Daily Reflection on Tryst (05/06/13)


Daily Reflection (05/06/13)


Bumps in the Road


Monday. Mid-day. I have frittata on the brain…. Seriously. I came across this frittata dish with carmalized cauliflower, creme’ fraiche’, paprika, and smoked mozz… of course with eggs and OMG!! My mouth is salivating, for real. Anyway… moving on…


How was everyone’s weekend? I sure hope it was great!! Mine was a day short, cause I worked 6 days this week, and yesterday, some classic family drama went down… never a dull moment, huh? I am not going to report the shit storm I went through yesterday, mostly because it’s so ridiculous this time, it’s not worthy of both my time and my words… Anyway… moving on…


Today, When I was driving to work, I hit a pot hole in the road. Clunk, clunk.. SHIT! I just got two new tires on my ride… Nothing was wiggling or vibrating, or felt abnormal, so I figured all was just fine. Just hit the pot hole, right? But isn’t that the story of my life? Aren’t I always falling in the pot holes?


This reminded me of that story, ‘There is a hole in the sidewalk’, or something like that… you can google it and probably find the story I’m talking about, it’s kinda been around… Or I’ll not be lazy and give you the LINK HERE!! OK! Now we are on the same page…


This little story has a really great message. Sometimes we make the same mistakes, even when we know that it can harm us, make things hard, difficult or painful. Yet, for some reason, some things in life are just harder lessons. Some things take falling down a few times before we learn to go the other way. We may repeat a mistake, but eventually, we learn to do the right thing for us. I hope you followed my link to the piece ‘There is a Hole in My Sidewalk’… this is a story that is used often in recovery. In regards to addiction, we fall down a lot before we finally chose the different road…


Today, think about the roads you have walked upon in life. How often have you fallen into a hole? How about a hole that you knew was there, yet you fall in it anyway?


We kick ourselves when we make foolish mistakes, saying, ‘WTF!! I totally knew better!!’ This is OK. It happens! As long as you hold yourself accountable for your actions & choices, instead of denying them. And if you ever apologize for something, know that if you are really sorry, you try not to do it again! That is the true meaning of being sorry.


I hope you all have a super day Tryst!!


XOXO ~ Jen


Tryst Thought : I know the part that hurts the most when it comes to what I am facing right now with the family… the fact that no one seems to hold themselves accountable for their part of things. I find it hard to wrap my head around the fact that some people really think they have done NO wrong, and even when they have someone standing in front of them, telling them how they have been hurtful, they still stand there and deny having any responsibility to their actions, basically telling me that my feelings are NOT valid… which is a very hurtful thing to say to someone.


Oh, and when words get put in my mouth that I NEVER said… that hurts too. I have made this statement before: Just because words come out of someone’s mouth, doesn’t make them true.


So, we fall into holes. Learn how to get out of the holes. Maybe fall in them again… but eventually, we get sick of falling and choose a different path.




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Daily Reflection on Tryst (02/12/13)

Daily Reflection (02/12/13)



Empathy & Understanding

 Hi there Tryst friends! Is it Tuesday already!!?? Yea, so it’s only Tuesday, but I’m trying to get back to my regular levels of optimism here.. (insert my cheesy smile) It is a gloomy day here in the city, but that doesn’t mean it has to be gloomy inside our spirits! If any of you are feeling extra happy today, or have lots of soulshine, try to spread it around today! It’s those wonderfully cheerie people that we cross paths with in a brief moment during the course of our day, where their cheer gets rubbed off and passed along, through to you or another, and then you smile, and your smile is passed on to someone… and so forth! I think that smiling and happiness is contagious!! Even if it’s in small doses. It’s still happiness!

Despite my starburst of happy energy this morning, I will still probably face disappointments today. Maybe more so, maybe not. The thing I need to be consciously aware of here, is other people. Today’s reflection is on empathy. Being empathetic is the ability to understand, identify or relate to someone elses feelings. It is the act of being able to ‘walk in another’s shoes’, being thoughtful of people other than just yourself. It’s easy to get all caught up in our lives and our own problems, I mean, we are the most important person in our lives, right? We always need to have our own backs! But, on that same note, it’s very healthy, and good karma points, to practice some empathy and be thoughtful of others as well. 


This world does not revolve around just you! There are other’s all around you that are just as important to the Universe as you are! We are all important! We are all beautiful! Everyone’s spirits have important needs!


Now, don’t confuse sympathy with empathy! Sympathy is thinking about someone, but empathy is actually “Knowing” the emotion the person is experiencing, or going through, because maybe they have gone through the same emotion oneself. Empathy is a ‘practice’, sympathy is a mindful thought, an exercise of the mind. So, this morning, I had to practice some empathy. I was faced with a personal situation where I had to put myself into the other person’s shoes and think about their needs, not mine. It’s alright, and my day goes on, and hopefully my understanding and thoughtfulness is helpful in any way. It is certainly better than the opposite!!

 We don’t always know what other people are going through. And if anyone out there thinks that they do, well go ahead and knock yourself off your pedestal, because you don’t know all!! I have said before that we are all ‘recovering’ from something in life. This is so true! We never know if someone is going through a really tough time, or just received bad news, or struggling with something, we never know!


Be thoughtful of other spirits.

Practice some empathy today.

Not only is it kind to others, but it’s also kind to your own mind and spirit because you are filling your mind with kindness and niceness towards others, and those things are good for our minds!! Bad thoughts are only poison!!


Have a sweet & thoughtful day! ~Jen

 Thoughtful Tryst Thought : Treat others how you wish to be treated. Good Karma points!


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