My Velvet Angel

A Piece from 2 Poets

Hastywords & Think. Speak. Tryst


My Velvet Angel

I watched you walk

Into the darkness of the room

You were dressed in black velvet

Cloaked head to toe

I knew you came to play

But your game, I do not know

Hidden within the quiet

I looked for you in desperate earnest

The velvet of your black garb

Absorbed every happiness

Leaving me solemn and in distress

Look into my eyes

Can’t you see me needing you

Standing here, vulnerable, it’s true

Take my hand & lead the way

I am desperately needing you

I used to fear the dark

And what I found inside it

The silence so unbearable

Until you came into it

Find me in this place and save me

The costume of your character

Only hides your true shining light

Once fear in darkness

Turns to brighter days

You are my muse in the games we play

I can feel you reaching in the dark

Your hands find me and I open my eyes

Your dress has turned a glittery bright

And your hair a blinding white

Finally, my angel came to find me

A Poetic Duet written by Miss Hasty & Miss Tryst

My friend, my parallel heart, my angel in many ways… there really are angels among us…

©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

A Lyrical Free Write

This is a Lyrical Free Write

Just a little something… That made me smile 🙂

♥ A piece of poetry, from Jen to you.. when ever you can write with me, I hope that you do..!! No matter what I am doing, No matter where I am, writing with you is something I love, so no worries my sweet turtle-dove.. Happiness, smiles and your friendly words, is what you always bring, so full of joy, my dear sweet friend, you make me sing! If it weren’t for you and the way you reach out, the world would feel smaller, more confined no doubt.. Counting all the ways, that I adore you… Where would I be, I’d be lost without you too! Love you Miss Tryst.. I ♥ you Miss Hasty

©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

Daily Reflection on Tryst (03/23/13)

Daily Reflection (03/23/13)


Yes, I stopped caring…

 It’s a sweet saturday here in the city. Sweet cause that’s what I will make of it. I am in the position this morning to make a really crappy day for myself, mostly because I’m at work, going on like an hour of sleep! Needless to say, I am very tired! I tossed & turned last night, trying to muffle out the distractions in my house and in my mind… and I just couldn’t fall to sleep.


I am a person who truly needs and deeply enjoyed a good nights rest! So, when I’m tired and under-slept, I can tend to be a bit cranky. So with that as my amo, why I choose to make my day nice & sweet? Because it is a proven fact that happy energy takes less effort than mad energy. I swear! It’s totally true!! Think about it… When you’re mad, you explode with energy, and not the good kind that people want to be around! When you’re sweet and lovely, while you still have energy, it is just focused the right way, and people love being around that kind of energy! I speak truth & wisdom here… take notes!!


So I got my sweet, sleepy ass to work this morning and I’ve been lazily catching up on some reading & writing. Not a bad morning this is turning out to be really… I love that, because that’s how I made it happen! …we don’t give ourselves enough credit in life, we are in control of so much more than we realize at times… huh!


This brings me to my reflection today…


I am thinking about someone who has taken a turn to the arrogant side. I have to say, I’m disappointed. I connected with this person, and we had great conversations. This went on for a couple of months. Of course, my little gullible heart believed all the words that person spoke to me and now sadly, I’m feeling like a fool. Oh well… at least I am real with people.


So, was it all an act? One day, this person just stopped talking to me. Like they are ‘too-good’ to answer a comment or reply, or whatever we normally did to communicate & share. One thing that comes with my sensitive soul, is that when a person turns out to be someone different than I thought, I’m always so so so disappointed and hurt. I take it so so so personally… well, Jen…


I stopped taking it personally. I stopped caring!! And it feels good!!


I think, OK, I’m glad I know now that this person is a fake, arrogant, douche bag!! I don’t have to waste any more of my time talking to them, and they don’t deserve my sweet time anyway!! In this situation, it’s perfectly OK and good NOT to care!!


Have a great Saturday Tryst friends… Don’t let anyone take your sweet and make you sour!!


~ Jen


Tryst Thought : Don’t waste your time wondering or being upset about someone who sucks!! People may turn out to be someone other than you expected. Most times it’s their loss, not yours, if you are the genuine person in the situation. Don’t waste a minute..


See… for me… as soon as I finish this piece… I am done, I don’t have to sorry about it anymore… Gonna have a lazy Saturday at home after work and pray that we don’t get 8 inches of snow like the news has predicted… (we are actually in a winter storm warning again!! how many blizzards are we getting this year? and has Hell froze over? WTF? Where is spring… shit…



©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

Evening Reflection on Trystღ (03/13/13)

Evening Reflection (03/13/13)


Unnecessary Cruelness

 Good wishes and bright stars, is what I hope for all of you @ Tryst!! I have had a good day. Not the greatest, but good. It was good. I have been slowly coming back to life, after a short intermission, and I am reminded in the process of all the many blessings I have to be grateful for. It breaks my heart that there is cruelty in the world. I tweeted Mr. Hotspur a few days ago, that if I could, I would do anything and everything to end any & all suffering in the world. My sensitive heart just can’t fathom the things that happen at times. And that said… it is a true statement… I am not a fan of sadness and suffering, for any living thing.

To wrap up my good day, I decided to reach out and send a message to my brother’s wife. This is a person who has been so mean to me. A person who, has never taken a minute to get to know me, and I can even quote her on that as she text me those very words after she told me to not text her again. I sent her a very kind message, letting her know that no matter what, I love her. Even though, for no reason at all, I have received unnecessary cruelness from her. I still take the time to be nice to her, as I have always been, and I always will be.

I understand that my family is hurting. We lost a son, a brother, a husband, a best friend, my partner in life whom I grew up next to… we are all in such pain. In this process, I see no reason for the unnecessary cruelness. Especially to any one of us who has continued to show love, generosity and kindness. And as tears of confusion rolled down my face, I realized that me and that girl are just two very different people. While I would never do certain things, or say things, or be mean and hurtful in those ways, it’s just not who I am. My heart is not built that way. My family knows this. My family knows my heart and that is what is important.

Tonight, I reflect on the diversity in the hearts of people. Some choose to carry mean hatred, and point fingers, and lash out on the kind ones whom they know won’t lash back. Others choose to carry warmth, forgiveness and kindness. Inside our hearts, we know the things we have done. If we have done wrong, whether the whole world knows, or no one was there to see it… we will always know. We will always know inside our hearts what we have done, and whether it was right or wrong. We always know our truths. We can’t lie to ourselves. I get to go to sleep, and close my eyes with a clean conscience.

And I know that karma is always watching me. Karma is also watching and waiting for those who are guilty of unnecessary cruelness.

I hope you have a good night and pleasant dreams. ~ Jen

Tryst Thought: The one who stands pointing a finger with anger in their heart, is the one who will end up suffering the most. They will suffer from self-inflicted unhappiness. And they will have no one to blame but themselves. In the end, kindness always wins. And it’s not a matter of winning and losing, but I believe kindness conquers cruelness… eventually… every single time.



©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

Our Parallel Souls


A Poetic Duet, written on the true beauty of friendship & the unbreakable bond between two kindred spirits.

Friendship is such a gift. It cannot be bought, it cannot be borrowed. Friendship cannot be forced, or faked. When two people have friendship, there is a love between them that is something to honor and nurture… You can’t predict life, you never know what’s going to happen. I never expected to find what I found in Miss Hasty, but she is a true friend. Life has crossed our paths, and here we are, building something great, reminding the world that good people are out there, and you never know when an angel will show up in your life!


This piece is about the friendship between Hasty & Tryst

 Our Parallel Souls


Watching my life

Like a slide show

Each frame passing me by

I sit beside you, you are always there

Helping to pick up my pieces


I see your face next to mine

Always smiling, always carefree

Time flew so fast with you by my side

I sit looking fondly at my life

Memories of you and me


I’ve crossed paths with so many

My life has brought me many souls

You were different, beautifully unique

Our chemistry meshed so well

I feel so connected with each word we speak


Most things went unspoken

But heard loud and clear

Our gift was felt without a touch

It was eternal and beautifully clear


The very presence of you

By my side and holding my hand

Completes me in the most wonderful way

Never could I replace the essence of you


You’re timeless, precious, in all that you say

Thank you for your simple beauty

That colors my each and every day

Thank you for being the one

I can count on in each and every way


You’re brilliant, genuine and walking kindness

You bring out the better inside of me

You are the reason for this song

I cherish your truth and your beautiful heart

Our friendship is real and unbreakable

When we are side by side or when we’re apart


 I know that no matter which road I take

Or how far away I may wander on my own

You will always be just a phone call away

Lifting me up, setting me straight, helping me

My eyes for me when all I see is black


When something as true and beautiful as you

Comes along, and together our bond is unbreakable

I am reminded that there are truly remarkable souls in this world

The magic of our connection

The love in our chemistry

The truth we speak, and

The honor we share as friends

I will be here for you, forever in time, until the very end!!

I love you dear friend!!


Written by Hastywords & Tryst

See this on Hastywords by following link


Visit Hastywords by following the link provided to read more of her wonderful poetry, see for yourself a truly wonderful soul~


©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication



ღDaily Reflection on Trystღ (02/14/13)

Daily Reflection (02/14/13)


 Sharing Kindness, No Matter What

 WISHING YOU ALL A HAPPY LOVE DAY!! With a BIG Tryst hug… and some nice words to follow too!! From Tryst to you, everyday, you all mean a lot to me!! I hope you are all having a great day with your Valentines, husbands or wives, boyfriends/girlfriends, best friends, family, or even just hanging out with your most fabulous self!! Have some candy and spread the love because that’s what today is all about!! It’s about love and kindness, hugs and kisses, all things romantic, big pink and red hearts and stuffed animals, and of course, for the big celebrations of this love day, little boxes holding that big sparkle that us ladies can’t deny… we love a new piece of jewelry!!


I have not been in the blogosphere as long as some of you, professional bloggers. I have barely been blogging for five months, that is all. I started out writing mostly small articles under my ‘Think Speak Tryst’ category, expressing myself, my thoughts, a few rants, and what not’s.. Tryst Poetry came along after I met this one very inspiring blogger, who is the poem master!! I have been writing poetry for the last two decades, but as for sharing it, I was a virgin. Well, I’ve come out of that shell, thank you sweet inspiration and personal bravery, and Tryst Poetry is something I share almost everyday!! (It feels good to write, free write, and share and not worry about being judged. If my words are liked, I’m very honored, of course, but I’m aware that not everyone is going to enjoy everything! I write for me, to share with you, from my heart!! Still, this whole process, the blogosphere, and Tryst World, I absolutely love so much!) 


I put my heart into every single word on Tryst, and that includes everyone elses blogging worlds as well. Which bring’s me to my reflection today:


I will be kind and loving and genuine when I communicate with my blogging friends no matter what! I will share the kindness that is in my heart & soul!!


It’s who I am, I know this, but this reflection is also to clarify this; some people are not receptive to kindness. Some people don’t respond back right away, sometimes ever. Maybe they are super busy, and will get to you later. Or for the ones who say nothing, who never respond back, and leave you listening to the crickets, they may not have anything to say. This I accept and understand, but it puzzles me too because I never run out of things to say!! I am long-winded, I leave long messages, usually whenever I am presented with the opportunity to leave one!! It’s hard for me to be ‘short’! (This reflection is an example of that) I have millions of words floating around in my mind, and my heart is a warm/loving one, and my spirit is expressive, so when you take those three elements and mix them in a bowl, you get lots of warm, loving words from Jen in your message boxes!!


It’s OK! I cherish my friendships very much! I honor the people I choose to be in my life, and I am that kind of person and friend who will always be nice anyway!!


Today, if you are a person like me, who is full of things to say, don’t apologize for who you are! I think that we are here to balance out the people who are our total opposite! If no one went around expressing their thoughts with the farm-fuzzy love like us, this world would be a boring, and quiet, place!!


Don’t hold back!!

Self expression is perfectly OK!!  

In fact, it shows confidence, and kindness, and compassion, and wisdom’s, and so many other things!!

Let your personality shine.. I do, and I feel pretty good most days!!


Have a great love day, celebrating with your loved ones!!

You are all important to me, Tryst friends!! ~ Jen


Tryst Thought: Today, and everyday hopefully, I will be nice no matter what! If someone isn’t receptive to me, it’s OK!! I will still share my kindness with them anyway!!


 ©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication


Daily Reflection on Tryst (01/29/13)



Daily Reflection (01/29/13)

 Karma Police


Hello Tryst family! I apologize for the delay in getting the daily reflection to you! I have had a very busy morning! Please do not think that I forgot to give you the reflective words of the day, and even though it’s now passed lunch time, or around lunch time if you are living in the Pacific and Mountain time zones, we still have day light left to reflect on today’s thoughts! Today I want to reflect on some karma baby! Karma, is something that I am very in to! Karma is something that I could write an entire book on, as so many great writers already have. For those who don’t know much about karma, do a little research!! I am including a link right HERE to a great site on karma called ‘Basic Buddhism: The Theory of Karma’, which is a good read on the subject. Or wander over the Urban Dictionary, which I love, for more quick information on karma! (You can also find a link to the Urban Dictionary on my Blogroll because I just think it’s fantastic! 🙂

 You ever hear the phrase, ‘What goes around, comes around’? Well, that is karma. The word itself comes from Buddhist and Hindu philosophy and it’s the simple belief that if you do good/nice/kind things for others, then good/kind/nice things will happen to you. You ever hear the phrase, ‘karma is a bitch’? Well, that is also true! In my experiences in life, karma has visited me a time or two, and in both situations; good karma and bad karma. I believe that there really is a cosmic connection to doing good deeds and that they have a way of circling back to you. Karma is also very patient. Sometimes it waits a while before striking down upon someone who has not lived a life of goodness and kindness. For any of you who may know someone who is just mean or hurtful to others, and ask the question, ‘when is this person going to get the karma they deserve’!?!?! …Have a little patience. Let it go. Don’t let yourself get lost and fester in worry because karma is working as we speak!

 Good things come to good people! Sometimes it may take some time before the wonderful shows up on your doorstep, but it will! Yes, I am an optimist!! So for all you pessimists out there, go get you some good karma today! Go on, try it! It feels good, it makes other’s feel good when someone is kind to them, and while you are out in the world acting on all this goodness and kindness, karma is watching you and waiting to come kiss you! So try not to piss karma off, because the bad side of karma really sucks! Treat people like you would want to be treated! Karma’s only a bitch if you are!


Are you need of some wonderful today? Well go get you some good karma!

 Have a beautiful day! ~ Jen

Little You


Imagine… At this point in your life, after every moment you have lived up to this very moment… if the child version of you walked in to the room and reached up to you, the adult you, to be picked up and put in your lap… looking at you, the little you, say five years old or so… what would you tell this tiny child? What would you say to your five year old, innocent self…?


…this question, this deep rooted, emotionally moving, moment of pivitol words to be spoken only to yourself, from you as an adult to you as a tiny, sweet and innocent child, was asked of me by a person I respect very much. When I close my eyes, and picture myself at five years old, and picture my five year old self looking at me now… it made my heart beat fast. I had tears in my eyes. It gave me the urge and desire to want to hold and hug this little girl… me. To look at my five year old self and say, ‘I’m so sorry sweet baby’, is only the beginning. Of course, I have thought about this. I have thought about this very hard. I was forever moved by this question and will use this little exercise from time to time to remind myself that underneath my skin, behind the eyes of me as a grown woman, was once the heart, mind and spirit of an innocent child that did not know any better. As we all start this way, young and small and unable to protect ourselves, then we grow up and in the more time we spend on this earth, how many times have we hurt ourselves? How many times have we forgotten to love ourselves? Or not protected ourselves? Or disapointed, shamed, scared or even lied to our very own selves…?


I would tell my little self to love myself in every single moment. I would say that if you don’t love your own heart, even one time, then it will be weak and in life you need a strong heart! Others cannot love you if you don’t love yourself. And if you don’t love yourself then it is impossible to give love and to receive love. I would tell my little self that I am very sorry for the times I hurt you and let you down. Learning in life, growing up I didn’t know everything and I never meant to hurt little you, but sometimes I did. Sometimes I forgot about little you and left you alone in the dark, or out in the cold rain. For all of those times when I didn’t know any better, I hope little me can forgive me…

It does take strength to forgive, little innocent me, so practice this virtue. I would tell little me to remember that I have always loved my tiny heart, my tiny self, and love is what has kept me, us, going. To love is the greatest thing, to be loved is truly priceless and always give to others what you would want for your own self. That is the magic of karma, and karma is always there, right behind you. I would tell little me that I’ve never given up and I never will. I’ll always be here, for me.

This is a very powerful image, for the mind and spirit. To anyone who reads this, imagine little you sitting on your lap… what would you say?

~ Jen


© Think. Speak. Tryst Publication

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Another beautiful soul that I have recently encountered in my life, you will find her words truly heart-warming, inspiring & will leave you with tears of joy as she is a brilliant example of Human Kind at its up-most Loving-kindness. She has become one of my favorite writers and I look forward to her posts daily!

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