Sharing the Fortune: High School Teacher Turned Multi-Millionaire: It Works! – Forbes

Here is an incredible article on my Business from home opportunity that is litterally changing my life! While I am prepairing to leave my current city and relocate, this is all a REAL possibility for me because of my ItWorks Business!


Part of the joy in this business is the ability to give the opportunity to anyone who wants it! As well as providing a wonderful line of products that not only WORK→they help people look & feel better about themselves! We promote healthy changes to your life, we have wonderful supplements to boost health, we have wraps for the body to tighten & tone skin, facial wraps that are litterally like having a face lift & losing up to 10 years, wrinkles & fine lines GONE! Loose skin is a thing of the past! With ItWorks, we offer affordable product that is painless and best of all … IT WORKS! IT WORKS!

We don’t call it ItWorks for nothin!!!

We are always looking to expand and bring on Distributors in new areas! Our business is so busy & successful, we need the help! We need more Distributors!


If you have been wanting to add a few hundred or a few thousand to your monthly income, then this is your opportunity knocking …



I have had a hard year, with the death of my brother and going on with my life without him, it has been heartbreaking. But in joining the ItWorks Family and getting MY Skinny Wrap Business, it has given me back so much! I have made some incredible friends, I have helped people lose weight and inches, tightening & toning skin, and improving people’s all around health .. it is so rewarding!! My husband and I have put some serious money away for our move to Sunny Florida next year .. to take with me my ItWorks Skinny Wrap Business to continue to watch it grow & build, sharing with the world my wonderful, life changing products and giving others the opportunity to do this too …


What else does this? Its incredible! It works because it works! I can get you a wrap today!!! Just ask me …




And if you are looking for something else … more income for you & your family … from a DEBT FREE Company … Where people, myself included, are personally making great income, building a business, making friendships, having fun, helping people look & feel better … giving my life purpose & meaning again in the absence of my brother … if you want any of these things … then ItWorks is what you’ve been waiting for to knock on your door!!!


You can EMAIL me at: with questions, comments or concerns!!!

Plus, join now for FREE→ask me how→I have a ONE TIME INCENTIVE to bring this business TO YOU, and waive the ONE TIME investment cost of $99→So if you would like to take advantage of that, contact me quickly!!!! This incentive won’t last long!!!


Start 2014 with your own business from home and build something incredible for you and your family.


Health, Wealth & Happiness!!! Made possible from Mark Pentecost, a high school teacher with a dream … and a business structure that is simple & fun!!!



~ Tryst Publication ~

5 responses to “Sharing the Fortune: High School Teacher Turned Multi-Millionaire: It Works! – Forbes

    • Ah thanks Al!! You are so sweet to say!!! I have had this business for over 6 months now … but I am just now putting it to the WP world … I just launched my actual site for the business at
      And another new one here on WP at Just to keep my customer base up-to-date with deals and products!!! Well, it’s work anyway!! I love my business because it keeps me busy and gives me so much to look forward to!!! ItWorks has really been so much more wonderful than I can even explain … It should be everywhere!!! You should bring it to your town!!! That would be a HUGE success for you!!! I don’t know why I didn’t think of you sooner … I have partners in Australia and Canada making RIDICULOUS money because they are the first to introduce these products in their areas … if you want to talk about it .. come find me!! XOXO

  1. Glad to hear of the relocation to Fla. A change like that will go a long way to restoring your energy and drive for life. There is a bright future ahead, regardless of the changes that will never be unchanged. Fond memories will always remain while NEW memories are made and good times enjoyed. I wish the best to you always, and can’t wait to see my friend at 100% soulshine effect.
    Keep that Warrior’s Heart Jen.


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