Daily Reflection on Tryst (01/31/13)



Daily Reflection on Tryst (01/31/13)

 Get Connected


Happy Mid-day Tryst family!! Due to a morning full of running around and making my appointments, I am greeting you with a mid-day reflection! Lately the buzz in my ear has had a common theme. My sweet friends are sharing a need and desire for sweet harmony and loving connection with others. The need for love seems to be in the air! It is a new year, we are all trying to move forward and start fresh, and with that comes some changes. We are trying to find motivation in reaching a goal or going after a dream, we are seeking inspiration to do new things and nourish our creativity, and we are falling in love with the idea that a new love or new friendship sounds really good right now! We are craving some good connection with other’s!

 Having chemistry with someone, either a friend or a significant other, is such an awesome thing! Chemistry works all on its own. We can’t fake or force it. Our hearts and our spirits tell us with whom we are connecting with, and sends signals to our minds and hearts saying, ‘Oh yes, we are really loving and enjoying this person! So glad we have found them and are making memories with them! Thank you world!!’ … We just know, from deep inside, when we have made the connection with another!

 I want you to know that you, each one of you, are a beautiful asset to the universe! This world needs you! Breaking it down more, the people in your family, at your job, and in your circle of friends need you! For those of us in a relationship or marriage, our hubby’s and wives needs us too. You play an important part in the lives of those around you. So take a minute to tell yourself how important you are to those people! Sometimes, even when you don’t know it, you have made a difference in someone’s life, just by being you! By holding open a door, or smiling at someone on the street… you never know what you may have done for another! YOU ARE an ASSET to the UNIVERSE!!

 We are connected to each other. We are connected to this world. We can’t share beauty without each other! remember what I said about Karma? Today, see what connections you make with others. Notice who reaches out to connect with you. If you are single, celebrate yourself someway today by doing something you love or treating yourself to something fantastic! If you are spoken for and share your life with another, put aside the stresses of everyday life, and find a way to connect with your lover! And for all of us friends out there, do you have a friend that needs you? Do you have a friend that you need?


How can we connect with our heart’s favorite peeps today? What can you do to let someone special in your life know that they have you?


Have a beautiful day! ~ Jen