And… So… I Wait

And… So… I Wait


The subject matter has been quite redundant

But still I wait so patiently

For this time to pass

It has been so long since I’ve seen the sun

Or felt warmth on my face

But still I wait so silent

In the nights of cold and midnight black

Which paints the sky and the streets

The frozen land, dressed in ice

Which brought death to all living things

Not just mother earths botanic decorations

And still I wait so full of hope

That the day is soon

To melt the ice into waters

Waters to feed the land and bring back to life

To watch before my own eyes

The burst of color with the re-birth of spring

And still I wait so anxiously

For my eyes to burn with the warmth of the sun

And for the sun to kiss my skin

For this, I wait

Waiting so patiently




This was done for Visdare: Waiting


As I schedule this week’s VisDare, I am waiting for a lot of things.


Waiting for certain things in life to move on and leave me alone.

Waiting for other things to come.

Waiting on people, the mail, appointments, promises to be fulfilled.

Everyone’s waiting for something.

What are you – or your characters – waiting for?


In 150 words, what am I waiting for…


 ©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

Ghost Town ~ Tryst Trifecta Post

Ghost Town

A Tryst Trifecta Post


To see the town, is now an exercise of my mind. What was once a thriving metropolis, full of energy, now haunted by the ghosts of spirits that once walked its thriving streets.


This was done for Trifextra – Week Fifty Nine


This weekend we’re asking for exactly 33 words inspired by the following photo.
Please remember that if you use the photo on your own blog, you must
give proper credit (with clickable links).

Photo credit: Bérenger ZYLA

Ordinary World *˚♥ .ღ˛° ♥* °♥ ˚ • *

Ordinary World *˚♥ .ღ˛° ♥* °♥ ˚ •  *
     ~ A Tryst Mish Mash Piece   
It was a time when people had manners
And displayed them as though they were the
Height of sophistication, with all details remembered
We were exquisite when we walked through the streets
My chin up, posed with pride and beauty
My delicate facial features, soft, creamy in the sun
As the sunset falls to the horizon
Much like we were soon to fall, only us oblivious
To this intimate fact, which was, none-the-less
A hope of no one but our own
We were all we could see
Time passed
As elegant as we continued to be
At every social event, included in all the latest words
Which also floated around
As quick & as temporary as the man who chooses
His company for the evening
Depending on his level of excitement, and
Lack of commitment
Yet, those women to make a quick choice upon
Were not ever thought of
For a term of longevity
Or for any of the reasons & responsibilities
Of which a woman like me waited so long
To kiss young women-hood good-bye and
Wake to the sunlight by opening the curtains
In the master bed room
To see white linen, everywhere, a mess
But this was allowed for a Tryst of this kind
Finally we became one
Looking over her bare-naked shoulder
While the pink & orange lights of early morning
Peaked through the wild curls of her messy hair
Through the window pane, but no pain of the heart
And She smiles at him
Thinking of the night before
Hand in hand, walking the boardwalk
The rose in his lapel had been used in warm
Foreplay, which was only post behavior
To the display of romantic affections they had left
In pieces, everywhere they went that night
The night before, this very moment
As this woman finds such comfort
In the bold masculinity her eyes fall upon
Painting her mind with a future full of gold
And gold, as in internal richness
Love of the right and ultimate kind
The kind that artists display on tapestries
Framed in thick elegance that hang upon
The walls of homes, harboring the desire
Of love of the perfect kind
Giving reason to all the things we are told
Growing up, coming to this time
When we get to look at our future
Vulnerable, naked and wrapped up in
Our white linen fairytale
Which then became a reality
Following the expectations of society
Conforming to the molds
That everyone thinks they should be
And this is why, today
As I stand here, naked & vulnerable myself
Vision staring deep into
What is to become of me, my soul
I decide to jump
Outside of the box
Hand in hand with my love
Into the unknown
Unpredictable, because I
Am anything but normal
I, just like my love
Is not in a box, just like my soul, I
Live a strange & wonderfully different
Life that is mine, is ours, we became
In that moment, defining my soul, and I
Am anything but ordinary
~ J. Lefever ~
I really have no clue why this came out of me… These words… I came to write something and I got something completely different from what I had expected. That’s one of the great things about the ‘Art of Writing’ … it is art of the soul. There are no rules when it comes to self-expression. You can be free to write anything your soul desires. Your words become something, that turns around and tells us something, representing you.
What is more beautiful than that? 
((For the curious mind, Mish Mash is my way of saying miscellaneous))
©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

Intermission ~ Tryst Insider/Update


Intermission ~ Tryst Insider/Update

It has been a while. Yes, since I started this completely awesome thing called Tryst, I have rarely gome 12 hours without writing, posting or publishing something. Well, to be clear, it has been 5 days since I’ve last written and I feel the obligation to explain a little… just a little…


It is impossible for me to know the level of which my Tryst family, friends and  followers really care to know what’s going on with me in my life. I am a wonderful woman, don’t get me wrong, but I’m nothing out of the ordinary. Some of you, wonderful people who I love very much, have been loyal readers for some time now, and understand the things that have changed my life, permanently, this last year.


I cannot explain what it feels like to grieve the loss of someone who you loved more than your own life itself. The loss of someone who was a part of your heart, who stood next to you through out your whole entire life, who knew you better than anyone else in the whole world, the one who, no matter what, would have always been there, the one who, no matter why the reason for a fight, you know that you would make up and get through it, because it’s just the way it is with brothers and sisters… it’s the way it was for me and my brother anyway… we were, forever a part of each others lives.


I wake up some mornings and I cannot move. I cannot breathe. I just miss him so much. I don’t know what to do. Some days I feel like I’m completely paralyzed, drained of my spirit, and I find it very hard to feel the strength to move on.


Of course, these are phases. They come and go. To those who know me, know that I am this beaming ray of soulshine, who is always walking on the positive side of the street. I have bad days just like everyone else, but for the most part, I’m the eternal optimist.


Until my brother was taken from me, I never really understood what it felt like to be completely hopeless. I mean completely…


I have taken a short intermission these last five days. Sometimes, you really just need to be there, for yourself. And even when you are not there for yourself, you still need to just break and breathe and try to be there for yourself. I know that I don’t owe anyone anything. I don’t even need to explain. But the writer inside of me, has been itching to get some things off her chest… the hard part in this is, well, one of the hard parts, it is literally impossible to put into words what it feels like, what I’m going through, what hurts, what suffocates me, what paralyzed me and leaves me stuck, isolating for the world not to see… what brings me to hit the wall, or fall to the floor, any of these unexplainable things that I try so hard to explain… All the while, looking for some kind of answer, relief, some kind of good feeling or genuine reason to smile, a reason to keep moving forward, and not allow myself to just give up entirely… I am looking for these things. I am seeking out the right words. I am still holding on, Tryst, I am still here, trying…


So, just a little Tryst News Update on me, on Jen, I’ve been OK.

Just taking a little break, a little intermission, because it’s something that I needed.


J. Lefever


I will tell you this… I am happy to be sitting here, writing again! These five days without words has been, a little painful. I’m grateful to have my words back…



©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

Me & Yoo – A Daily Prompt on Trystღ

Interesting fun, to get my brain going this morning!! I’m up for a challenge ~


Daily Prompt says to:

There are 26 letters in the English language, and we need every single one of them. Want proof? Choose a letter and write a blog post without using it. (Feeling really brave? Make it a vowel!)

I have a feeling that this is going to be pretty easy, with a few letters, super easy. But the one I’m choosing to use is in fact a vowel cause I want to see if I can write anything that’s somewhat amusing/intelligent without the use of one of the vowels, so here goes:

Here I am. Yes it’s another day. I am acting as if it is spring time, ignoring the snow still on the sidewalks everywhere, and I decided to wear my hot pink  heels to work today. Along with faded jeans and a pink G.Dead shirt. I like the G. Dead. I remember the first C.D. I ever had of them, my favorite brother of my Dad’s gave it to me, Gary. I love my Dad’s brother Gary. He always gave me the best C.D.’s when I was growing… to be a… grown person. So the snow can kiss my ass!! I’m going to rock these hot pink shoes all freakin’ day!!

((That was easier than I thought. Can anyone guess which vowel I didn’t use? Honestly, I could have kept going, but I have a stack of work invoices staring at me right now and I’m making Tryst & WordPress a priority over them… Shhhh!!))

J. Lefever


 ©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication