Because, I am


I woke up smiling today.
I do that most days…
It has been a long (last 3 years) …
But here I am… because of these amazing things —>
Because I am strong
I wake up smiling
Because I don’t give up
I am alive to tell my stories
Because I am resilient
I am able to still be kind to everyone
Because I persevere
I am able to continue to work hard
Because I am kind
I am able to practice empathy
Because I am self sufficient
I am able to be generous
Because I am understanding
I am able to understand others
Because I am humble
I am able to avoid ignorance
Because I am selfless
I am able to put others first
Because I am brave, I am able to keep fighting… And because I love myself, I am able to take care of ME… and because I am able to take care of me, I am able to be a fierce & strong mother to my son!

Life has taught me many lessons, and here I am to tell my stories! We All Fall Down, but what defines our character How We rise above!


Little You ~ A Tryst Re-Visit

Little You


Imagine… At this point in your life, after every moment you have lived up to this very moment… if the child version of you walked in to the room and reached up to you, the adult you, to be picked up and put in your lap… looking at you, the little you, say five years old or so… what would you tell this tiny child? What would you say to your five year old, innocent self…?


…this question, this deep rooted, emotionally moving, moment of pivitol words to be spoken only to yourself, from you as an adult to you as a tiny, sweet and innocent child, was asked of me by a person I respect very much. When I close my eyes, and picture myself at five years old, and picture my five year old self looking at me now… it made my heart beat fast. I had tears in my eyes. It gave me the urge and desire to want to hold and hug this little girl… me. To look at my five year old self and say, ‘I’m so sorry sweet baby’, is only the beginning. Of course, I have thought about this. I have thought about this very hard. I was forever moved by this question and will use this little exercise from time to time to remind myself that underneath my skin, behind the eyes of me as a grown woman, was once the heart, mind and spirit of an innocent child that did not know any better. As we all start this way, young and small and unable to protect ourselves, then we grow up and in the more time we spend on this earth, how many times have we hurt ourselves? How many times have we forgotten to love ourselves? Or not protected ourselves? Or disapointed, shamed, scared or even lied to our very own selves…?


I would tell my little self to love myself in every single moment. I would say that if you don’t love your own heart, even one time, then it will be weak and in life you need a strong heart! Others cannot love you if you don’t love yourself. And if you don’t love yourself then it is impossible to give love and to receive love. I would tell my little self that I am very sorry for the times I hurt you and let you down. Learning in life, growing up I didn’t know everything and I never meant to hurt little you, but sometimes I did. Sometimes I forgot about little you and left you alone in the dark, or out in the cold rain. For all of those times when I didn’t know any better, I hope little me can forgive me… image

It does take strength to forgive, little innocent me, so practice this virtue. I would tell little me to remember that I have always loved my tiny heart, my tiny self, and love is what has kept me, us, going. To love is the greatest thing, to be loved is truly priceless and always give to others what you would want for your own self. That is the magic of karma, and karma is always there, right behind you. I would tell little me that I’ve never given up and I never will. I’ll always be here, for me. image

This is a very powerful image, for the mind and spirit. To anyone who reads this, imagine little you sitting on your lap… what would you say? After all the things you have been through, seen and survived so far .. is there anything important enough to tell your little self .. ?

~ Jen



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If there is a day, in which I am in desperate need of some Zen, today is that day…


Zen is a total state of focus that incorporates a total togetherness of body and mind. Zen is a way of being. It also is a state of mind. Zen involves dropping illusion and seeing things without distortion created by your own thoughts. (Thank you Urban Dictionary, you are so wonderful as always)
The Mac-Daddy of Zen is, that’s right, Buddha. I have always loved the ways of the Buddhist because its a belief in the world and all of it’s elements, it is not a faith. Now, I’m not proclaiming that I have no faith, because I do, I have a lot of it, as well as spirituality and soul… but the Buddhists are more open than any one certain faith, and I love that openness.
I am so zen…
This act of ‘being so zen’ translates to having complete and absolute peace. If this is something that you wish to achieve, as I wanted it so badly today, I made a list of things that I do to help me reach zen –
1. Get outside and get some fresh air!
     -I find that when I remove myself from the confinements of the indoors and place myself outside in the fresh air, with the elements of the Earth, I can reach a state of serenity and calm by closing my eyes, taking deep breaths, and doing a simple meditation of relaxing the mind and letting go of physical tension.
2. Smile at everyone I see or cross paths with!
     -A smile takes less energy than a frown. I swear! It’s completely true! Plus, smiling is a pleasant gesture to give and to receive. When I smile, I find my mind is quite calm and it actually relaxes my body naturally.
3. Take the time to do things slowly!
     -When I rush through my day, I miss so much. And what I don’t really even realize, is how much I actually miss, until I sit and think about it. Crazy how blind and asleep we actually are when we rush through things. Slow down, perform my tasks with care and discipline, and pace myself with open eyes!
4. Chew my food!
     -I am a lover of food, but, I must confess that I’ve had many meals that I threw down my throat. It’s nuts! When dinning out, or even better, when enjoying one of my own creations, chew slowly and take little bites. My food ain’t going anywhere, it’s there to nourish my body and for me to enjoy…. so….enjoy it!!!
5. Gratitude.
     -This is important to a day of zen. When the sun falls and the sky turns black and we are illuminated by the glow of the beautiful moon, take a minute to think about the things that you’re grateful for. Make a list or write them in a journal if ya wish… the point is, focusing on good, positive, things that I’m so grateful for, puts my mind in that peaceful place, rather than a place of negative resentment or regret! Yuck… So yes!! Honor what you’re grateful for, it makes me feel good every single time!
This is a special transmission from separating yourself from outside influences and stresses of life, and connecting with your inner spirit and mind, thus creating a sence of coolness and calm attained through the act of letting go and becoming aware of your mind, body and spirit.
Yoga is like soup for the soul. I need to get some yoga back into my life… Yoga is a great way to reach zen!
~ Jen