Chaotic Romanceღ



Since the first moment I shared words with Miss Hasty, I knew it would be something meaningful, special, something real… Surrounded in a world of mis-directed chaos… chaos in many different forms… here is, interpretation of, what romance feels like, or may have felt like, at one point, place, or time… Through the eyes & spirits of two different writers, collectively blended together, so much the same, in our tryst of words. This is a piece on Romance…

 A Poetic Duet written by Hastywords & Tryst


Chaotic Romance

 From the corner of my eye

I watched the fire ignite

Red & purple flames shot up to the sky

Illuminating the black sky like a painted canvas


To preoccupied to pay attention

I concentrate on your hearts steady beat

And like a reflection of the sky

You begin painting kisses upon my thigh


Like cool running water

Your touch runs through my presence

Different every time, yet

Everytime it’s you just the same


Nothing distracts me as much as you

I need your want, your desire, your affection

You tie my insides up in knots

And only your attention sets me free


You amaze me with your color

Passion that lights up the room

Falling into your space, I tremble

Needing it more & none too soon


My skin hungrily soaks in your sweet kisses

I tremble with each mmmm that lands upon my neck

Willingly you fill all the lonely voids closed within

While joyous anticipation bubbles up inside me


I’m silently rendered to you in your atmosphere

Dripping with senseless chaotic romance

I love to be with you like this

You are my everything,  my only wish


Written by Hastywords & Think Speak Tryst

Visit Hastywords by following the link provided… You don’t want to miss her brilliance & beauty…!!!


©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication




A Love Post

A Love Post
He whispered to me
Softly in my ear
Beautiful things
Made my heart soar
This time was intense
Not long ago
Like a devilish dream
Loss of control
Wild like the eyes
Of a untammed animal
Let loose upon the world
Playground without boundaries
Limitless is it’s space
The air in which to show
His love came like whispers
Never wanting to let go
Millions of hearts
Tell stories of love dreams
Each one so precious
Every detail intensity bleeds
Love like winter
Coldness surrounds warmth
Creating tantalizing temptations
Of the moment of this loves birth
Flowing through
Each minute passing by
Happiness so intense
It makes me cry
What have I done
It must have been something right
So be given a chance
To share love like this tonight
~ J. Lefever ~
©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

You May Never

You May Never



Through the air

A Poison dart

Shot through my heart

And my soul fell to the floor

I stumbled around

Out of breath, until

I realized you were gone

Heart ache came

It hurts so bad

Needing you more & more

Finding myself

Calling your name

To the back of the closed-door

Inside of me

Inside my heart

Pain never will subside

Told that I

Am the one to blame

For you not being here

The truth in that

I despise so much

Deny it day after day

The absence of you

Rings silent in my mind

You must have your reasons

Why do I

Think it was only you

That needed to make the change

Ignorance on my behalf

To say I’m not to blame

Games I play

To win you back

Leave me standing still

Alone I’ll be

If I do not

Change my ways

You may never come back home


~ J. Lefever ~



This piece is dedicated to the lost & lonely.

This piece is to sing the song of the person who denies..

This piece is written to show that, some believe they are never at fault…

This piece, I hope, will reach someone who is hurting for their love….

This piece, I pray, will inspire someone to stand and make a change…..


©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

Whimsical Trystღ

In essence of a day that is dedicated entirely to love, the lovely & talented Deana & I wrote this Poetic Duet. I am honored to write with Deana. Her style is eclectic, creative and beautiful. Definitely stop by her blog, MY THOUGHTS ON THE SUBJECT ARE AS FOLLOWS, and see for yourself!
A Poetic Duet by Deana & I, Jen of Tryst
Whimsical Tryst
In the softest silence we speak
Intense music with our eyes
I fall into the deepest sea
I’m desperate to taste you once again
 Your kiss is addictive and desirous
The heated passion you pour out
Completely melts every inch of me
I desire your erotic touch
 Time is only a matter of existence
When I’m entangled in your arms
Each moment we paint a picture
Of Love’s beautiful sweet brilliance
Your intense hold on me is
both physical and mental
I welcome your sensuous touch, as it
Overwhelms me with pure delight
Darkness falls all around
Our bodies dance into the night
Until the sunrise kisses our sky
Our love narrates this whimsical tryst
©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

Endless Summer

A Poetic Duet, a piece on Love, words to describe a lovely romance, with all its passion and tenderness
Written by the talented Shruti of Passionwriting, who is not only a joy to write with, but a kind and tender heart, who makes a cherishable friend.
 Endless Summer
I catch myself smiling

Happiness seems to be radiating out

I have finally got what I wished for

Only now I’m scared to shut my eyes
Cause of fear that it was all a dream
 The power of my energy
My inner sunshine and light
Is a force not to be reckoned with
Internally, I’m prepared to fight
For all that is mine today
 My journey was too long to stray…
I will not give up on you
I will not give up on us
I shall fight through the times
And make you call me as yours
Determined and bound
Ribbons of yesterdays glories
I carry with me through tomorrow
Building strength from my sorrows
I was never the one to call it quits
And your presence gives me wings
Farther away in the sky
I am bound to fly high
I catch myself smiling
For I know that I have won
I have my wish, my inner sunshine
I still have you, I know that you are mine
We spread our wings
And fly away
Endless summer
With you I shall stay
Written by Passionwriting and Jen on Tryst
©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication


A delicious & passionate Poetic Duet written by Hastywords & Think. Speak. Tryst
Featured on Edward Hotspur’s Romantic Monday Post
A collection of romantic pieces by various talented writers
Follow the link provided to read the romance yourself!
Your arms wrap around me
Like scarlet red satin
My desire for your embrace
Is an endless chase
That always leaves me craving more
The inward struggle to let go
To give myself completely to you
Is a dance that slowly unfolds
As I melt into those eyes
Endlessly leaving me craving more
Too hard to deny
The force able pull between you and I
Foolish to even try, why
When everything tells me to fall into you
And you always leave me craving more
The pull of gravity seems to agree
Because with each passing moment
The intensity of your beating heart
Jumpstarts the beating of mine
And I am left needing, craving more
Will I never be satisfied
I will always need more
More intensity, and passion
You are my gravity
Always will I be craving more
Finally I give into insatiable desire
Vanishing into my ravenous yearning
No longer an individual specimen
But a duality in mutual motion
As I will forever be craving more
Words by Hastywords and J. Lefever of Tryst
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