Already Me

Already Me
With a strength
That surprises most
So I hold on
To my lonely beating
Soul, and listen as
The steps of the
Grow closer to me
To the air I own, yet
Nothing owns me…
I have grown comfortable
In my skin
I am feeling content
As the woman I am
In tune with the
Rhythms of my body
The cycles of the
Pages of the
Chapters of my life
That is me, I
Own the strength that
Surprises me so…
Much like the river
Dances & flows with
Earth and all its changing
Essence, I too can dance
Like the best of them
Whimsical mysteries of
Spirits becoming
Women, in this thing
We call life
I tell my story
Piece by piece…
As the moments unfold
And time goes by
I realize that all I’ve ever searched for
Was right here, was me, it was always I…
Words can be thrown at me
To damage and to bruise
Using these tools to move forward
I refuse
To look in the back
My rear view of yesterday
Defeated me not
I stand to fight this very day
Pushing forward
On a quest to be
Everything I have been
All that is already me
~ J. Lefever ~
For strength.
For perseverance.
A feel good piece.
©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

Daily Reflection on Trystღ (03/08/13)

Daily Reflection on Tryst (03/08/13)


Crash & Burn

Happy Friday. TGIF!! Right?? I’m sitting here, out of touch. I have only written 3 Tryst Reflections this week, one every other day, and I gotta say, I don’t like it!! I like writing one everyday, for you and for me!! Aside from being wicked busy, and working through some things on the inside of my soul, my freaking internet has been acting real funny on the home front!! And that has me all twisted!! I wandered around my house yesterday, and the day before, trying to crack the code and figure out what the hell is going on in the internet world connection in my house!! I had my LT in my hands, screen flipped open, eyes fixated on the bottom, right corner which shown the 4 power towers that show how much juice I’m squeezing through my system. Well, I squeezed no juice yesterday!! I’d get my shit to pull up, then it would crash. I played this game for like an hour, 10 or more tries. Nothing.


No juice.


What is a girl to do? I can Tryst at work, but I still have a job to do. I like to Tryst at home, but with this screwy internet, whatwillido, I have missed out on some quality writing time, and you all… incase ya were worried, no, no, I never stop thinking about you!! Point is this, I need to reflect everyday. This every other day bullshit is not cutting it. I need more articulate therapy than that, every other day. Yep. Moving on…


What do you do in life when shit crashes & burns?


Ya get right back up & rebuild.


I’ve had a lot of things come crashing down to the ground, and so far… I’ve been alright. If I can survive, so can anyone else. I firmly believe that! Remember that the hard stuff in life makes you stronger… wiser… more prepared when the next times comes when you need to gather up strength. Sometimes, it’s easy to throw up your hands and just give up, but where does that get you? And what does that say about your perseverance?


Be resilient Tryst peeps!!


Nothing can crash & burn that you can’t recover from!! I’m living proof of that!!


I hope your Friday rocks!! Have a great rest of your day!! ~ Jen


Tryst Thought: Crash & burn is boot camp for the future!! Let the tough stuff make you even tougher!! You are the only one who allows yourself to crash permanently!!



©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication