a parent. Can you imagine what it might feel like having a death certificate for one of yours? I am the glue that holds my parents together, yet, I am still trying to hold me together as well… I hope the storm gets better, that’s all I can say.. just better.


    • …the thing is, I like rain and I like storms and clouds and wind… things like that… I use them as metaphors for emotion because storms and rain can be wild and out of control, much like how we feel. We are not in control of how we feel, emotion just is…

      • I know. They happen, they’re there. They are explosions, or simple and calm. Mine tend to explode. I don’t know how to express or show them, and which ones are right, so when they come out.. it’s random and fierce.

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