The Blue Sky Above Me …

The Blue Sky Above Me …
Covered With My Thoughts
I think about the sky
Enormous above me
I was it’s tiny spectacle
Looking up, in wonder
Like a child
Wondering how it is so big
And blue
As it covers me
Each day, through & through
I think about the clouds
That decorate my sky
Perfect and white and fluffy
Changing colors as the sun falls away
At the end of each day
Kissing the day goodbye
Leaving me
Wondering why
I think about the air
How the wind hugs my shoulders
It wraps itself around me
Reminding me
That I’m not alone
I am surrounded
By the elements
Of the world
I have known
I think about the summer
My favorite of all the seasons
When the heat of the day
Lasts all through the night
And I know that the stars
Shine bright after light
And I’m never cold
Even when I’m alone
Cause the summer is hot
When my soul is not
I smile at these thoughts
But then my smile fades away
When I think of the cold
The dead, grey winter months
That are headed my way
Cold to the bone
Chilling when I’m alone
Cause I’m alone all the time
In a city that’s not mine
A tear falls for the summer
It’s end came so quickly
I miss the hot days already
It will be months before I’m warm again
Hiding away, in the winter again
Counting the days of grey in the sky
Waiting for the world
To come back to life
~J. Lefever~
©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

26 responses to “The Blue Sky Above Me …

  1. Despite the grey, your world is so alive, Jen, and because of you, the worlds of so many others are as well. You are that warming sunshine, those rays of hope, the sign that everything will be ok.

    • I know that the desire to be and represent those things is inside of me … I know that my soul is one that hopes for happiness, peace, comfort, safety and kindness for and from all humanity. I know that if I could, I would rid all the world of its suffering and create a place where we need less and where we can give more. I know that my soul hopes for finding its purpose here, whatever it is that I am supposed to do, and when I find that, hopefully my sense of internal discomfort and the tension in my neck and back go away. The tension I have is killing my energy, daily. I can’t seem to alleviate it … I am helpless to myself right now, and when one can’t even help themselves, what good am I to anyone, to the world, what good am I at all? And then it circles back to the main issue, what is the point? Ugh … I’m tired. For now, its time to shut the mind off and lay down.

      Thank you for your kind words dear friend.
      As always, you are too kind to me.

      • There’s no such thing as too kind, my friend. Your mind is alive with so many things, good and hard. let it run. give yourself time to let that happens. It’s necessary. There’s too much good inside you for anything but good to win in the end.

        • I guess I mean that, I have a hard time taking compliments … and in that I mean, as I appreciate these words so much, I feel like I can’t find the right words to express how grateful I am, how nice it is to hear them … So, in my poor attempt to say thank you, it is, has always been, hard for me to accept compliments. You should see me in person … I blush and get shy, turning away … almost like I feel like I don’t deserve such words. (It is a deep internal scar that has been affecting me for quite some time … it was put there when I was very young, in my first real love relationship … I was with someone who was very abusive, first verbally then some physical … but the verbal abuse is something that has stayed with me for many years and has been the catalyst for many of my difficult moments … well, anyway) that’s where it comes from … the difficulty accepting compliments from others. And in NO way do I say these things for any other reason but to share a little piece of me. As you are so kind to me and always have warm things to say. I accept them because I know that I at least try to be the ray of positive light, shinning through the darkness of the day … I try, at least. Thank you. I think you are really awesome!!! XOXO

  2. Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons too. I’ll fill you in on exactly why that is sometime and also why, unlike you, I am not such a huge fan of the rain.

  3. Okay so I sent it again in a reply from the last email. I am not sure what is happening. You seem to be getting new emails from me but when I reply or forward, those are the ones that vanish. Let me know if you got last nights reply. If not than that might be the problem. I smell a conspiracy against our latest piece Jen. lol. Have a great day and weekend my friend.

    • Haha .. Ok! Yes, I see what you are saying. However, we were writing and replying directly from the emails just fine for a while there … but then … nada?

      Hmm.. I just don’t know. Drives me crazy … the story of my life, everything has to be difficult!! Grrrr


      • Yes it has me irritated too. I want a foolproof way to contact my Soulshining friend. Did you receive either of the last emails? I sent the stanza with them both. One was a reply and one was a new email.I am also going to try sending from my live mail acct. Same address but more secure. Hopefully that will provide the answer? Grrrrr

    • Ok … GOOD news my friend!! Email has been received!!! I got one you sent with a small message and you cut and paste the piece on the bottom (good, thank you, cause that’s the stuff that I need!!)

      Anyway, so I have it now and I can work with it and send to you when I’m done!!

      Until then, have a great weekend my friend!! XoXo-Jen

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