My Over Articulate & Exceedingly Verbal Life


~ A Tryst Blessing ~

Upon waking up or going to sleep, bless each night and day …

On passing people in the street, on the bus, in places of work and play, bless the people on your way.

On meeting others and speaking with them, bless them in your heart.

As you walk, bless the city, bless the leaders, bless the messed up people sleeping in the park.

What does it mean when I say to bless?

I mean wish for them from deep within your being through sincere intensity … their very best.

I mean wish for them their purpose and complete happiness in every day that they are given.

I mean wish for them that they might truly live among the living.

Wherever you’re at, whomever you’re with … bless their lives for all they wish.

 This is beautiful.
Simply beautiful.
Selflessness in its finest.
A pure example of decency, humility, and kindness.
A thought of thoughtfulness.
A truth of living with a respectful mind.
A recipe of health for your heart.
Giving light to others from deep inside your own soul.

Feeding love and life to you, your atmosphere, your moments, your tomorrow, the people of the world, and while karma is always watching, waiting, whispering its truest of wisdoms … while you are practicing a virtue worth every minute you spend doing exactly this –
Blessing this world, its spirits & souls, our lives & all those who are different and the same, for we are all beautiful examples of broken disasters and the finest success, we are all worth blessings as we are all waking up each day, with each rising sun, living to feel, seek and to find, the meaning of our own beings, with the hope of happiness … in life, we are all blessed with this gift.
It is up to us to carry on the act of kindness in order to survive in a world of misfits and chaos.
 To treat others the way in you wish to be treated is a known piece of wisdom, and it’s simple and true .. show the world what you wish to be shown to you!
For more written expressions of ones heart and soul… take a peek inside!!! Thank you for being here!!! Xo
~ A Tryst Publication ~


Life is a Paradox

Life is a paradox. Nothing stays the same forever. We grow, we change, we learn, we experience and we teach… This is my space to be free, to be me and to write about my journey through life. I am honored by those who follow my words and poetic pieces. My hope is to touch another soul, relate to another or the world by showcasing how similar we are, and also so beautifully different… as well as be original, writing from my heart & soul.

‘We always have *Soulshine* … even in the rain’ -Jen LeFever


 My spirit likes to be free,  my soul likes to shine.


  Think. Speak. Tryst. 

Allow me to ellaborate some …

For as long as I can remember, I have always been very curious to the things that go on in the world around me. I’ve always been a thinker. I like to get answers, understand the logic of things, and express wisdom’s of my own upon the world as well. Putting pen to paper is a habit of nature for me. My ability to take my thoughts, feelings, emotions, wishes, desires, laughter, tears and everything else, pull them out of my mind, flow through my finger tips, and on to paper is effortless and enjoyable.
 I like to tryst with the universe and all of its elements … finding my free-spirited soul, shinning somewhere, under the sun 🙂

This blog is called Think.Speak.Tryst. I will write about the things I and We think, the things our spirits talk about, and tryst, of course is the blog itself. (Tryst is a date or a rendezvous..) Its my personal space to write the millions of thoughts & experiences I have had or shared with others and intellectually stimulate my desire to write the things I think and speak ~

Keep in mind I am a woman, an individual, my own mind only writing to express myself. I’m neutral to others opinions, non prejudice against others and conflicting opinions, and I have a true sense of admiration, respect, and honor of people, as I believe people are truly unique and amazing in their own ways.

We are all in possession of spirit. It is in those spirits that inhabit our world and make this universe a truly remarkable place. For those that read my blog, I hope you enjoy our tryst of things to think & speak.

Think. Speak. Tryst. & My Over Articulate & Exceedingly Verbal Life ~ J Lefever


©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

16 responses to “My Over Articulate & Exceedingly Verbal Life

  1. Love what you had to say about wishing for others. I wish more people would be able to understand the power that holds. Thanks for putting it all so eloquently.
    Keep writing


    • Go in to Tryst and visit my catagories … I have my work very organized and you can get a deep look into my delicate soul & sensitive relationship with love & loving people & survival in my recovery. Real & raw → its all in the pages of Tryst. (Sigh…) Things have been very hard this year .. but I’m still breathing , still

      • OMG Jen. How are you? I have missed you. I thought you were lost to WP what with being so busy and all. I am good as can be expected and hope you are too. I hope you drop in often and read my work. If you ever have time and would like to continue the Duet we started ever so long ago I would love to continue collaborating with you. I don’t know if you still have my email address but if you do, drop me a line. If not I can provide it here for you. XOXO. SO GLAD TO HEAR FROM YOU LOVELY FRIEND.

  2. Jen, no wonder we cosmically found one another on I live by the same mantra and I am always sending well wishes cosmically to people, thanks for putting it out there! xo

    • I am so glad we have found each other!! I think it is so cool, how people and their paths cross in life!! It seems that life hands us special gifts, whether it’s people, or moments, or spiritual things from the universe, or our own Soulshine from deep within. I look for these events, these gifts, these people/spirits that I get to connect with .. and I cherish them greatly! I cherish YOU greatly!! Thank you for being a part of my Tryst family!! It means the world to me that you connect with my words .. These words here are my soul speaking. It is me, raw and true and un-cut and real .. and I value every individual who visits the pages of Tryst!!

      Thank you for being you!! I look forward to more sharing of words with you!!

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