Embracing The Day

Embracing The Day ~>


The moments of my
The beginning of my
Breathing in the
Not a word
I need to say…
Blissfully taking in
The freshness all around
Sun peeking over
The sparkling dew
On the grass thats on the ground…
Thinking of my yesterday,
Of all that I’ve been through…
Wondering if you’re missing,
The things I miss of you…
The ups & downs we experience…
Constantly moving our hearts,
Are we still connected,
When we are miles apart…
The moments of my
Remind me I am alive…
And all the things Im seeking,
Some things I left behind…
Even looking forward
Moving from day to day…
I will embrace this life
In every single way.

~ Think.Speak.Tryst.~

16 responses to “Embracing The Day

      • Been well. Lots has changed. I am embarking on a new adventure. I am moving across country to be with the other half of my heart. Long story, but the beginning of a new story as well. Excitement abounds.

        How have you been? Hope your soul searching has helped you find the perfect situation for mind, body, and spirit soulshine!

        • I’m actually going through a divorce. It’s going to difficult last three years for me, needless to say I lost myself very much. Until recently, in which I am finding myself again and waking up happy on a daily basis which is a big change, but I am so grateful and happy, I am myself again and it feels so good! I am able to get back to being me, fully, doing the things I love and taken care of just myself without any other baggage around!

        • I am a single mother, single women taking care of myself, playing the role of mother, father and provider in the household. I am very strong! Becoming a mother has made me realize this! Now I know why we are called Super Moms! Just so good to be back on tryst, back writing and hearing from my wonderful and loyal Tryst friends! This world is an amazing place, I am so grateful that you are still here for me after all this time that I have been absent… And yes, on doing lots of soul-searching, and here I am! Alive and well to tell a million more stories! (((Hugs)))

        • I am feelin the love, my sweet sweet friend! And, indeed, it is forever mutual! I am so blessed that the dark storms that were in my sky for the last 3 years are finally passing over and I wake up smiling & loving my life very much these days… Being in a painful relationship hurts so bad… only until it was over did I realize the magnitude of its toll on me… and I thank god & myself for finding my strength and walking away, rendering me here, back on Tryst, writing and being myself again! I really missed being me!!! Love you to pieces!!! XO

    • Thank you love, it is so great to be posting again! Work will be slowing down so I will be able to do more writing and keep up with my comments here, the few that I get are so very precious and valuable to me! My face lights up with a big smile everytime I hear from you! Forever and always, my sweet friend! After these last 3 years, you are still here for me, and I love that! As you know, I am here for you, your words ignite my soul I am a forever friend indeed! ♡

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