One Two Three

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One, Two, Three


I am a complicated spirit

Yet, I find in all my philosophy

I am more definable than most

I am not ordinary, or boring, or standard

I was built with many colors

I have things that can spark a flame

Resulting in an emotional fire

Yes, my deepest feeling can burn me badly

I feel things more intensely inside

I get quite lost and curious of

Those who don’t seem to feel at all


I can be a million smiles

The most joyous soul you see all day

This happiness is energy in me

Visible to those who come my way


But if my path, in the course of my day                  

Crosses with something that causes me pain

Inside it hits me like a million blades

Damaging my heart like a hurricane rain


Then there is the side, I keep tucked far away

The side that I protect from anyone but me

It’s sensitive and sweet, but dark and broken

It’s the side that I don’t let anyone see…


That, I feel, is my one, two, three

And even though the energy may shift

I understand the moments I experience

As I believe they are my virtuous gifts.


~ J. Lefever ~




 ©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication






Like a snake in the garden
You are unwanted
Slithering through the green
Around you, like
You belong
Something holds me back from
Telling you so,
Oh I’m sure
Afraid of your poisonous bite
Poison seeping through its victims
Veins, crawling and killing
Until all that is left is
Its weak abandon
Shell of a girl I once was
You have taken everything
From me
Left me weak & alone
Many nights, tears fall in sadness
Wonder as to why
I was the victim of your
Own demise
As you came to me
Your poison came to
There was no escaping
Your reality
Like the snake that you are
Poisoning my delicate soul
Only to make me like you
But, listen
My heart will never be like you
My heart will never be black and blue
I am the sun that takes over the cloudy day
Eventually my light will
Be too bright for you
And just like you came
You will slither away
As empty as you arrived
Seeking someone to suffocate
~ J. Lefever ~
Written sometime in March…

©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

Tearing the Pages

A Poetic Duet written by A Shade of Pen & Think. Speak. Tryst.
Tearing the Pages
Reaching out, I touch your hand
I feel your warmth beneath the sand
It’s been so long, since I’ve been home
Wishing I was not alone
A hundred thoughts cross my mind..
I wrap memories around my heart
Every room in this house
Speaks of the moments of me and you…
Since the beginning of time
Everywhere I went, you were there too
I wake to the reality of life

That someone has taken from me, from you

Nothing  feels right anymore..
It is hard to march ahead..
When my heart is encased in lanes of yesterday
If I could undo the past, I would

Climb to the top of the highest sky
Or swim the deepest depths of the sea
There’s nothing I wouldn’t for you
To bring you back, next to me
There is no joy left in my life
I only crave to be with you
Defy the spirit of the Lords
And I will hug you close and not let you go
If only things could be this way
If only my dreams would come true
Never be, the space between us
Nothing would keep me from being with you
Yet, life is not always the fairy tale
Not all dreams shape into reality
It is the memories that I have of you
That give me the push to hope again 
And so, I walk on forward
Into the day that is tomorrow
Leaving scattered behind
Pages torn of tender sorrow
Written by A Shade of Pen & Tryst
To see Tearing the Pages on Shruti’s page follow the link provided
©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

Waterless Tears

Waterless Tears
Rendered powerless against time
I have become what I never wanted
Waterless tears have run dry
Numb is my constant state of mind
Wanting not what I have
I cannot escape the truths of my day
Warmth is but a distant memory
Smile is empty when I look to you
Finger tips in the water of the river
Flowing against the currents of time
Running from a place I knew
Forgetting everything I thought was mine
Echo echo, in the dark
I am standing here
I feel like I’m falling apart
Into a pool of waterless tears
All the times I cried for you
Just to be stripped bare of my identity
Once I stood so tall & strong
Now so little is left of me
I never thought my tears could run dry, oh
My heart has made a fool out of me
Waterless tears, an empty soul
Wasteland as far as the eye can see
~ J. Lefever ~

©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication