Me & Yoo – A Daily Prompt on Trystღ

Interesting fun, to get my brain going this morning!! I’m up for a challenge ~


Daily Prompt says to:

There are 26 letters in the English language, and we need every single one of them. Want proof? Choose a letter and write a blog post without using it. (Feeling really brave? Make it a vowel!)

I have a feeling that this is going to be pretty easy, with a few letters, super easy. But the one I’m choosing to use is in fact a vowel cause I want to see if I can write anything that’s somewhat amusing/intelligent without the use of one of the vowels, so here goes:

Here I am. Yes it’s another day. I am acting as if it is spring time, ignoring the snow still on the sidewalks everywhere, and I decided to wear my hot pink  heels to work today. Along with faded jeans and a pink G.Dead shirt. I like the G. Dead. I remember the first C.D. I ever had of them, my favorite brother of my Dad’s gave it to me, Gary. I love my Dad’s brother Gary. He always gave me the best C.D.’s when I was growing… to be a… grown person. So the snow can kiss my ass!! I’m going to rock these hot pink shoes all freakin’ day!!

((That was easier than I thought. Can anyone guess which vowel I didn’t use? Honestly, I could have kept going, but I have a stack of work invoices staring at me right now and I’m making Tryst & WordPress a priority over them… Shhhh!!))

J. Lefever


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The Free Write (Daily Prompt)


Daily Prompt (From yesterday’s line-up, but I chose to do it today!)

I am an addict. Yes, this I know. But I’m not just a heroin addict in sober recovery, I’m also addicted to shoes, and sushi, and iced chai tea. I’m addicted to hats, I can’t seem to get enough of them this winter season, and I plan to wear them well in to spring and summer. The reason I’m thinking of all my addictions is because, most recently, I have become addicted to the color purple and burning incense. Yes, I seem to buy everything in the color purple… Purple is a very good color, might I add! It’s the color of royalty, and since I’m a Leo, in astrological terms, I’m the king of the jungle. Since I live in the city, let’s make that a concrete jungle.. As for the incense, I just can’t get enough! I love the classic hippy Nag Champa, but anything lavender, not cause lavender is a shade of purple, but because the aroma is delightful! I also love honey-vanilla, and cinnamon. There are aromas that I’m not quite sure what they are, but the names I love, like Romantic Passion, Blue Ocean, Moonlight Path… yes these are all good…

 I said that it has been a while since I have really just sat down and written… free write, as I was discussing with a digital friend earlier this week. This is my Daily Prompt, except, not on the day it was intended to be.. Promptly speaking, I am outside the box, the rebel, the deviant, who doesn’t like to fit in the conforms of society, not like everyone else, maybe a bit strange, so as for me, I can freely write on friday and call it what I want, and I can write for free any day of the week, I can write to free my soul, I can write about freedom, and I can write about the things that are free in life, and I can write about what it feels like to be free, Tom Petty sang a song called ‘free fallin’, which was very good, and I can write poetry about what a free write means to me. As my time runs down and I’m almost done being the non-conformist with my words here I end with summing up this piece I just wrote, which is, my piece on addictions, but not that of heroin… Sorry Miss Heroin, you don’t get the spot-light this time, ha-ha! This is my piece on Purple things and incense, and shoes and hats, and all these words I got to write for free..

 ~ J. Lefever

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I’m Never Alone, I’m Alone All the Time


There are moments when the last thing I need is to be alone.  Sometimes when I get lost in my head, it is a very dangerous place to be.  My mind can wonder, it can worry and it can talk me into thinking that things are much worse than they really are.  Sometimes I need to humble myself and realize that even though I think I have all the answers, I don’t, and it’s not in my best interest to be alone with my thoughts. 

On the flip side, being alone allows me to look at every aspect of what I’m going through and internalize it to best fit my mental, emotional, spiritual and/or physical needs.  When I am faced with tough things in life, whether it’s self-induced, something traumatic or tragic that is out of my control or smaller difficulties that have an emotional connection or not, I need moments to myself where I can really just sit and think about how I am affected by the situation and the best way to get through it.  Because honestly, as selfish as this sounds, the most important person in my life, is me.  I will always have me, I can always count on me and I can’t go anywhere where I escape me.  No matter what, I will always be there.

It takes confidence, some internal stability and independence to be OK with being alone.  I have always enjoyed my alone time, and not just to get through tough moments, but to also be still, to relax and unwind.  It’s nice to go home to a quiet house sometimes.  It’s nice to run errands alone or exercise by my self.  I get all that good thinking done.  I also think that spending time with just myself, allows me to continue to get to know myself, thus continuing to build the most important relationship I will ever be in. 

There is a famous saying, “You cannot love another, unless you love yourself first,” I believe this to be so true and one of the pieces of wisdom’s that I was told at a very young age, yet, took years to understand fully, and even further, to practice and live by this knowledge and very wise piece of advice.  I cannot remember who the first person was that told me this, but if I knew, I would definitely find a way to thank them.  I will be passing this wisdom on, and I have, to those who are in need of hearing it.  Now, just because I was told this little bit of knowledge, and had the words running through my mind, that was all it was at first, words.  The knowledge of this wisdom came many years later, many years, after I had served more time in my life, learning to love myself after I have fallen, screwed up and done things that I regret.  Self forgiveness, or forgiving another, is one of the hardest things I have ever tried to do, and to do honestly.  Just because I say I forgive, doesn’t mean that I actually do.   Forgiveness is within, it is for my own soul first, not just for the one who is being forgiven.  And when a person needs to forgive themself, whether they say it or not, they truly know within if they mean it. 

I’m never alone, but I’m alone all the time.  I say this because even in the busyness of my day, each week, all month-long, with my job responsibilities and other appointments or obligations and dinners and events in the city, no matter where I am, I can be surrounded by people and still experience moments where I’m alone.  I say this because even though I have people in my life, the ones who are in my spirit and soul are only one or two… and for me, that is perfect.  I am not often completely alone, but when I am, I grately appreciate those moments.  And even when I am with others, either family or out in public, I’m still just surrounded with the physical beings of others, but my spirit, is alone…

  …and the time you have is precious, it is priceless… you can’t ever get time back. Like this moment, you will never get this moment ever again.  So why chose to live anyother way, than the best & most happiest ways you can?  Why waste even a single minute when you only live once?

It took all of my twenties before I felt this comfortable in my own skin, and wearing my own shoes!  Today, I wouldn’t change places with anyone!  I see things today that I have never seen before.  My past, all of my mistakes, and all of my success, has given me this wonderful collective wisdom, intuition and insight, experience with my age and knowledge that I have been taught by the most important person, me!  And the best part, no one can tell me otherwise.  I’m OK when I’m alone.  In fact, I really like it.  The title of this post is in face a lyric in a song.  In the late 90’s, grunge rock was very popular, and I was a huge fan of the band, Bush.  I still have a girlie crush on the lead singer, Gavin Rossdale.  The song was ‘Glycerine’, on the Bush album, ’16 Stone’.  I have remembered the words to that song all of these years, and when I read today’s ‘Daily Prompt’, I knew exactly what I would write about!!  That’s all for now…

~ Jen