Daily Reflection on Trystღ (03/21/13)

Daily Reflection (03/21/13)
Let it snow! Let it snow! let it snow!
No. I am not kidding. No. I am not being sarcastic. It is the 21st of March and it is snowing again. Expecting 3 inches today and then 6 more on Saturday. I know. I can’t believe it either!!  
I could go on & on here about the longer delay in spring time, but I’m at that point where the subject has just been beaten to death. Everyone here in this city, on Facebook, Twitter, Google, YFrog, and Blog’s are all complaining of the long, cold winter we are still seeming to have. The cries have been hears, the tears have fallen, this winter sucked, and it’s still sucking!! WE KNOW JEN!! So, I’m finished.
I accept things the way that they are.
Do I have another choice?
This brings me to an important topic of reflection today. That of acceptance. Acceptance is a virtue that is something we should practice through out our lives. There are many things in life that are going to happen that we have no control over. There are mistakes that we may make, that we cannot change, and as a result, there are consequences that we just need to accept.
What comes with acceptance is a whole lot of attitude that makes dealing with life much better!! Not worse!! Did you think I was going to say a whole lot of attitude that sucks? Nope. When we learn to accept something, although we may or may not agree with whatever it is, we accept that it just is. We accept that we cannot change it. We accept that we need to deal with it, obviously, or we are the ones who end up making things that much worse for ourselves.
There ain’t shit I can do about the cold air. There just isn’t. I’m sorry peeps. I have no magical powers, I don’t know any magical spells, or witch craft, or Indian dances that can make things different outside. But what I can do is accept that although spring isn’t here yet, I’m sure it’s not far away. And with that kind of attitude towards things, I bet you will see me smiling and with that sprite that you are used to seeing in my steps!!
I hope your day was great, where ever in the world you are, and I hope your night is great as well!! ~ Truly, Jen 🙂
Tryst Thought: We can apply acceptance to so many things in life. And when we do, I can personally guarantee that life will be easier for you!! Having acceptance is having the demeanor of a grown, wise, patient adult. It is something that we should strive for when we are young.
The truly wise know when to fret and when not to. Trying to control things that we are powerless over, will leave us disappointed and unsatisfied.
Be realistic in your thinking, and your actions will follow.
Yes, the above ‘Tryst Words of Wisdom’ were written by Jen, straight from the mind of Jen.
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Daily Reflection on Trystღ (03/04/13)

Daily Reflection (03/04/13)


Taking Insults…

With Mrs. Williams & Her Cranky Side Kick


 It’s Monday alright. Monday. Monday. Monday.

 I decided to cruise through McDonald’s this morning on my way into work. I don’t normally get breakfast out. I like my coffee and fruit or cereal at home in my own kitchen, but I was running a little late, so I decided to grab something quick on my way in. I was late for work anyway. Seems to be a pattern these days… chronic tardiness… which is not a normal characteristic of mine. In fact, I hate to be late. It makes me a little crazy!! I’ve always been very punctual, my whole life I’ve been this way. But with the recent ‘things’ I’ve been going through inside, it has rendered me a chronic late person, which makes me look bad… like I don’t care about my job, or don’t give a shit about being on time and having good work ethic… which ALL of these things are so completely far from being true, yet, I’m still lagging behind a little. (Making a slightly confused, thinking really hard face…) I wonder what this tardiness is all about anyway? Maybe it’s just a condition of my sad Seasonal Depression shit that I’m hoping is almost over. To be honest, I feel alright today, and I am beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. (thankfuckinggod)


In lieu of the wonderful spirit of Monday Madness, and my bag of McDonald’s breakfast, I roll into the parking lot and decide to park my car next to the dealership, instead of in the parking lot across the street. We are supposed to park across the street, so all our cars don’t block spaces for customers, but it’s very cold, I just don’t feel like trudging my bag, paperwork, planner, bag of McDonald’s breakfast, and a drink across the street. Yeah. I’m in that kind of mood. That too will pass. I don’t normally act entitled, but I’m thinking that entitlement might also be a condition of Seasonal D. (Coming up with lots of excuses for my abnormal behavior today, aren’t I?)


So, I’m sitting here, enjoying my breakfast at my desk, while I punch my login name and password into the system, pretending to start my day here. A few bites later, a customer comes up to pay for her car, which has had its oil changed and tires rotated. A simple procedure that we perform everyday here, not anything unusual. As she is going to pay, I ask her to please sign the invoice for our accounting department, and she looks at the page and says that we have her address recorded wrong at the top, left of the page underneath her husband’s name. (This lady was prob. early 60’s) I apologize, tell her that we would be happy to update her information, once I close the invoice, I can go back and change her information. Well, Hell No!! She wasn’t signing anything!! NO!! NO!! I needed to change her info NOW and kiss her ass because of the great insult that I have caused her!! How insulting, she kept saying… I have just really insulted her, beyond belief!! (As my temper fuse gets shorter and shorter… I slap the most sarcastic of sarcastic smiles on my face… I mean really, if you knew me, you’d know how ‘animated’ I can be… this was one sarcastic smile!!)


We had to void the invoice. Re-write it. We realized that we didn’t have her info wrong, but we had the wrong customer name all together. No harm done, right? It was an honest mistake. It’s just a $30 oil change & tire rotation anyway, not a $2,000 engine job!! So, my sarcastic smile and I apologized to this lady and told her that we certainly didn’t mean to ‘insult’ her. I informed her that we have been in business for 32 years, which means we have a HUGE customer database in our system, and for that matter, we have about two hundred people with her last name!! Mrs. Williams mumbled some things, ‘Well, I just think…’ blah, blah.. Whatever lady!! Seriously!! You really think that you are the only Mrs. Williams running around this planet!?!?!? With such a common last name, you’d think this wasn’t the first time she went somewhere, and there was more than one Williams in the area… Really lady?


Thanks for making my Monday, Monday for real, right? She was my first customer interaction. My forehead hurts from the sarcastic smile/frown I had plastered on my face for this entire ordeal, and my breakfast is cold.


Lesson here is, don’t take life so damn seriously!! People make honest mistakes throughout the course of their day and most of which, I’m sure, are not a direct attack on you!!


Happy Monday Tryst Family!!


I hope you all have a super fantastic day!! Don’t let anyone rustle up your feathers!! And smile for goodness sake!! Sheesh…


~ Jen


Tryst Thought: There is a huge difference in what insults people who have a life, and those who don’t. It’s quite obvious when someone has too much time on their hands… yes I’m talking about you Mrs. Williams, you and your cranky side kick ya had with ya!!


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Mid-Day Reflection on Trystღ (02/08/13)


Mid-Day (Daily) Reflection (02/08/13)


 Losing My Cool, Chill Baby, Chill…


 Hey there Tryst Peeps!! How is this day finding you? (Said with a big cheesy and slightly sarcastic smile) I hope your day is going better than mine. I am finally getting to you all this, afternoon!!! I have had one of those kind of Friday’s that is, to say the least, about as smooth as a train that has fallen off its tracks. I feel like I have fallen off my tracks. I am that crazy train that’s de-railed and going somewhere, to the wrong place, off the track, and out-of-control!! Shit!! What happened?!?!?

 Well, my morning started off OK, normal, with my normal routine. I had an appointment with Katie scheduled for late morning, so I made arrangements to have a few hours off from work, which was nice considering I work 52 hours a week… it’s nice to have a break, even if it’s a few hours in the morning and I have other obligations, it’s still a change of scenery from the norm. So, when did my train de-rail? Driving back to the south of the city, towards work, I drove with my muscles tense because I was so close to running out of gas, I was just freaking out. Got to the gas pump at a gas station off the highway, and had no cash to pay for gas, looked in my wallet and realized the husband has our one credit card, so, back in the bone-dry car, saying all prayers imaginable, but made it to our house. Later, after gas is pumped, spilt coffee on my UGG boot, just the left one. So now, do I throw them out? Or keep them with one boot stained and ridiculous looking? Lost the back to one of my earings and a diamond stud fell out… this goes on… get to work to deal with some work related issues, anyway, to finish complaining here… I’m trying not to lose my cool entirely!

 It’s just one of those NOT smooth running days. We all have them from time to time, and, mine is today!

 What to do when we are in fear of losing our cool? Some helpful tips, to help any of you if you are in the current state of losing your cool, losing your head, or borderline going postal, which, yikes! That’s a whole other lever of your train de-railing, right?!? I’m not at the ’bout to go postal stage, my CHI is more centered than that! Yes, that’s it, center your chi!

 When you’re about to lose it, what ever it is, your cool, your head, your mind, your control, your temper, lots of things can be lost here… Take a deep breath! Stop moving at warp speed, and slow down! This helps dramatically! Slow it down a notch, I even feel better just typing that sentence, and I even typed it slowly to emphasize the drama, instead of typing at my normal speed! (Shaking my head..)


We all lose our cool sometimes.

 We all lose something or another at other times. It just happens.

 Life can be hard, difficult, and NOT run it’s smooth course, and when that happens, (I’m going to be cheesy and cliché’ here…)

 Make you some lemonade out of those lemons that life has thrown at your face!


 Thank you for your attention and patience, if you even read this whole thing, I appreciate it more than you know! You are a great audience! Here I am trying to be reflective, and this is more of a rant! Well, I think I am long over due for a rant anyway, so… now that that’s over, Tryst, let’s go do the rest of our day!!


 Don’t lose your cool over nonsense! That’s just, well, nonsense!

 Have a super cool, super chill day Tryst Family! ~ Jen




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Daily Reflection on Trystღ (02/06/13)

Daily Reflection (02/06/13)


  Accepting the Bullshit

 Hey there, all my Tryst companions! I’m having a hard time getting going this morning. It’s Wednesday and it feels like it should be Friday! Meaning, this week is dragging ass, moving way too slow, and it’s only half way over! Sheesh! I’m not in the mood for a bunch of bullshit today, so I pray to the Serenity God that my day runs by smoothly… (Usually when I find myself in a ‘No-Bullshit’ kind of mood, those are the days when it’s full of bullshit and inconvenience) It’s like the cosmic realm knows I’m cranky and short-tempered and uses it to test my patience, in any way it can, through-out my whole day.

 Since I wake up chirping most mornings, ha-ha yes, that is what I said, chirping, meaning I’m a happy-optimistic, (as you all may be learning by now, with the exception of the poetry I write about addiction), days like this just go to show that I am just a person, who is far from perfect, and that we all have bad days, no matter who we are, what we have, what we do, and so on… We are all similar in that aspect. We have up days, down days, good moods, bad moods, we have lots of patience, we have next to no patience, we have smiling faces, we wear frowns too, and so on. Life hands us different things all the time, and we need to roll with it.

 My reflection this morning is acceptance. I must acknowledge and accept my shitty mood, and try to get through the day. I gotta accept the bullshit because I have a job to do, and people count on me! I can’t just go home, even though I really wish I could. I have to get through this Wednesday!

For any of you that have to deal with some bullshit today, maintain some acceptance, understanding that it just is what it is for now, and you’ll get through it. You know that it’s just a day, and day’s all come to an end. So by the end of the day, you will say, and me too, ‘Hell yeah, I got through that bullshit!’


Today, practice some acceptance.

Accept whatever comes your way, well within reason, if it’s completely unacceptable… use your best judgement! 😉 wink~

Acceptance means that you may not completely agree with something, but you understand it.. Whatever it is…


I hope you all have a great day!! ~ Jen


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