The Mist

I choose to re-blog this on to my space here at Tryst because this is the perfect post for the day!! It is Monday, the beginning of the week, the first day back from a long & lazy weekend and it has just the right words I have been needing and searching for all day!! My sweet little friend, angel and Lil Mama, Shruti, A.K.A. the Author of A Shade of Pen has beautifully put these words together for us and I am only inclined to share this beautiful joy with Tryst!! These words are just that – a beautiful message holding truth and reality all at the same time!!
Enjoy … XO~Jen

A Shade Of Pen

There is a deep and thick blinding  mist
That surrounds all across the places
Where we are forever stuck
Trying hard to escape
From troubles
And still
We keep on trying
Until we clear the mist
And finally stare at the horizon
That looks clear and perfect to gaze
Because life is loving the imperfections
And growing old with the troubles and loving the ride!

the mist

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