Fuel for Life

This is a piece written by myself and one of my favorite writing partners, Alex Hicks.
Alex is a very talented writer who is in possession of a most beautiful & intellectual soul, and who has quickly become a dear friend of mine – connecting through our love of words and shared sensitivity. I deeply admire a person who isn’t afraid of emotional expression, showing light to some of the darker corners that we all try to hide and avoid sometimes. As people, we all feel things. We cannot avoid emotion, nor can we predict it. It just happens .. and it is not always explicable or based on the laws of logic.
That is what makes our personal differences unique and of our own. We ‘are’ our feelings sometimes, and we all have weak moments in this game of life .. seeking a force, a friend, or a feeling of safety to fuel our hearts as we keep going, on, no matter what life throws at us.
A Poetic Duet written by InTo Dawn and Think. Speak. Tryst
“Fuel for Life”
You see there’s this thing
It’s not a song to sing
Not a single line or verse
That says it could be worse
It’s this little bit of energy
That you pull right out of me
I love the way you bring
Me from the dark to sing
That simple worn out melody
The quiet symphonic harmony
That tells me when you are near
And sings the songs I need to hear
Music notes fall like rain drops
Feeling the moment, my heart stops
Craving just to hear you again
The music that lifts me deep within
A sonata from the very heart
Calming music all in part
Feelings flowing with the beat
As the lyrics and the rhythm meet
Listening to the melodic sounds
My innocence falling to the ground
Here I came to connect with you
Meet me somewhere where the sky is blue
Meet me where the ocean meets the sky
And together with our wings we’ll fly
Into beyond where the waters go
The comfort of the sunsets glow.
As the days fall one after the other
And I am challenged again, dear brother
My fears they quickly turn to rage
Needing peace, I turn the page
In my rage my fear is blinding
Without sight my conscience binding
My wistful sorrows summon tears
While life begins to fuel my fears
Written by Alex Hicks & Jen Lefever
©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

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