It’s Always Raining


It’s always raining

Inside of my head …

I forgot about

The things I said

It’s been too long

Since you’ve been gone

And it’s always raining

In my head …


I feel broken most days

What’s the use, anyway

When you were taken from me

I fell to pieces

Permanently …


Chasing faith

Looking up to the sky

Where are you

I am wondering why

I find a moment

When I can smile

But then comes the rain

Sadness and anger

Pumping through my veins …


Cause it’s always raining

In my head

I forgot all the things

I should have said

Now you’re gone

I can’t find comfort

Cause it’s always raining

In my head …

~ J. Lefever ~


©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

18 responses to “It’s Always Raining

    • Oh thank you so much sweet friend!! I always love hearing from you!! These pieces about the death of my brother pull a lot of emotion out of me .. I miss him so much .. 😦
      XOXO ~ Glad to receive your sunshine!!

      • I was so happy to be able to stop by yesterday…I don’t get to as often as I would wish. I loved this piece so much! I know that hole….left from losing someone so very special…not sure if you know my backstory?

        I hope writing this was healing for you…even if only a little. I’m always here… and have unending hugs and empathy as few can truly empathize….also….tons o sunshine for you any time you wish!!! {{Hugs}} XOXO ~

      • Thank you so much! No I haven’t heard your story .. but anytime you want to share words, I’m here. I understand about not getting to the blog sites much lately. I’ve been so busy .. I’ve neglected Tryst 😦 … it feels good to write. I love it! So good to hear from you! I’m always reachable if u need me 2!! Xoxo Jen

      • Ditto with anytime sharing words!! I lost my husband of almost 20 years on 3-14-10 (2 days before my son’s 10th birthday)…motorcycle accident. Myself and the kids are healing as we can now the crazy ex-in laws (aka “the evils”) have moved a few hundred miles away. That’s the short version.

        Your poem was so exquisite I felt your words in my soul….you have such talent sweet friend!!! Keep writing! Words are my balm as well!! And please never feel bad for offline life keeping you from writing…it has a habit of doing that!! I’m all ways here…any time email or however… Sending you huge hugs and tons of Sunshine Smoochies!!!! xoxoxo

      • You have truly been a light in my Tryst life!! This is for certain!! I love that others can connect, feel, understand and anything else through my poems and writing. I write for me, of course, but when I publish a piece on Tryst, I am also writing for you.

        I am so terribly sorry to hear about the loss of your husband. I cannot imagine. I need my husband so much, I just don’t know what I’d do with out him. In losing my brother, you have seen my many up’s and down’s … many. But like you said, we heal and move forward. That’s all there really is to do. Giving up is not an option, but knowing that I’ll see him again someday, when my time here is finished, helps to pull me through .. sometimes that is. 😦

        I think that you came into my life for a reason, I have always felt a connection between the two of us, our writing, our souls .. that I think is truly beautiful and rare!

        I too am here for anything you may need!! XO

      • Thank you…you are such a beautiful soul! Grief is such an odd thing…and rears its ugly head again and again just when one thinks one has beaten it…so to speak. It’s been well over 3 years and some days it feels like yesterday. But as you so wisely said…I will also see him again one day…also that all we can do is hold them so tight in our hearts until we do. They would want us to enjoy life…to live and love!!

        I feel so very blessed and honored to have met you!! Agreed we ‘found’ each other for a reason and a beautiful one at that!! We are soul sisters! 😀 I can promise to always be a light for you when you need it…anytime. For you to offer the same shows how awesome you are!! You do have such a magical presence online…here and Twitter and I love our interactions!

        Neither time nor distance shall interfere….because we know now we can just reach out and the other will be there…thank you for being so very awesome…for shining so bright with your soulshine! You are a cherished gift!! XO

      • I just got to read your words here, as I have been struggling with my internet connection, down here at my Lake House. I had to leave my house, which sits in a valley, and go into town to sit at a little café with WiFi .. Just to link-up to my networks and read your words here!! But I’m glad I did because I am smiling ear to ear in reading your words!!

        Everything you said is true!! We are sisters of the soul, and here for each other for a beautiful & significant reason!!! Anytime you need some light, you know you can reach out to me, and find me somehow …

        You and I have both experienced a recent death, and the loss of someone that we ache for, in the missing of them in our hearts. I know that others know this pain, but I am truly changed and altered by the death of my brother, forever. It is the most painful thing I have ever felt.

        Thank you, as well, for being you. I am so glad I have found you!!! If you ever need to call, I’ll DM you my number!! XOXO Love you Lovely!! ❤

      • You are just so awesome!!! Your words made me smile as well! And I did suffer a bit of envy for you being at a Lake House hehe! I am happy for you to get away from the chaos of the world for some nature loving though!

        I know grief can never be compared…but we are connected in an inexplicable way and I am so very happy we are! I am blessed and honored to know you! I do think we connect on different inexplicable levels…and have sent tweets at just the right moment…that is just too cool!

        I promise to DM you if the dark days rule me for too long if you promise me the same! I will happily give you my number as well! Also my public email on my gravatar goes to my phone so I am available that way too!

        I hope your time away has been rejuvenating and healing and everything wondrous and magical! Sending Love…Huge Hugs and Sunshine Smoochies!!!

      • I love your words!! And yes I promise the same!! I don’t get the best internet connection down here, so I apologize for the delay!!

        I’d love to talk more!! Email me at and I’ll give you my number too!!

        I am getting ready to head back home to the city today … so I have things I have to clean up here before I go .. I hate leaving this place .. I really love being here ❤

      • you know guitar too.. WOW.. you are super multi talented.. you can cook.. all i can do is separate a potato from a tomato… you can drive cars.. i cna sit at the backseat and enjoy :P.. i got lots to learn 😛

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