As We Own The Night

A Poetic Duet

Written by HastyWords & Think. Speak. Tryst

On Life, Friendship, Soul Connection & the Road Ahead …


As We Own The Night


I can call you a mirror

When I look into your eyes

My spirits guide and savior

Wipe the tears from my eyes


Beautiful you…

You always were

As our friendship exploded

Standing beside her


I can call you my earthly sister

As our hearts met and entwined

My eternal beautiful girlfriend

Who comforts me with her lines


Gorgeous you…

You always were

As our friendship shattered

The sadness before


As so many moons

Have passed in our skies

Knowing forever that

We will never hide


Delicate you…

I am watching you glow

As strong as ever

We have always known


Even the shining sun

Doesn’t completely reveal you

Your inner being colorful

Like a rainbow of sparkling dew


Wondrous you…

I bask in your spirit

Always feeling you

Ignoring our limits


The tides of the ocean

Greet our toes in the sand

Where ever my spirit

My heart holds your hand


Incredible you…

Bright, shinning light

Smile at the world

As we own the night


Written by HastyWords & Tryst

October 2013

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©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

18 responses to “As We Own The Night

    • I am in love with the picture of YOU that you put with this piece of ours!!! You look like a perfect angel in it … soft, beautiful, delicate!! Just like I know you are!!!

      I love you tons and MUCHO mi Hermana (sister)

    • Thanks J!! Hasty and I are deeply connected, by the heart, by the soul and by the mind. She has become one of my favorite friends to talk to. We met through WP and writing and our love for poetry, but our spirits were meant to meet … we compliment each other in very cool ways, and someday, someday … I will get in my car, or on a plane and go hang out with her in person!! (Not to sound psycho, I am quite sweet and normal, but she and I have been talking about hanging our for months now!!) Needless to say, we will take lots n lots of pictures!!!

      Thank you for being you J .. I enjoy you very much as well!!

      When are we going to write again? 🙂 You know how to find me!!


      • J, Thank you too for being wonderful you. I have been extremely busy lately and also quite ill this past weekend, but I have not forgotten “US”. lol . Feel free to contact me anytime if you have a stanza you don’t know what to do with. Or just to say Hi as well. We will write again soon tho. I promise.

        Hope you are doing well. Talk to you soon


        • Well life is busy for both of us then!! I can say the same for myself!!

          It is always good to hear from you as you easily brighten up my day!! (I have been having a really rough week this week … close to tears a few times! Ugh … )

          Well, I shall drop you a deeper HELLO in your email today!!

          Lots of Soulshine for you!!! XOXO

  1. Reblogged this on Keptmeprisoner and commented:
    Placing you two together could be a dangerous and wonder harmony to the world and humanity…

    We must do, what needs to be done…

  2. Truly one must stay out of the way of these ladies… I don’t know much about poetry, only that I feel this poem has all in which poem needs and will stand the test of time…

    You two ladies can be very scary…

    • Thank you .. is what I say to that. I’m not sure why you get ‘scary’ out of this piece, but I can tell you that it is OK. As a reader, you are allowed to feel whatever you feel when you read a piece of poetry.

      With that said, this piece is on Friendship, it is written about the loving bond, the common bond and the things that are held precious between two friends. This piece is about two people not allowing the outside world, or other people and influences to affect their friendship … inside our friendship, nothing matters, except the two of us and how we compliment one another.

      Thank you for reading and commenting.
      I enjoy all types of feedback.

      XO~ Jen

    • Thank you kindly Debby!!

      Hasty and I have been writing together for a little over a year … She and I have qualities that compliment one another very much! We are similar in many ways, and different in others. But through this last year, we have built a very cool friendship and bond through our shared love and passion for writing, poetic expression and the kindered virtues that lie deep within the human spirit.

      As always, thank you for reading and supporting Tryst!!


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