In A Nut-Shell ~ Tryst Update


In A Nut Shell ~ Tryst Update


Last weekend I posted a tweet that kinda made me laugh… I tweeted that I need to start writing things down! As in, making lists.. of things I want to do, need to do, have going on, and ideas that POP up in my head through out the course of the day. This made me laugh after I hit ‘tweet’ because, well, I am a writer!! I write ALL the freakin time!! How is it that I am forgetting things… ? What’s up with that?


In a nut-shell, I have been extremely busy. This has been a very good thing for my emotions and grieving (the loss of my brother), but it has been frustrating in other areas of my life.


In a nut-shell, I am NOT managing my time well! I have ongoing projects, things on the back burner, new things coming forward and millions of thoughts floating around in my head…


In a nut-shell, I really wish there were more minutes in the day… but then again, I’m glad there is not!! If I crammed any thing else into my already busy life, right now, I might lose it and go postal!!


… I am way behind in writing here, my Tryst Land has been seriously neglected!! I mean, I haven’t been doing even my Daily Reflections, and those I LOVE, because they really help to center my thoughts and feelings… I write them in hopes to help others, or maybe inspire, or heal, but they are really helpful to me and so when I don’t ‘reflect’ I feel like I’m ‘neglecting’ my spirit…


…I am behind in my book project and my manuscript… I have a poetry contest that I’ve been preparing for and have three hundred poems of mind to choose from, and have gotten NOWHERE in actually choosing!!


…My friendships, which mean the world to me, and most of which, my really good friends who don’t even live in KC, I have been meaning to pick up the phone and here I am… still needing to make my friendly ‘Jen-calls’ to my peeps… I miss my people!!


In a nut-shell, I am freakin busy!! I have a new business that just started and work on top of that… where am I going to find some more time? Better time management? Or even just some peace and freaking quiet? When will things be simple and calm?


Meanwhile, I have the one year date of my little brother’s death looming over my head… and words do those feeling absolutely ZERO justice…


This has been a Tryst Update. Brought to you by Jen, who is just a girl, trying to stay afloat, in a crazy, ever-changing world.






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ღDaily Reflection on Trystღ (04/25/13)

Daily Reflection (04/25/13)


So Damn Disappointed!!


 “If you don’t like something, change it.
If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.”

Mary Englebreit


There are so many things going on in my life right now. I am trying to balance everything, stay afloat, stay productive, and remain positive and healthy. These are all good things that we all need to maintain good/healthy lives. Well, things don’t always go as planned, or as expected. When we interact with other’s, or put expectations on others, whether or not those people follow through, can leave us satisfied, or diappointed.

That is why I preach and preach that it is so super important to always have your own back!! You can always count on yourself… yet… even we let ourselves down sometimes, right?

The feeling of being disappointed is not a good one. Depending on the situation, it can make us sad, frustrated, mad, or absolutely berserk or irate!! Last night, I felt some disappointment that make me berserk and irate!! And as I was sitting there, feeling all of these emotions that came in a terrential emotional mini-drama, sadness, rage, utterly hurt… I had to let myself feel these things and work my way through this shitty situation in a positive way with out causing more drama or havoc by making things worse by being just completely out of control.

So I did some thinking.

First, I let myself feel the disappointment. It’s ok to feel this. I checked in and acknowledged what I was feeling. It’s ok to feel this way. Just don’t dwell on it!! I told myself to go ahead and feel whatever I was feeling, but not get stuck on it… and then move on.

Then I focused on the big picture of the situation. Looking into the details of my ‘Shitty let down’. Perspective in really important… but this is where I tuned into some gratitude. What did I have, as opposed to the things I felt I missed? This is that positive thinking that can be tough at times, but no matter how let down you are, you need to remember that you still have things to be grateful for, and recognizing them will help pull your mind out of that dark place.

Next, I asked myself if there was anything I could change about the situation. Well, in most cases, when the damage is done, it is irreverseable… but there are still things you can do to move on, right? In my case, I couldn’t change what had happened. It was too late. It was already in the past. And we all know that we can’t change the past, we can’t go back there… so move the hell on!! I don’t live in the past. I live in the present. Is there anything I can do to prevent this from being a future disappointment, yes! There is.. now I am getting somewhere!!

Change the way you see things!! Like the quote above. It’s easy to wallow in self pity… but who wants to do that? I hate being in that place! No good comes of it! If you want to handle your disappointment in a positive way, change the way you think about it. Re-frame your mind on the whole situation… and figure out things you can do instead.

Hope. Believe that there is hope. Have some hope!! When facing disappointments, it’s so easy to be beaten down, to believe that situations are hopeless, and to give up the belief that things will eventually work out. No matter what you do, don’t let your let down bring you completely down. Keep reminding yourself to have hope and know that, despite the fresh pain of a new disappointment, you always have the ability to hope for good things coming your way in the future. Believe in yourself. Believe in hope.

I hope you all have a super great day Tryst Family!!

And remember, No matter you’re facing, no matter how hard it is, don’t forget that you are not alone.

Tryst Thought: Every day people face disappointments of all kinds — from a tiny missed opportunity to a life-altering letdown — and every day people overcome these difficulties and move forward with their lives. Initially it might seem difficult, but handling disappointments well is an essential part of living a positive life. If you want to live positively in the present moment, you must let go of life’s letdowns and focus on the good things in your life. Easy? Not always. Essential? Absolutely.

XoXo Jen



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Daily Reflection on Tryst (03/25/13)

Daily Reflection (03/25/13)



 It is one heck of a good Monday!! Oh yes!! It has been a minute since I’ve said that!! There is no fake in this day… well, there’s no fake in me ever… I am just having a super great Monday!!


You know how I’ve said before, that what you tell yourself about your mood, in your mind, becomes real? Like if you feel sadness, you are going to be sad. If you feed joy, you are going to be happy. It makes sense. Right? Whatever kind of mood you find yourself in, if you need to change it, give energy to the kind of day you want to be having! Simple wisdom. BIG difference in your day!! It’s all about the power of your mind baby!! What are you feeding yourself today?


Today, lets reflect a little on energy. Energy can be converted from one form to another, but it cannot be created or destroyed. (That’s an interesting fact, energy cannot be destroyed. So, when one dies, where do we go? We must go somewhere because we are energy and energy can’t be destroyed.. hum.. another time, another post)


Good energy can be contagious!! Bad energy, no one wants to be around. Well, unless you’re a miserable person, in which misery loves company, but no one loves the company of a miserable person. So, don’t be miserable Tryst peeps!! Reach inside and find your good, positive, happy vibes and get some good energy flowing into your day! I swear.. I’m walking proof that frowns can be turned upside down & you can wake up smiling to the thought of your day!! It is all in the power of your mind, what you are feeding yourself, and your thoughts, and the energy you have going on!!


I know that by the end of winter, those of us who live in a place that has a cold, snowy winter, we can easily become seasonally depressed, stricken with fatigue and just plain exhausted!! Use your motivation for the coming of the new season and all the things you want to get done, to help pull you out of this exhaustion!!


Word of the Day : Prexhausted – This is when you are exhausted just by thinking about something. Like the planning of a wedding, or finals coming up in college… (Thank you Urban Dictionary for the word of the day)


If you are working yourself into prexhaustion of any kind, squash it!! Channel good energy!! And if you need help, or a boost, or just some Soulshine, come find me!!


I hope you all have a great rest of your Monday!!


~ Jen


Tryst Thought : I am enough. (That’s it! Period! That is my thought to leave you with! There is a lot of power in that sentence! Try standing in the mirror and looking yourself in the eye, and saying those 3 words. Seriously… try it!! It’s very moving!)


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Daily Reflection on Trystღ (02/21/13)

Daily Reflection (02/21/13)


Snowpalooza / Snowmagedon / Tryst Blizzard!!

 Holla Tryst!! Oh, how I missed you!! It’s been 24 hours since my last post and let me tell you, it felt weird not writing yesterday. But, I needed a day. Just one whole day where I did a whole lot of nothing. I reflected like crazy, though!! Mental reflecting. Well, I did do some writing, I can’t lie, but no publishing. Just some scribbling, here and there, jotting down thoughts, playing with words that rhyme, making up some words, but not much else.

I was real down in the dumps yesterday. I wrote a few pieces that were, full of sadness, to say the least.. maybe I’ll share… maybe not. (?) Let me tell the world what’s going on here today. Highways are shut down. Businesses are closed, as of last night. Schools are out. People are snowed in their homes, literally, snowed in!! The few that think they have somewhere pressing to be, took their cars out in this snowpalooza, and are now stuck in ditches, snowbanks, and have slid off the roads everywhere, into the white abyss. You are unable to see further than 50 feet ahead, what they call white out conditions. The city has declared a winter weather emergency. I’ve never seen anything quite like it, here in the midwest, ever!!


I lived in Salt Lake City for five years when I was in college. We had snow like this there, obviously, but the feet of snow fell in the mountains, not often did SLC get feet of snow in the valley, but it did happen. The demographic is used to that kind of weather out there, so it’s not quite the news as it is here. For KC, this is something to see…

So, I took a personal day yesterday, and it looks as though mother nature is giving me another day today. Snow is packed up two feet high on my back porch!! Taller than both of my cute, little puppies who are staring out the window wondering how they are going to go potty in this blizzard!! ( I will have to bust out the shovel when duty calls for my sweet little babies, and make sure they have their hoodies on cause it’s really cold!! )


Today I’m seeking inspiration. What inspires me? What inspires you? Is it reading a great biography, watching amazing things on TV or the news? Looking at art, reading poetry, researching things of interest? Well, all of these things inspire me. I paint. I don’t call myself an artist, but I do throw some oil and acrylic on canvases from time to time and call it art. Abstract mostly, because with abstract it can be anything you want it to be, and it’s whatever to whoever looks at it. I like the freedom from painting abstract. Maybe I’ll paint today…

Inspiration is good for the spirit.

It’s a way to free and expand your mind.

Step out of your box and take a new road from the one you travel on everyday.

I look out the window and this blizzard is still coming down hard!! It’s not supposed to stop all day…


For those of you, out in other parts of the world, enjoy whatever mother nature is bringing you!! Whether its warm sunshine, or cool rain. Something I did when I was on the inside was imagine I was on a beach, sitting in the sun. I’ve sat on some beautiful beaches all over this world and even though I was locked up in there, my mind was still free. That is something, a freedom, that no one can take from you.

Find your inspiration today…

Find your freedom, using your mind…

And… Have a beautiful day Tryst friends!! ~ Jen

Oh, and don’t worry about me… If I need to go anywhere, I’ll just take my snowboard!!!

Tryst Thought: Art is anything you want it to be… Art is writing, art is music, art is painting, building, creating. We are all artists. What does your spirit create?


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