Whispers … (Revisited)

This is something I wrote some time ago for my Soul to Shine space. Tryst is, and will always be, my main blog writing space with the most content and the deepest looks into my truths and my realities … but I created my little Soulshine space for the little pieces with a BIG meaning.

The history and story of what Soulshine is to me and how it came about in my life is something that I have not really shared in great detail. For those who know me, understand what Soulshine is just by knowing me and how my energy works. I am alive in my heart, I am alive in my spirit and everywhere I go, I am a giver and sharer of my Soulshine. I honestly can’t imagine being any other way … and why would I? This is who I am.

Sometimes fewer words have a much bigger impact. That is what you will find in Soul To Shine.

Here on Tryst, I write much more …

I cut and paste this little bit because it suddenly POPPED up in my notifications the other day, and as I said, I wrote it some time ago. This little notification brought me to this piece and I read through it.

This was a Free Write. And one of my favorite Free Writes. So I wanted to share it here … because, well, because I just did.

I hope it reaches someone … anyone … even just one single soul … and they enjoy reading the words as much as I did when writing them.




…she is the moon, up in the sky… she becomes the stars, when you make her cry… her music sings painful melodic blues, telling of times when she had felt used… when you hear her whispering words in the air, listen closely to what you hear… she is telling you that the world can be cold, but you can still have love that is warm to hold… she will tell you that pain will make you stronger, by giving you wisdom to living longer… she will tell you to be aware of all of your time, because time is short and you can’t rewind… she will tell you that yesterday has come and gone, don’t live in the past, it’s a truthful song… she whispers that love is the ultimate gift, to have, to hold, to give, and to wish… so love with your heart, and let your soul shine on through, and never, ever, stop being true to you…

 …Jen Lefever



  ©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

11 responses to “Whispers … (Revisited)

    • That is the kindest thing to say … if you gather that from my words & a picture, my soul must be shinning for someone … and I like thinking about it that way. Its a nice feeling to share a smile & brighten someone’s day!

      (((Hugs2YOU))) xoxo

    • Awe thanks! Sometimes the best pieces come out of me when I put absolutely NO thought into them! This one was like that. I just wrote … it came out in a cool rhyme, and I like it!! Thanks friend!! XO

    • Thank you so very much!!
      You are so uplifting and supportive of my every word!!
      I am more happy to have found you and connected with you than I can express!!!

      How are things going with you?
      How is the editing? Are you almost finished yet?
      I can’t wait to talk to you about things!!!


      • So excited, just finishing final edits from 2nd round editor and I am going to take a few well-deserved days of come this weekend, the following week I will be working with a formatter to get the book ready for mid month publication, hopefully. What a journey and thanks for your caring. You rock my friend, so glad we met! xo ((hugs))

        • You are most welcome and I think you ROCK too!!!

          I love even being a part of this incredible self achievement on your behalf … even at the end of it all … yet, it is only the beginning because your words are about to be born into the world!!! That is so exciting and it inspires the hell out of me to get my book(s) finished, with out the fear that no one will ever read them … (That is what has paused my writing/publishing journey)

          Thank you for your friendship, connection and inspiration Deb!! XOXO

          • Wow, Jen, how could you think that nobody would read your words? Look how many already do! You have to put it out there, to get something, that’s the way the universe works. Thank you for your inspiring words. Don’t think I don’t feel the apprehension. It’s one thing to release your words, but quite another to bear your sole to the universe! 🙂

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