Bless This Beautiful Mess

This is beautiful.
Simply beautiful.
Selflessness in its finest.
A pure example of decency, humility, and kindness.
A thought of thoughtfulness.
A truth of living with a respectful mind.
A recipe of health for your heart.
Giving light to others from deep inside your own soul.
Feeding love and life to you, your atmosphere, your moments, your tomorrow, the people of the world, and while karma is always watching, waiting, whispering its truest of wisdoms … while you are practicing a virtue worth every minute you spend doing exactly this –
Blessing this world, its spirits & souls, our lives & all those who are different and the same, for we are all beautiful examples of broken disasters and the finest success, we are all worth blessings as we are all waking up each day, with each rising sun, living to feel, seek and to find, the meaning of our own beings, with the hope of happiness … in life, we are all blessed with this gift.
It is up to us to carry on the act of kindness in order to survive in a world of misfits and chaos.

I hope you all enjoy this beautiful message as much as I did.
To treat others the way in you wish to be treated is a known piece of wisdom, and it’s simple and true .. show the world what you wish to be shown to you!
Thank you for this. Visit The Other Side of Ugly for more beautifully written expressions of ones heart and soul.
~ A Tryst Publication ~


2 responses to “Bless This Beautiful Mess

    • You are welcome, but thank you even more!!

      I love how unpredictable some of the sweetest and most precious things can be in life .. like I never expected to find such comfort in reading my emails this evening, yet, there you were, and there I did.

      Blessing to you, for the steps you take and the air you breathe, in sharing your lovely heart & soul with us and spreading happiness and inspiration with your very own self.

      Thank you beautiful soul .. thank you!

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