Karma Police

Karma Police

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Sitting, waiting and watching … patiently … is Karma.

People may not ever realize that Karma is watching, or that it is even real … but it is.

Karma has much more patience than we can even imagine. That is why when we are stumbling around, down here on earth, waiting for someone’s Karma to show up, or even our own, and we can’t understand why it is taking so long.

Well, Karma, I have learned, waits for the perfect moment. A moment that we can’t see coming, a moment that we are totally unaware of, a moment that we can’t even anticipate. There are all reasons for Karma, and why it exists, and how it works … Karma is the link to our inner most judge and jury, that of which knows us better than we know ourselves. Karma always knows when we have lied, cheated, stolen, hurt out of vengeance, acted out of pride, hidden out of gluttony and lied out of lust … yes, there are many things that we do as people, and there are many things we think we keep to ourselves, things that we think no one knows … but even if that is so, even if we were extremely careful, and did not get caught, even if we were able to keep something we have done a complete secret from anyone and everyone, except ourselves, even if this is so, we can never keep secrets from Karma (And of our God, as we understand him) … I believe that those 2 things, those 2 infinite beings, those 2 incredibly powerful entities always know what is in our hearts, minds and souls. Karma and our power of a higher being always know if we have good intent, if we are really trying, when we are really hurting, when and if we are right or wrong, if we are treating others well & kind, if we are treating ourselves well & kind, if our intent is good and for the better, if we have really changed our ways for the better, if we are real or not, if our actions match up to our lives and if our lives match up to our thoughts and if our thoughts match up to our inner most wants, needs and desires … they know, us better than we can even imagine, they know what we are doing, what we deserve and where we are going …

I get lost thinking of these things … a lot lately.

I think of these things as I go through this murder trial … praying for justice for the life of my brother, and yet, all the while knowing that none of it really matters. I won’t ever see my brother again. So, none of it really matters.

But Karma, Karma watches … waits … and as much as I want Karma to come down and get to work on the person who killed Dave, I know that I have a long time to wait for Karma to show up on this matter. I know that Karma will. I believe that you can’t possibly take a life, a life that wasn’t even threatening another, take it and just walk away, unaffected by it, with no life consequences upon your own … this cannot be the way it works in the world. Not under this sky, not under the power of higher being who watches us and protects us … this cannot be. So, I believe that Karma will show up, quite some time from now, in its usual fashion, at a time and place beyond my understanding, to pay its dues …

Impatient me waits … for patient Karma Police … to show up and teach someone a lesson … even though I know that, no matter what, Karma will never hurt this person as much as this person has hurt me and my family … Karma doesn’t work that way …

Karma teaches us in other ways …

Has Karma ever taught you?

Has Karma ever given you pain to feel?

Have you learned to change your ways because of the things that Karma has shown you?

~J. Lefever




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11 responses to “Karma Police

  1. This is so good friend. Keep up the good fight. I am hoping that the GOOD karma police recognize your every wonderful move, and recognize your SOULSHINE.
    Keep Inspiring

    • (Smiling) … You have a way to make me smile very big!! Thank you for these words dear friend!! I know that the Karma Police are on my side this time around!! And it feels so good to say so!! I have been through a lot, I haven’t always made the best choices, decisions and I haven’t always lived the right way, for myself first and for the people in my life. BUT I can truthfully and [proudly] say that I have good Karma today .. and my higher power knows it, the universe knows it, so Karma has to know that I am doing right these days … I let my Soulshine real bright, and I don’t allow others to put that fire out!! Thank you for your kindness, and for being my friend, and for being here and for being you .. thank you. You are awesome!! XOXO~J

  2. Oh Jen, what a fabulous post. I am so sorry for your loss. I hear your words. We all go through some different kinds of unjust in our life and I think we all question, after asking why, where is the justice? Our kinds of souls know in the absolute that karma eventually does find it’s way around and as one of the hardest things we must do in life, is that we must wait. Eventually the universe works its way around, have faith! 🙂 xo

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  4. You are so right on this one sweetest friend!! I, too, wait for Karma….knowing the one who took my dearest was a moment of impatience and not paying attention rather than premeditated…even still his price? 125.00 fine. That’s it. So…I practice my own forgiveness and I wait….for the Karma Police…for him and the insanity that one action caused others to dish to me and my children….like dominoes. It is so hard! But you captured it beautifully with your magical words. I am so grateful for you….Shine so bright Chicka…you are loved and in my thoughts and prayers all ways❤❤❤!!

    • Yes, my darling friend .. this is my point exactly! In your situation, you sit and wait for Karma to show up, day after day, and put into the one who took your person, just an ounce of the pain you feel every single day. When will Karma show that person just for 5 minutes, the pain, chaos, grief and daily sadness that their actions have caused to you and others. Where is the Karma Police when they have a much needed job to do?

      Well, we can’t sit and wait on the Karma Police to show up and do their job my sweet friend!! We have to get on with our lives and understand that Karma has it’s own way of doing its job, but it always does its job. It always does its job. People always get their come-up-in’s. People always get what they deserve. The right always go up, or get theirs … and the wrongs always have to pay, what ever that payment is, but they always pay.

      For a reason far greater than our understanding, we have to trust that Karma is there for us and go on, smiling and loving and living the best we can.

      I love you darling friend!!! Let your Soulshine!! XO

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