Moon Wisdom

Moon Wisdom
One day
I asked you to forgive me
Without ever realizing
I was wrong for what I was seeking
Confused as ever
Chasing the wrong things
Living in my soul
Where I was everywhere
Whatever that means
Until one day
I ran to the sea
I stopped on the shore
Staring out
Far beyond little, helpless me
I saw the moon
Resting on the horizon
Its face was glowing
Slightly smiling
Like it was always knowing
Watching me chase
The wrong people
For years
Those who complicated my life
When in need, they left me in tears
Chances I kept giving
I forgave every time
Then came the day
When I took back what was mine
When I saw truth and light
I had no more forgiveness
No sympathy for the broken
To my demise, I was a witness
Exhausted I was
I had no more energy left
I laid in the sand,
Under the moon I slept
That night came whispers
Words were spoken to me
Coming from the moon
A place much wiser than me
In my slumber
In my mind these words came
The universe speaking to me
Telling me not to blame
Pointing fingers
At others does no good
And pointing them towards myself
Also has no purpose, no reason I should
Now is the time
To embrace the moment
What lies in my hands now
What will I do to show it?
Yesterday is gone
And tomorrow is on the way
People come and go
But I will always stay
I will always have myself
To live, learn and die
But before this all ends
I am strong enough to try
So when I woke up
From my slumber in the sand
I looked town at my palms
I saw a tattoo on my hand
I tiny little butterfly
Next to the word ‘Free’
A message from the moon
Was tattooed on me
I stood up slowly
And looked up at the sun
I realized that I was a miracle
That it was time for me to run
Run to my soul
To my spirit, my life
It is time for me to live
Let go, and to fight
It is time for forgiveness
And courage
And strength
It is time for everything
I’ve kept hidden beneath …
~J. Lefever~
©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

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