Evening Reflection on Tryst♥ (03/24/13)

Evening Reflectiono (03/24/13)



Good Sunday night, right? I am getting ready to wrap up a great day. It was one of those perfect Sundays, where, things were just nice, relaxing and peaceful all day long. I was in no rush to be anywhere. I was in no hurry to get anything done. No one was demanding anything from me. I had all day to do Jen stuff… and it was really nice!

So this evening, I was thinking about all the people I have in my life. I have hundreds of acquaintances. I have a few great friends. I love my friendships. They are so important to me. I have written before on friendships. The importance of being a friend, the honor of being called a friend, and how the relationship between two friends is one that takes effort from both people. I truly believe that. Good friendships exhist when the two souls are in harmony with each other. Communication between friends is one of those important elements to a friendship in harmony.

What happens when communication fails? Let’s say one friend does something that upsets the other friend in some way. Sometimes we may do, or say something and we are unaware that we have offended our friend. Unless we are told that we hurt them, hurt their feelings, offended them in some way, we may never know we did so. Consequently, bad vibes are born and the harmonious friendship is at stake.

Frenemies is like friends that aren’t really friends. Enemies keeping their enemies close like a friend. Fake friends. Ick. Yuck. Who wants that? I have zero tolerance for fake. If I have done something to upset someone, especially a close friend… I would like to know!! Please tell me what I’ve done so things can be worked out!!

How productive is it to have a situation with someone in your life, something that bothered you, and not tell them? Avoid talking to them about it?

Honestly, its pretty childish. Its not the make of adult behavior at all!! Its the immaturity of an attitude saying, “So & so pissed me off but I’m not gonna say anything. I’m gonna just stop talking to them all together!”

News for you, you’re acting like a child if this is how you handle things. I am not meaning to be offensive to anyone by making this statement… but it is my firm belief and opinion that a person who acts this way is not s friend. They are a frenemy…

To all you friends out there… be good to your friends! Treat them well… like you want to be treated. Like I said on Soul to Shine this afternoon, be a person that YOU would want to be around! Speak up!! Voice your feelings!! If you don’t, you’re really acting like a child that knows nothing about how to have a relationship with someone else. Communicate!!

I hope all my Tryst friends are having a great night!! I wish you all a wonderful week!! Goon night Tryst!! ♥jen♥

★Tryst Thought★ We have a voice inside of us. When our instincts speak to us, listen. We are the ONLY ones who can stand up for ourselves completely. In this life, no matter what, you will ALWAYS have you!! Good conflict resolution starts with voicing your truths. Good friendships need healthy communication.

So speak up!! How the hell are people going to know somethin important, if you keep it hidden?
Make friends!! Not frenemies!! ∞


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Irony on Tryst


Isn’t it Ironic? ~ Tryst Irony

For those of you who have been reading my posts the last day, or two, know that I’ve written a strand of pieces with a common theme. Dishonesty. Yes, I had the Evening Reflection last night where I wrote about a little lie that I had to deal with yesterday, followed by a couple of poetic pieces, to better, and creatively express my deep feelings that come with telling a lie.

I got some great feedback and comments from some of you, and it seems that we all agree when we say that we don’t like those little things called lies, or a person who tells them!! Either way I put it, I got lied to yesterday and it did not feel very good. And what would have been a small situation turned into this huge, dramatic, emotionally chaotic, and irrational lunacy that ended up with some broken trust and bad feelings. Needless to say, it’s pretty much a universal truth & understanding, more like a fact, that trust, once broken, is a bitch to get back. On both sides. It’s a bitch to gain back, and a bitch to give back.

So, I was reading my e-mails and I’m one of those free spirits who is in to the stars, and moon, and all things earth & astrology. I check my horoscope daily. I’m not going into detail here, and I could because I know a lot about astrology… a lot… but I thought my horoscope for today was a bit ironic! Although it didn’t really pertain to me, I think it wold have been better suited for someone elses astrological sign, but I want to share it anyway:


You might have to make a choice between telling the truth and lying today, Leo. In some circumstances, this can be difficult, especially if you’re afraid you will hurt someone’s feelings. Keep in mind that a lie can take more energy than the truth. Consider what you would want the other person to do in your place. Stick to your morals and ethics even if it’s tough.

Ironic, huh?

I read that and thought, this isn’t advice for me because there won’t be any debate for me over whether or not I need to lie or tell the truth!! I have nothing going on that I need to hide!! (Wow, just realized what a good feeling that is… any addict would know what I’m talking about…)

The world is funny sometimes… How it delivers its messages to you… That;s why it’s important to always be awake and aware of your life… You don’t want to miss one of your signs…

Follow this link to get to the horoscope page… if you want to cruise your own wisdom of the stars.

J. Lefever


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You wear a mask
It covers your face
You hide from the light
From a truth that is fear
Dancing as you may
In this costume you wear
Knowing all along
That your hiding from fear
Is this reality
That you find yourself running from
Better left in hiding
Behind your colorful embellishments
Others may not see
Believe the trick you play
But those who know you
See right through your masquerade
Fool me today
Yes, maybe this is so
But the day will come
When trust is as far as I can throw
This moment will catch
You completely blind
For you are standing
Trying to rewind
All those close to you
Will see your mask fall
They will watch the lights fade
You will be without your walls
The little lie that you
Told to hide the truth
Becomes a huge parade
Of all that’s really you
In the end of this story
What is gained in the masquerade
Nothing to make you better
Total loss is the price you paid
~ J. Lefever ~
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Evening Reflection on Trystღ (02/25/13)

Evening Reflection (02/25/13)


Mind Chatter

Hey there Tryst Family. How are we all doing on this Monday night? Here in the Midwest, we are all scrambling around the city, preparing for another Snowmagedon!! (Reference my other post on the Blizzard of KC) Literally, people are getting into civil arguments and fights all over town at the Markets, Grocery stores, and the Wal-Marts!! The radio stations are blowing up with these stories of women running down isles, grabbing 20 loaves of bread off the shelf, and other random women verbally attacking them, asking how many kids do they have to feed, and making claims like ‘you aren’t allowed to buy all that bread!!’ Seriously? Is this for real? I’m watching the news right now, and they are reporting sell out’s on bread, milk, eggs and showing rows of empty shelves, isle after isle… I’m thinking, why is this whole city preparing for a storm the size of an Ice Age? It’s some massive snow fall, but even if we do get ‘snowed-in’ our homes, it won’t be longer than a day or two… Really KC, WTF? Like you don’t have food for two days? Like you’re gonna eat 20 loaves of bread in two days? I’m one to say, better safe than sorry, but of you find yourself fighting with someone over that 20th loaf of bread, you think you’re gonna need all that bread? I hate to be the one to say, ‘told ya so’ when the blizzard is over and we are back on the streets, back to life, back to normal, gloomy, February winter in a couple of days. Besides, March 1st is on Friday… Spring is a comin’… let’s all freak the fuck out here!!

OK. Got that off my chest. I’m here to reflect. Today, I had a situation with a little lie. Yes, someone told me a little lie. Later in the afternoon, I got a phone call and the caller, unknowing of this fact, spilled the beans on this little lie. So I had to turn around and confront the lie, cause I’m not going to let the lie fly!! Oh no, I had to confront it. So then it turned into, me being the bad guy, and I had the wrong idea, and they were going to tell me later, but…. yea, yea…. blah, blah…. point is this: A lie is a lie is a lie. No way around it. You lied!!

Have you ever caught someone in a lie, confronted them on it, and watched them lie about lying? That’s what happened today!! This person wanted to lie about lying!! To my face!! You know, I could go on & on about the ridiculousness about this, but we all know what a lie is. We all know when we are lying. We all know that it hurts to b lied to. To be understanding, sensitive and empathetic to the person who felt they needed to lie to me today, I will say this: I understand the main reason that we tell a lie… It is because we are afraid to tell the truth. For whatever the reason, or situation, lies are told because of fear.

So, if you find yourself telling a lie, or embellishing a story, bending the truth, hiding the truth, or not telling facts, keeping a secret, which is another form of lying… ask yourself why you are afraid. What fear is keeping you from being honest, and, is the lie, if found out, going to make things better, or worse?

Is it better to lie? However you want to justify it, a lie is a lie, and lies hurt the people you lie to.

Is it better to just be honest? Whatever fear you’re wanting to lie about, maybe telling the truth about things won’t hurt someone else, and won’t damage your character.

Seems to me like this will avoid a lot of other problems that come with telling a lie. It also avoids the person who lied from having to justify, explain, and rationalize why their lie was ok, when, it wasn’t.

It only takes one lie, getting caught in one lie, for your trust & character to be changed. Getting trust back is a very difficult thing.

The truth will set you free…

Have a good night Tryst Family!! ~ Jen


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I followed as you lead

Taking me down a strange path

Lost, foreign and unfamiliar it was

But I kept going, just like you said

With nothing to lose

As I leave nothing behind

Aware that I am fragile

Present without any armour

Practically blind

You spoke and I listened

Hung on every word

The wonderful promises

Every bit, I heard

I believed what you said

I trusted in you

Moving further along

On this journey with you

In just one second

A moment arrived

When I looked on forward

You had vanished, in time

Gone in thin air

Like you never existed

I called out for you

I stopped, and I listened

But you didn’t answer back

There I was, cheated, betrayed

Unable to believe

I should never have stayed

A cellophane friend, you

Never really were

I was tricked to believe

A mirage, just a blur

~ J. Lefever ~



©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

Indecent Intentions

Indecent Intentions
A Piece of true Desperation
Piercing of your knife
Your words cut me like thorns
Deep in my skin they go
Their scars are permanently born
Intentions so wrong
Indecent they were
Have me screaming as to why
And you smile as I cry
Looking across the
Blueberry Sea
Imagining at time
When I was running free
Presently I beg for you
To listen as I need you to
This is what you mean to me
My world, my air, my everything I see
Sacrifices I have made
Just to stand by your side
While you cover up my spirit
Masking my true sense of pride
Suffocating emotions
Building up inside of me
Everytime I hear you lie
A tiny piece of our love dies
So further I fall
Drowning in your embrace
So lost inside of your own mind
Realities are nothing, to you, you’re blind
How to break these chains
Placed permanently on my wrists
A miracle is needed
To give me what I wish
~~ J. Lefever ~~
©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication