In A Nut-Shell ~ Tryst Update


In A Nut Shell ~ Tryst Update


Last weekend I posted a tweet that kinda made me laugh… I tweeted that I need to start writing things down! As in, making lists.. of things I want to do, need to do, have going on, and ideas that POP up in my head through out the course of the day. This made me laugh after I hit ‘tweet’ because, well, I am a writer!! I write ALL the freakin time!! How is it that I am forgetting things… ? What’s up with that?


In a nut-shell, I have been extremely busy. This has been a very good thing for my emotions and grieving (the loss of my brother), but it has been frustrating in other areas of my life.


In a nut-shell, I am NOT managing my time well! I have ongoing projects, things on the back burner, new things coming forward and millions of thoughts floating around in my head…


In a nut-shell, I really wish there were more minutes in the day… but then again, I’m glad there is not!! If I crammed any thing else into my already busy life, right now, I might lose it and go postal!!


… I am way behind in writing here, my Tryst Land has been seriously neglected!! I mean, I haven’t been doing even my Daily Reflections, and those I LOVE, because they really help to center my thoughts and feelings… I write them in hopes to help others, or maybe inspire, or heal, but they are really helpful to me and so when I don’t ‘reflect’ I feel like I’m ‘neglecting’ my spirit…


…I am behind in my book project and my manuscript… I have a poetry contest that I’ve been preparing for and have three hundred poems of mind to choose from, and have gotten NOWHERE in actually choosing!!


…My friendships, which mean the world to me, and most of which, my really good friends who don’t even live in KC, I have been meaning to pick up the phone and here I am… still needing to make my friendly ‘Jen-calls’ to my peeps… I miss my people!!


In a nut-shell, I am freakin busy!! I have a new business that just started and work on top of that… where am I going to find some more time? Better time management? Or even just some peace and freaking quiet? When will things be simple and calm?


Meanwhile, I have the one year date of my little brother’s death looming over my head… and words do those feeling absolutely ZERO justice…


This has been a Tryst Update. Brought to you by Jen, who is just a girl, trying to stay afloat, in a crazy, ever-changing world.






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Daily Reflection on Tryst (04/10/13)

Daily Reflection (04/10/13)


Time Management.


Rain is falling on Wednesday… Rain falls hard from the sky today. I don’t know what it is about the rain, but it always makes me feel in touch with my artistic expressions. It makes me want to write all day, allowing my heart to speak, and my soul to spill out all of its words!! Instead, I have had a million errands to run today, with no umbrella, so needles to say… I am a little damp!! …I don’t mind…


My dreams were interrupted last night by the loud booming of thunder in the sky. As my eyes popped open, and I lay there, gathering my current state of mind, and other random dreaming thoughts, I decided to roll out of bed and go to the kitchen and make peanut butter & honey in a tortilla, which is so yummmm…


Rain was pattering my kitchen window hard and quiet strikes of lightning would flash across the sky, followed by the rumble of the thunder as I stood in my kitchen… thinking of things…


Sometimes, our thoughts visit us and they do us no good. Have you ever talked yourself into something that is much less than you thought? Have you ever made things a bigger deal in your head?


Don’t believe everything you think!!


In the past few weeks, I have had a lot going on… to say the least. It can be hard to maintain a balance in your life, when you are being pulled in so many directions. When you have to be so many places, there just isn’t enough time. Or when you need to do one thing in order to do another, yet, your time is pulling you away from it with another arising problem or obligation… I mean, phew!! I feel like a juggling act at the circus!! Like, lets see how much shit we can pile on top of Jen before she collapses!!


I also try to make time to eat, rest, read, and write (which has been seldom lately due to my ever so busy life) and to do something fun! It is important to make time for fun & laughter!! Laughter is the very best medicine, and very good for the soul!!


So, am I managing my time well? No. Not really. I could do better. I’m behind on my writing, on my reading, and my e-mails are piling up. I am working a full-time job on top of balancing my volunteer work and I am facing a murder trial next month for the person who killed my brother. (As if that isn’t enough stress… there is more…)


I know that we can’t get the answers to all these perplexing life boggles… but we can always reach out, for help or just to talk, and if you are like me, a proud proud person… it is OK to need a helping hand!! ((I sometimes fall because of my refusal to ask for help… I feel, too much pride to ask for such a thing and quite frankly, I don’t like the attention)) But this truth is foolish!! In reality, we are human. I am human. I am not perfect. I cannot get everything done all at once. And if I need a little help just to breathe or balance myself out, that is perfectly normal.


For the few things I left out of my BIG TO-DO LIST up there… it’s because they are a bit more private. But regardless, this woman has a lot going on in her busy life!! I am trying to make myself aware that I need to manage my time better, in order to get all my obligations done and goals met.


I hope the day finds you well!!


Where ever you are, open your eyes and look for something that is remarkable that you may not have noticed before…Trust me, there are things to see that you have not noticed before!! No moment is ordinary… find the remarkable…




Tryst Thought : Remember… Don’t believe everything you think!! Sometimes our minds can poison us a little… believe it or not!!


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Daily Reflection on Trystღ (03/06/13)

Daily Reflection (03/06/13)


Slacker? or Incredibly Busy?

Happy Wednesday Tryst Peeps!! Yea, so, it’s the middle of the week, the hump day!! Either we are half way through the week or we still have half way to go. Which ever way you look at it, it’s the same thing. Half way through something. That’s Wednesday all right!! Same thing every week. Wednesday comes along, and we know we are halfway there, halfway to the weekend!! So, since it’s Wednesday, and will be Wednesday all day today, here I am, coming to write a sweet reflection, with much excitement and anticipation, I must say, because I have only written ONE other reflection this week!! Which is not how I roll on Tryst!! Hell No!! I make sure, no matter what, that you all get at least a Tryst Reflection in your in-boxes to read, or not read, it’s really your choice… but I feel better at night, and don’t lose any sleep, when I know I’ve delivered to you, some Tryst words of reflection. What is my excuse?


Slacker? Yea, may be a little bit, but if this is really so, I don’t want to admit it!! I don’t want to be called a slacker!! Shit, especially when it comes to Tryst!! No. No. This week, my sweet Tryst friends, I have been very busy!! At both, home and work. Which has caused me to ‘slack’ in the fun/writing/free time department because I’ve literally had a million other things going on. ((Plus battling with these blizzards we keep having here, the dreadful weather, and all things shitty that goes along with that, i.e. winter sadness & all, well you all know… I’ve written about it))


Since spring really is just around the corner, in like a month, ugh, I’m tying to get all kinds of house work done. I’ve bought new furniture and hung up some new curtains. We got a new pool table for our basement, and a new flat screen for the living room… yes, I have a happy husband right now!! Anyway, there are other projects I’ve got going on, or on my list, and it’s been keeping my time all tied up!! It has been fun though…


Here is my point: fun, new projects around the house really help is you have the winter blues!!


((I’m calling it the ‘winter blues’ now because honestly, I’m effing sick of referencing the seasonal dep crap. You get what I mean.))


So, for all you sweet Tryst-ers, if you are wondering around your house, and thinking of something that needs to be changed, or re-modeled, or up-graded, or anything new that you want… go for it!! Spring cleaning can be any kind of new project you got going on around the house, it’s not just busting out the vacuum and duster!! Change some drapes, throw new pillows on your couch, or put some paint on the walls!! What ever you do, this new change will definitely help with the ‘winter blues’ and you will find yourself busy in a project and your mind will be far from feeding or acknowledging the stresses you have going on!!


I hope your Wednesday is wonderful!! ~ Jen


Tryst Thought: What ever you choose to give attention to, that will be all you see. If you feed sadness, you will be sad. I can assure you of this. If you feed happiness, believe me, you will feel happiness!! What do you choose to feed today?



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