Black & Blue


Black & Blue

The game we play

Goes back and forth

Of two people who

Make verbal stabs like daggers

Intent is only

To pierce the other

To make them bleed

To hurt, nothing else

Who have we become

We were never this way before

Once you loved me

And it was you that I adored

But now the days are different

We are black and blue today

Black when we hurt the other

Blue when we cry and bruise

This game is cruel and ugly

Its intent is to stab, burn and use

-J. Lefever



©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

Guilty Too


Guilty Too


A test of my strength

Forgiving I need to be

Its been only hours since

Since your actions hurt me

I tell of a time

When we were both kind

Walking side by side

Your heart was inside mine

Battling disappointment

My anger subsides

Remembering the moment

That my spirit died

In that four-cornered room

The cell of my shame

My faith came to same me

From my internal pain

You told me what I had done

What you wanted me to do

I have lived up to my word

Given you all you asked me to

I made you worry all the time

You said I broke your heart

So I promised to mend

The pieces that fell apart

I remember the promises

I made that day

Promises to shelter

Myself in the rain

I give you no reason to put me down

You have no reason to cry for me

Yet you still throw my yesterday

As if the present you can’t even see

I still face a mountain

As I have said before

Yesterday is gone

I Walk through the next door

I’m not the only guilty one

You have been hurtful too

I’m still trying to forgive

The past I’ve had with you


~J. Lefever~



This is a piece about my mom. It’s very personal. But I feel the need to clarify who I’m speaking about…


 ©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication


Broken Bridges


Broken Bridges


What we were

Can’t shake the feeling

What we’ve done

Our bridge is now broken

Silence now between us

Whispers words unspoken

It’s not us

Broken trust

Tainted lust

We stand

In the dust

Left far behind

Said too much


Can’t rewind

Bridge has fallen

Shaking as we

Walk across

Daring to find

Some Peace of mind

As we are

Left far behind

The ‘Us’ we once were

Trust we once shared

Too much to take

Does either of us even care?


~J. Lefever~




 ©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice


 The turquoise of the sea

Was deep in your eyes

As you stare penetrated me

It was almost painful to look away


I felt as though

You could see right through

As if you knew

The secrets I’ve hidden from you


Your eyes asking me questions

My gaze melted to the floor

My body language was weak

Pleading for you to look no more


A handful of shame, yes

My heart had acted on its own

I betrayed you, yes

But weren’t we already torn


Keep looking deep

Into my Chocolate brown eyes

You will see that I

Can not continue to lie


The layers of black satin

Cover us when we sleep

Like the darkness of our words

 Like promises that were cheap


Yesterdays dreams laced with

Tomorrows wishes, and

You still holding me, with

Our toes in the sand


Take my hand


It was never you

That was supposed to be by my side

I tried to tell you

You never heard a single word


Now that deceit has made

An example of me

Looking at you

I know where I’m not supposed to be


~~ J. Lefever ~~



 This is a piece on love of the wrong kind. Of a woman who didn’t listen to her heart. She followed her lust and found what really fit, and betrayed the one she was promised to. This is a piece on betrayal, broken promises, and mostly to ones self, the one who was hurt the most, is the one who sacrificed her love for someone else…