Beautiful Mistake

A Passionate-Romantic Duet

Written by Neeraj of Pieces ~ Exposing Emotion & Think Speak Tryst


Beautiful Mistake

 Riding onto you,


I knew I was making mistake,


When in my mouth I had your taste,


Crushing my dignity,


For all the pleasure to take,


I didn’t want anything to waste,


So I opened my mouth,


To grab a piece of you,


It wasn’t going to be easy,


Ah, I wish I knew,




Heat and fire,


From your dark, intense eyes


Penetrate my heart,


Beating faster and faster, in this moment


I go to speak, but can’t


I should not take you back,


But here you are, and I’m your toy,


Teasing me, you are so coy,


As I melt into you,




Umm… It’s delicious feeling you all over me,


Don’t stop that finger that you run over me,


I’m your slave, feel me,


Explore my curves,


Explore the heights,


Get into the center and rewrite,


My destiny,




Skin on skin


Heat moving between us


Silent we are with words


As our language of the body


Says it all


This moment is timeless


You are breathtaking


Tracing your lips


I must feel your embrace


I will never forget this time and place




Let me feel this feeling so rapture,


Let me taste everything,


Let me (every moment) capture,


What I’m doing I have no clue,


As you’re moving deeper inside me,


And I, inside you,


And I wish I knew,


After you there would be no place,
But lets not stop making beautiful mistakes.
– Neeraj Kumar & Jen of Tryst
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 ©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication



This is a piece on love
Love of the unexplainable kind
I want to write
So you can feel
What love feels like
Love in the heart & mind
Like sugar on your tongue
Like music in your ears
Colors for the eyes
Gestures that bring you to tears
Love is everywhere
It is my atmosphere
I feel it in his fingers
When he runs them across my skin
I sense it in his voice
When he calls just to hear
my voice again
I love the way
He loves me
And we love each other
I look to him
I know there is no other
A soul that I’d rather share
My entire life with
My moments of joy, sadness, success
And defeat
There is only one for me
It is him, I see
This is a piece
On the love that is mine
It is something so real
Our souls intertwined
The day we fell
Both of us could tell you
But the details are ours
We keep locked in our heart
Holding each other’s hands
‘Till death do us part
With him
Love is everywhere I go
My soul is satisfied
Love tells me so
~ J. Lefever ~



©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication
♣Photo Cred: Me & Bubby  

Chaotic Romanceღ



Since the first moment I shared words with Miss Hasty, I knew it would be something meaningful, special, something real… Surrounded in a world of mis-directed chaos… chaos in many different forms… here is, interpretation of, what romance feels like, or may have felt like, at one point, place, or time… Through the eyes & spirits of two different writers, collectively blended together, so much the same, in our tryst of words. This is a piece on Romance…

 A Poetic Duet written by Hastywords & Tryst


Chaotic Romance

 From the corner of my eye

I watched the fire ignite

Red & purple flames shot up to the sky

Illuminating the black sky like a painted canvas


To preoccupied to pay attention

I concentrate on your hearts steady beat

And like a reflection of the sky

You begin painting kisses upon my thigh


Like cool running water

Your touch runs through my presence

Different every time, yet

Everytime it’s you just the same


Nothing distracts me as much as you

I need your want, your desire, your affection

You tie my insides up in knots

And only your attention sets me free


You amaze me with your color

Passion that lights up the room

Falling into your space, I tremble

Needing it more & none too soon


My skin hungrily soaks in your sweet kisses

I tremble with each mmmm that lands upon my neck

Willingly you fill all the lonely voids closed within

While joyous anticipation bubbles up inside me


I’m silently rendered to you in your atmosphere

Dripping with senseless chaotic romance

I love to be with you like this

You are my everything,  my only wish


Written by Hastywords & Think Speak Tryst

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©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication




A Love Post

A Love Post
He whispered to me
Softly in my ear
Beautiful things
Made my heart soar
This time was intense
Not long ago
Like a devilish dream
Loss of control
Wild like the eyes
Of a untammed animal
Let loose upon the world
Playground without boundaries
Limitless is it’s space
The air in which to show
His love came like whispers
Never wanting to let go
Millions of hearts
Tell stories of love dreams
Each one so precious
Every detail intensity bleeds
Love like winter
Coldness surrounds warmth
Creating tantalizing temptations
Of the moment of this loves birth
Flowing through
Each minute passing by
Happiness so intense
It makes me cry
What have I done
It must have been something right
So be given a chance
To share love like this tonight
~ J. Lefever ~
©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

You ~ A Romantic Monday Piece


A Romantic Monday Piece


How do I

Put into words

Something that is



How do I

Explain something

That I

Don’t understand



Your eyes

Your smell, your voice

The touch of your hand


Everything bad

Fades away

When you hold me

In your arms


I watch you

While you’re sleeping

And I smile at the comfort

In your rhythmic breath


We become

The same, unity

Spirits unite

In moments behind closed doors


My person

My souls mate

My parallel heart

My romance

My reason

My air

My strength

My companion

My everything


The one, forever, I do.

~ J. Lefever ~


This piece is dedicated to my husband. Through our up’s and down’s, through our battles, through our victories… We have never let go. You never stop holding my hand, you try harder everyday, to be an even better man, you have been humble, and have been proud, you have stood by me through my toughest year, through every tear, yet… you never let go.

No matter what anyone says, I know who you are, who you try to be, who you are becoming, you… I have seen your heart, and I know your soul, you… to this day, till ever after, you… the one, forever, I do.

©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication Speak

Black Lace


Black Lace

A Romantic Monday Piece


As soon as you called

Is when I came

You’ve been constantly

On my mind

Memories of our last tryst

Accent this place

I’m dying to rewind

Time is not a factor

It always slips away

Just like our souls

Into the night

Every time we play

You always feel so right

With the softness of your skin

And the touch of your hands

On my body, my face

Tender lips kiss me gently…

You are not to be expected

Exquisite is your game

Exotic like a far away place

Fruit that is forbidden

Red satin covered windows

Tints the atmosphere in sexy shades

Black lace on my skin

To tempt you like I’m your prey

Candle lit ambiance

Dances on the walls

Soft music & sound

Slithers down the halls

I love you like lace

Take me away from this place

Tell me I’m amazing

Feel my warmth on your face

As time flies out the window

I’m lost in you again

Embrace to never let go

I love our beautiful sin

Let the past just slip away

Nothing hurts when hand in hand

Wild passion speaks to me

Intense are your demands

The shadows entice me to stay

You induce flames deep inside

Black lace is your taunter

Making beautiful sin that is mine

You and I become more …

Become one soul & heart

When we melt and share the air

Until death do us part

~~ J. Lefever ~~


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©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication


A delicious & passionate Poetic Duet written by Hastywords & Think. Speak. Tryst
Featured on Edward Hotspur’s Romantic Monday Post
A collection of romantic pieces by various talented writers
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Your arms wrap around me
Like scarlet red satin
My desire for your embrace
Is an endless chase
That always leaves me craving more
The inward struggle to let go
To give myself completely to you
Is a dance that slowly unfolds
As I melt into those eyes
Endlessly leaving me craving more
Too hard to deny
The force able pull between you and I
Foolish to even try, why
When everything tells me to fall into you
And you always leave me craving more
The pull of gravity seems to agree
Because with each passing moment
The intensity of your beating heart
Jumpstarts the beating of mine
And I am left needing, craving more
Will I never be satisfied
I will always need more
More intensity, and passion
You are my gravity
Always will I be craving more
Finally I give into insatiable desire
Vanishing into my ravenous yearning
No longer an individual specimen
But a duality in mutual motion
As I will forever be craving more
Words by Hastywords and J. Lefever of Tryst
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Ever Always

Ever Always

Featured on Edward Hotspur’s Romantic Monday collection of Romantic Pieces

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I remember it well

In the beginning of our tryst

The whole world stopped

All I saw was you

The silence of the room

Still rings out in my mind

The softness of your skin

The curve of your face

I knew it was forever when I met your eyes

Only then

Did my whole life make sense

It was always you I was looking for

I melted into you

And I took your hand in mine

I said those words that

My heart told me to say

Like music in the air

The breeze through the window


Ever thine

Ever mine

Ever always…

~~ J. Lefever ~~


This piece was written with some help of my husband. We love Beethoven’s letters to his ‘Immortal Beloved’ which you can read by following the link provided. As a writer, they are my most favorite collection of written romantic pieces, from such a historically famous figure. I still to this day, enjoy reading them every single time. They are very dear to my heart because I remember reading them to my husband when we first  fell for each other, in the beginning moments of our first tryst together.

All You Need To Say

I want you…
‘All You Need To Say’
A Romantic Monday Piece
Take my hand,
Show me your soul
Your face
In the moment
I met you long ago
Take my hand…
Somewhere I draw
Our names
In the sand
Waves of emotion
And feeling
Like the ocean
Rushing on shore
It is you that I
Where are you now
I may never know
Do you want me?
Will you ever
Let me go…
In your life, I have been
For quite some time
Memories of us
Feelings of lust
Take my hand
Show me the way
I want you,
Is all you need to say.
~~ J Lefever ~~
This piece was written some time ago
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A Romantic Monday Post

I want to sing to you
A lovely sweet song
Many things I’ve wanted
For so very long
To tell you on a rainy day
Anything I wish to say
Underneath a silver moon
Forevermore until it’s June
The days do fall
One after another
I yearn for him
How I crave my lover
I want to touch you
Head to toe
Never to be far
So you know
The days that have
Yet to come
for us, us two
Are far from done
I’ll run to you
Through open door
Under the stars
~~ J. Lefever ~~
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