In This Moment ღ

A wonderful pleasure this was… writing my first piece with a dear friend of mine. TwinDaddy of StuphBlog and I have been exchanging words together for a handful of months now, and here we are… finally sharing words in the same piece. His blog is brilliant and a must read!! If you are not on his list of very important followers… I highly recomend you join the party!!

A Poetic Duet

Written by TwinDaddy of StuphBlog & Jen of Think Speak Tryst




 In This Moment


Wind brought movement
To your hair in the night air
Hold on tightly to me
Shaken is the bridge we stand upon
In this moment, you are all that I see
My field of vision blurry
Melancholy tears flood my eyes
I desperately clench your body
Fear chills my very soul
In this moment, you are all that I desire
Last night’s words echo
Penetrating deep in my heart
Leaving me in the valley of despair
Holding on to our velvet embrace
In this moment, you are all that I need
We stand upon the precipice
Of this life-changing event
Will you continue to stand by me
Or in your darkness, will you relent?
In this moment, you are all that consumes me
Hush while I sing to you
The sweet melodies of my soul
Escalating my desire to please you
Watching light explode in your eyes
In this moment, you are the magic that binds us
A hollow tune rings out instead
Foreshadowing events to come
I see our paths diverge
Leaving only shattered pieces to remain
In this moment, you are all that is missing
Standing in the frost-bitten morning
Realizing yesterday is long gone
Holding on to the tangible memories
I reach for you to come along
Broken pieces in our rear view
But it doesn’t even matter
Tomorrow is the place to heal our souls
Forgetting what was shattered
Through the energy that binds us now
Standing by you, you are next to me
In this moment, you are all that I see
Written by TwinDaddy & Tryst
To view this piece on StuphBlog ~ Follow the link provided
©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication


Ordinary World *˚♥ .ღ˛° ♥* °♥ ˚ • *

Ordinary World *˚♥ .ღ˛° ♥* °♥ ˚ •  *
     ~ A Tryst Mish Mash Piece   
It was a time when people had manners
And displayed them as though they were the
Height of sophistication, with all details remembered
We were exquisite when we walked through the streets
My chin up, posed with pride and beauty
My delicate facial features, soft, creamy in the sun
As the sunset falls to the horizon
Much like we were soon to fall, only us oblivious
To this intimate fact, which was, none-the-less
A hope of no one but our own
We were all we could see
Time passed
As elegant as we continued to be
At every social event, included in all the latest words
Which also floated around
As quick & as temporary as the man who chooses
His company for the evening
Depending on his level of excitement, and
Lack of commitment
Yet, those women to make a quick choice upon
Were not ever thought of
For a term of longevity
Or for any of the reasons & responsibilities
Of which a woman like me waited so long
To kiss young women-hood good-bye and
Wake to the sunlight by opening the curtains
In the master bed room
To see white linen, everywhere, a mess
But this was allowed for a Tryst of this kind
Finally we became one
Looking over her bare-naked shoulder
While the pink & orange lights of early morning
Peaked through the wild curls of her messy hair
Through the window pane, but no pain of the heart
And She smiles at him
Thinking of the night before
Hand in hand, walking the boardwalk
The rose in his lapel had been used in warm
Foreplay, which was only post behavior
To the display of romantic affections they had left
In pieces, everywhere they went that night
The night before, this very moment
As this woman finds such comfort
In the bold masculinity her eyes fall upon
Painting her mind with a future full of gold
And gold, as in internal richness
Love of the right and ultimate kind
The kind that artists display on tapestries
Framed in thick elegance that hang upon
The walls of homes, harboring the desire
Of love of the perfect kind
Giving reason to all the things we are told
Growing up, coming to this time
When we get to look at our future
Vulnerable, naked and wrapped up in
Our white linen fairytale
Which then became a reality
Following the expectations of society
Conforming to the molds
That everyone thinks they should be
And this is why, today
As I stand here, naked & vulnerable myself
Vision staring deep into
What is to become of me, my soul
I decide to jump
Outside of the box
Hand in hand with my love
Into the unknown
Unpredictable, because I
Am anything but normal
I, just like my love
Is not in a box, just like my soul, I
Live a strange & wonderfully different
Life that is mine, is ours, we became
In that moment, defining my soul, and I
Am anything but ordinary
~ J. Lefever ~
I really have no clue why this came out of me… These words… I came to write something and I got something completely different from what I had expected. That’s one of the great things about the ‘Art of Writing’ … it is art of the soul. There are no rules when it comes to self-expression. You can be free to write anything your soul desires. Your words become something, that turns around and tells us something, representing you.
What is more beautiful than that? 
((For the curious mind, Mish Mash is my way of saying miscellaneous))
©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

Waterless Tears

Waterless Tears
Rendered powerless against time
I have become what I never wanted
Waterless tears have run dry
Numb is my constant state of mind
Wanting not what I have
I cannot escape the truths of my day
Warmth is but a distant memory
Smile is empty when I look to you
Finger tips in the water of the river
Flowing against the currents of time
Running from a place I knew
Forgetting everything I thought was mine
Echo echo, in the dark
I am standing here
I feel like I’m falling apart
Into a pool of waterless tears
All the times I cried for you
Just to be stripped bare of my identity
Once I stood so tall & strong
Now so little is left of me
I never thought my tears could run dry, oh
My heart has made a fool out of me
Waterless tears, an empty soul
Wasteland as far as the eye can see
~ J. Lefever ~

©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication


Intimate Poison

Intimate Poison


With just one piercing bite

You seeped into my soul

Littering your dirty essence

On my innocent hopeful dreams


I was so young

Mesmerized by you

I would watch the world stop

When you entered the room


Each move that you made

To weaken my little, innocent heart

Worked like a charm

Down to each and every part


I would fall at your feet

Eat out of your hand

I followed you everywhere

You were my man


This thing you called love

Was never love at all

Years ’till I realized

I was fooled by it all


You made me believe

You had love for me

It was all just an illusion

It took me years just to see


You had a poison

A love like sickness

You infected me bad

With your love’s fake wickedness


The intimate poison

That you used on me

I’m completely immune

I am forever free


~ J. Lefever ~



This piece, oh, remembering a love, a very young love, that was not a love at all… or was it?

Do we remember our first loves forever? I think so. Even if it is young, and crazy, and doesn’t even make sense, believe that the heart remembers what it felt like to love for the very first time…



©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication



A Love Post

A Love Post
He whispered to me
Softly in my ear
Beautiful things
Made my heart soar
This time was intense
Not long ago
Like a devilish dream
Loss of control
Wild like the eyes
Of a untammed animal
Let loose upon the world
Playground without boundaries
Limitless is it’s space
The air in which to show
His love came like whispers
Never wanting to let go
Millions of hearts
Tell stories of love dreams
Each one so precious
Every detail intensity bleeds
Love like winter
Coldness surrounds warmth
Creating tantalizing temptations
Of the moment of this loves birth
Flowing through
Each minute passing by
Happiness so intense
It makes me cry
What have I done
It must have been something right
So be given a chance
To share love like this tonight
~ J. Lefever ~
©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

The Game

The Game

Nothing in common
But we are
In common all the same.
I share an unspoken song
A soft song with you
You, timid and shy
I never knew why,
Approaching with care
Stubborn to those who
I see mirrored in you
Someone I once knew.
Common are our battles
Battles we choose
Sex, drugs, or lies
The same, whatever we
Are we the same?
Through distance we may never
Are we the same?
I believe
More than we have ever
You and me alike as we
Seeing self staring back,
It is just us.
So much the same
Yet we keep up this game
Paths crossed, why?
I do not know…
Time we have  shared
You and I
Have grown.
So much the same
So much in common
Mirrors reflecting
What we have created between
You and I
Said “hello” to the idea of you
And me…
Patient for now
You are me somehow
So far I could throw
As I watch myself grow
Tree springs into life
Relaxing afternoon,
Relaxing April, as
May comes soon.
Silent wind,
Rustling trees
Loud movement
Quite, breathe…
Nothing in common
Nothing the same
Yet, you and I play the very same
~~ J Lefever ~~
This piece was written in a moment of my life where it told a story, much the same as any today…
©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

Frozen Wishes

A Poetic Duet written with my darling Shruti of Passionwriting, who is just that, a lovely & passionate writer who puts her heart into her words!
‘Frozen Wishes’
Like the cherries on the tree
Outside, is as cold as your heart
Yet you come knocking on my door
Unwillingly, I flung at the door
Only to let you in
Aware that you can slice it through
And leave me bleeding black and blue
Despite this truth
I always come to you
Unwilling to admit, your love
Still pulls at me, I am weak next to you
The desire to be with you
Is stronger than ever before
I am unable to resist the hold
You have on my heart and me…
How long will you keep teasing
The chords of my heart
Realize it’s meant to be
We should never be apart
I always believed in dreams
I hoped to find the prince
Can you give wings to my hope?
Can you make my heart whole?
I have looked to you
In so many times of needing
This love can be, for you, for me
An angelic answer to our prayers
We would unite with time
In your arms, I will find my world
We will walk down the aisle
And hope to be the embodiment of love
Like the ice on the streets, I sat
Snapped back to reality, as I
Watched these events all take place
In my dreaming, hopeful, wishing mind.
Written by Passionwriting & Think. Speak. Tryst.
©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication Speak

You ~ A Romantic Monday Piece


A Romantic Monday Piece


How do I

Put into words

Something that is



How do I

Explain something

That I

Don’t understand



Your eyes

Your smell, your voice

The touch of your hand


Everything bad

Fades away

When you hold me

In your arms


I watch you

While you’re sleeping

And I smile at the comfort

In your rhythmic breath


We become

The same, unity

Spirits unite

In moments behind closed doors


My person

My souls mate

My parallel heart

My romance

My reason

My air

My strength

My companion

My everything


The one, forever, I do.

~ J. Lefever ~


This piece is dedicated to my husband. Through our up’s and down’s, through our battles, through our victories… We have never let go. You never stop holding my hand, you try harder everyday, to be an even better man, you have been humble, and have been proud, you have stood by me through my toughest year, through every tear, yet… you never let go.

No matter what anyone says, I know who you are, who you try to be, who you are becoming, you… I have seen your heart, and I know your soul, you… to this day, till ever after, you… the one, forever, I do.

©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication Speak

Confidence ~ Tryst Fiction

Tryst Fiction



“You look radiant.”

He said to me. Sitting across from me at the table, which was drapped in white linen, and accented with candles, dripping with desire, much like that which I was exchanging with him at this present moment. I could hear the music, it was soft in the background of it all, and it all had me weak in my stomach, anticipating the moment this night would reach the inevitable point where I could ask him to come in, or leave him desperate for more on my doorstep. I knew that wasn’t what I wanted, not at all. I needed a night of restless behavior, tossing in the sheets, clothes carelessly spread all over my bedroom floor while the two glasses of Chardonnay that I had poured to break the slight discomfort when we first stepped foot in my place, sat untouched.

I blink back to focus, drowning my mind and all its passionate wanderings out. I trace the rim of my cocktail glass with my perfectly manicured finger, and I glance up at him. He is so handsome. I admire his dark eyes, his dark hair, while he sits with good posture, yet still looks relaxed, comfortable and completely chill. It’s his confidence that get’s me every time. He has mastered the ability to be confident but not cocky. Nothing is worse than cocky. The server comes by and asks if we will have another drink. He tells her to bring another round and then present him with the bill.

He reaches into his coat pocket, looking deep into my eyes, talking about his last business adventure in Paris and how he wants to take me there. That sounds lovely, but all I’m thinking of is getting out of this restaurant and getting closer to him. He pulls out a cigar, puts it to his beautiful, full lips and begins to puff while holding a flame to the end. As I watched him attentively, pull smoke through his cigar, exhale slowly, and seduce me with every masculine thing he does, the server returns. She explains that smoking is not allowed in the restaurant and that he would have to go outside. He sat and looked at her for a minute, smiling, so coy, and told her not to get her panties in a bunch, that she only wishes that his attention was on her, instead of the exotic sophistication he was smoking while he sat across from my stunning beauty. Although he paid a compliment to me, I was slapped in the face by his blatant, sudden, cockiness and everything that I had entertained as a possible conclusion to the evening was history. In one moment, he had crossed the line of confident to cocky and that was enough. I had to get out of that restaurant. I stood up, set my napkin on the table and said, “Call me next weekend.”

I didn’t want to throw in the towel too quickly. What’s a little cocky anyway? Isn’t it exactly what I wanted in the first place?

~ J. Lefever ~



©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication Speak

Illuminating Enchantment

This piece is Poetic Trio.
With the talented & wise Edward Hotspur, and the beautiful & lovely Miss Hastywords, and myself of Tryst
We each contributed five-line stanza’s at a time and collaborated our hearts, minds and souls. This piece, to me, represents passion & desire, magic & wonder, also elements & emotion. It is a little piece of each one of us.
A Poetic Trio written by Edward Hotspur, Hastywords & Think Speak Tryst
Illuminating Enchantment
I watched the stars dance
In the evening horizon tonight
The colors of light up in the sky
Illuminated my world
Bright like my new obsession
The moonlight reflects in your gaze
Amplifying our ravenous intensity
Electricity sparking amorously
Like a game of tag between you and me
These endless skies our judge, our jury
Sudden rustling branches
Gentle wind chilling thrilling
Across our tingling skin
Anticipating soft touches
Smiles lighting paths to doorways
Falling into pools of our emotion
Unspoken and in between, you and I
Drenched with pain and pleasure all the same
Craving the game
Remember this place, it calls our names
We sit hidden in the fading of the night
Silver showers raining from a black stage
Meteors catch our world on fire
And the heat burns in us a hotter desire
A passionate kiss kept sacred, forever ours
Stars and fireflies scatter the light
Outshined by the light between us
Coming from our eyes fixed on each other
The beauty, the pleasure of this single moment
Promises every moment will be as perfect
I am enchanted by your tempting aura
Everytime, our forbidden wishes
Fade away to miraculous realities
We have fallen again into the night
One more piece of our story is born
An eternal ritualistic dance sustained
And held tight in our never-ending embrace
Seasons come and go with the rotating globe
While we sit forever held, forever loved
Forever entwined together comfortably old
Written by Edward Hotspur, Hastywords & Think Speak Tryst
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©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication