This is a much share due to the excellent use of ‘Adverbs’ !
Of course, I expect no less from this particular writer, who has a very special place in my life. We have written together before, we have written together recently, but this is only his brilliance … only his genius … and it is, just that. When a person can use only three word sentences, and make such an impactual, emotional point, or can make such grand statements of one’s inner most processes, it is no other than a display of a delicate relationship with words and language, showcasing his profound ability to make us feel what he feels.
This is Neeraj. He writes on Pieces. And he is fabulous. I don’t hope, I know that you will enjoy this. It rolls emotion and his word choice is, well, choice!!
XOXO ~ Jen on Tryst

Exposed Emotions

Surprisingly we met,
Suddenly I fell,
Haphazardly we indulged,
Endlessly we talked,
Deeply I felt,
Open heartedly you responded,
Unconventionally I approached,
Calmly you reacted,
Inadvertently I explained,
Thoroughly you understood,
Amazingly we continued,
Candidly you appraised,
Passionately I touched,
Patiently you handled,
Exceptionally I loved,
Heavenly it seemed,
Magically it proceeded,
Knowingly we separated,
Willingly you ignored,
Angrily I denied,
Devotedly I plead,
Sadly it changed,
Forcefully you lied,
Occasionally we fought,
Hypothetically it ended,
Madly I cried,
Unfortunately you didn’t bother,
Rationally I recovered,
Finally I learned,
Ultimately we lost.

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