A Warriors Heart

As of recent, I began exchanging words with an incredible person and writer. Visit his blog space, JMC813, to see for yourself his brilliant way with words and ability to express even the deepest of emotion.
Life has a way of handing us very special gifts. Only if we are truly ‘awake’, do we realize when we are being given something, or someone, that is meant to connect with our lives and our souls. Sharing the experiences, lessons and wisdom’s in life is a virtue that we both give and receive. I am enjoying every minute spent and every word shared with this wonderful person. We connect in many similar ways, and our differences are what accents and compliments our Tryst! I have enjoyed writing this duet with him, as it is his first, and I hope that there are more to come … So here is the first piece ever written by us, by Jen & John of Tryst & JMC813.
Inside these words, deep with in each emotional expression … lies the depth of true events, those of massive impact, ending with the gain of strength and a conclusion of self accomplishment. I hope you enjoy …
A Poetic Duet written by JMC813 & Think. Speak. Tryst.
A Warriors Heart
Scattered about like a million glittering stars
Are the misdirected pieces of what we were
Standing in a pool of my obvious redemption
Bleeding to know the answers, Yet I’m so unsure
A myriad of questions leave my thoughts unsettled
Frantic assessments hold my voice, I cannot speak
My mind it moves a thousand miles in seemingly a second
Do I really want to know? Is resolution what I truly seek?
In the warm light that is becoming day
I brush away the dirt of my darkened past
Mind is flooded with a million wandering war stories
Heartache, takes my breath, I begin to need you at last
At last and again, for this all feels so familiar
Past battles lost and won, my mind chases to remember
The times and places of our war-torn self realities
Scattered in ashes lost in time, memories burn like embers
I decide to walk, past the reality of what I once was
Knowing that I’ll carry my scars, until the last days of life
Cloaked in what has turned to great wisdom, contrary to common belief
Look into my heart, my eyes, inside my soul, I am finally free from  strife
The strides that push beyond the realm of cruelty self-imposed
Flaws shown boldly bring it home, this point not light to make
The parade of insecurities un shelved, knowledge given to find  direction
Souls are bared, and hearts are freed, for yours, mine, and others  sake
This is where I stand to speak, telling you of all my glories
Although it rains inside of my mind, I’m here today, I’ll never rewind
Glorious you, who came to be, take my wisdom, for all you see
For I am a warrior, peaceful at heart, I will continue to fight, till death do us part.
Written by JMC813 & Jen on Tryst
September 2013
For more of JMC’s brilliant vision FOLLOW this LINK to View one of my personal Favorites ‘Ode to a Sinner’
©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

Silent is the Night

Silent is the Night



Silent is the night

As the stars watch me sin

A lonely soul, I wonder

My journey I begin

Elements of the world

Laughing all around me

Wondering why I fear them

Doubting what they see

Inside, I fight the answers

The truth can make me cry

Burns run so deep inside

Why am I alive?

I fight to find my joy

My inner peace and pride

Somethings still hurt so bad

You see me run and hide…


~J. Lefever~

Written in April 2013



 ©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication


If there is a day, in which I am in desperate need of some Zen, today is that day…


Zen is a total state of focus that incorporates a total togetherness of body and mind. Zen is a way of being. It also is a state of mind. Zen involves dropping illusion and seeing things without distortion created by your own thoughts. (Thank you Urban Dictionary, you are so wonderful as always)
The Mac-Daddy of Zen is, that’s right, Buddha. I have always loved the ways of the Buddhist because its a belief in the world and all of it’s elements, it is not a faith. Now, I’m not proclaiming that I have no faith, because I do, I have a lot of it, as well as spirituality and soul… but the Buddhists are more open than any one certain faith, and I love that openness.
I am so zen…
This act of ‘being so zen’ translates to having complete and absolute peace. If this is something that you wish to achieve, as I wanted it so badly today, I made a list of things that I do to help me reach zen –
1. Get outside and get some fresh air!
     -I find that when I remove myself from the confinements of the indoors and place myself outside in the fresh air, with the elements of the Earth, I can reach a state of serenity and calm by closing my eyes, taking deep breaths, and doing a simple meditation of relaxing the mind and letting go of physical tension.
2. Smile at everyone I see or cross paths with!
     -A smile takes less energy than a frown. I swear! It’s completely true! Plus, smiling is a pleasant gesture to give and to receive. When I smile, I find my mind is quite calm and it actually relaxes my body naturally.
3. Take the time to do things slowly!
     -When I rush through my day, I miss so much. And what I don’t really even realize, is how much I actually miss, until I sit and think about it. Crazy how blind and asleep we actually are when we rush through things. Slow down, perform my tasks with care and discipline, and pace myself with open eyes!
4. Chew my food!
     -I am a lover of food, but, I must confess that I’ve had many meals that I threw down my throat. It’s nuts! When dinning out, or even better, when enjoying one of my own creations, chew slowly and take little bites. My food ain’t going anywhere, it’s there to nourish my body and for me to enjoy…. so….enjoy it!!!
5. Gratitude.
     -This is important to a day of zen. When the sun falls and the sky turns black and we are illuminated by the glow of the beautiful moon, take a minute to think about the things that you’re grateful for. Make a list or write them in a journal if ya wish… the point is, focusing on good, positive, things that I’m so grateful for, puts my mind in that peaceful place, rather than a place of negative resentment or regret! Yuck… So yes!! Honor what you’re grateful for, it makes me feel good every single time!
This is a special transmission from separating yourself from outside influences and stresses of life, and connecting with your inner spirit and mind, thus creating a sence of coolness and calm attained through the act of letting go and becoming aware of your mind, body and spirit.
Yoga is like soup for the soul. I need to get some yoga back into my life… Yoga is a great way to reach zen!
~ Jen