Sharing Air ~ A Piece for my Husband

Sharing Air

A Piece for my Husband


It was easy for you

To catch my eye

After all these years

You are still the one


We can laugh and let go

Be serious and shy

You make me laugh

Harder than anyone else I know


Friends for fifteen years

Before we even fell in love

But once we did, that was it

We are in love, attached at the hip


You are the one

I think of in the morning

In the evening

And all day long


My best friend

My lover

My husband

You are all this and more


You are the one I run to

To talk, to cry, to yell or get mad

And you put up with me

No matter what I say or do


I know I can be a handful

You are no walk in the park yourself

But no one else in the world I’d rather

Stand by through and no matter what


I love your imperfections

Your masculinity and all

Your deep voice, your hairy chest

Your everything, I love it all!


The day we said our vows

Is the most special day for us

We made a promise to each other

To make it through anything rough


I know that you are my person

Know that I also belong to you

Hand in hand, we will be together

Jake, forever, I will love you

~ J. Lefever ~


For Jake, my wonderful husband

Since the day we first fell, our love has never been a question

I tried to explain it the best I could

I love you more every single day

You are the one I have always searched for…

©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

ღDaily Reflection on Trystღ (02/14/13)

Daily Reflection (02/14/13)


 Sharing Kindness, No Matter What

 WISHING YOU ALL A HAPPY LOVE DAY!! With a BIG Tryst hug… and some nice words to follow too!! From Tryst to you, everyday, you all mean a lot to me!! I hope you are all having a great day with your Valentines, husbands or wives, boyfriends/girlfriends, best friends, family, or even just hanging out with your most fabulous self!! Have some candy and spread the love because that’s what today is all about!! It’s about love and kindness, hugs and kisses, all things romantic, big pink and red hearts and stuffed animals, and of course, for the big celebrations of this love day, little boxes holding that big sparkle that us ladies can’t deny… we love a new piece of jewelry!!


I have not been in the blogosphere as long as some of you, professional bloggers. I have barely been blogging for five months, that is all. I started out writing mostly small articles under my ‘Think Speak Tryst’ category, expressing myself, my thoughts, a few rants, and what not’s.. Tryst Poetry came along after I met this one very inspiring blogger, who is the poem master!! I have been writing poetry for the last two decades, but as for sharing it, I was a virgin. Well, I’ve come out of that shell, thank you sweet inspiration and personal bravery, and Tryst Poetry is something I share almost everyday!! (It feels good to write, free write, and share and not worry about being judged. If my words are liked, I’m very honored, of course, but I’m aware that not everyone is going to enjoy everything! I write for me, to share with you, from my heart!! Still, this whole process, the blogosphere, and Tryst World, I absolutely love so much!) 


I put my heart into every single word on Tryst, and that includes everyone elses blogging worlds as well. Which bring’s me to my reflection today:


I will be kind and loving and genuine when I communicate with my blogging friends no matter what! I will share the kindness that is in my heart & soul!!


It’s who I am, I know this, but this reflection is also to clarify this; some people are not receptive to kindness. Some people don’t respond back right away, sometimes ever. Maybe they are super busy, and will get to you later. Or for the ones who say nothing, who never respond back, and leave you listening to the crickets, they may not have anything to say. This I accept and understand, but it puzzles me too because I never run out of things to say!! I am long-winded, I leave long messages, usually whenever I am presented with the opportunity to leave one!! It’s hard for me to be ‘short’! (This reflection is an example of that) I have millions of words floating around in my mind, and my heart is a warm/loving one, and my spirit is expressive, so when you take those three elements and mix them in a bowl, you get lots of warm, loving words from Jen in your message boxes!!


It’s OK! I cherish my friendships very much! I honor the people I choose to be in my life, and I am that kind of person and friend who will always be nice anyway!!


Today, if you are a person like me, who is full of things to say, don’t apologize for who you are! I think that we are here to balance out the people who are our total opposite! If no one went around expressing their thoughts with the farm-fuzzy love like us, this world would be a boring, and quiet, place!!


Don’t hold back!!

Self expression is perfectly OK!!  

In fact, it shows confidence, and kindness, and compassion, and wisdom’s, and so many other things!!

Let your personality shine.. I do, and I feel pretty good most days!!


Have a great love day, celebrating with your loved ones!!

You are all important to me, Tryst friends!! ~ Jen


Tryst Thought: Today, and everyday hopefully, I will be nice no matter what! If someone isn’t receptive to me, it’s OK!! I will still share my kindness with them anyway!!


 ©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication


Evening Reflection on Tryst (02/13/13)

Evening Reflection (02/13/13)


Celebrating the Essence of Spirit & Love

 Good evening Tryst family. The sun has fallen and the crisp February air kisses my face as I walked to my car after work this evening. I looked up to the sky and couldn’t help myself but to smile. I had a really good day today, which has been long over due for me. (I have been having a rough last couple of weeks, as those of you who keep up with Tryst know..)

The day was warm and full of sunshine, and with me, full of Soulshine too! I have a beautiful friend, who had an important appointment today that resulted in wonderful news! I tapped into my inner most creativity and wrote some pieces on summer and the joy’s and bliss that come along with that! And, in return, received some warm, kind and loving words from my dearest of Tryst friends, appreciating even more the words I wrote yesterday morning, reflecting on the true honor and value of friendship!

Tomorrow marks the one day of the year that is specifically dedicated to celebrating the joy of love. Love, is such a complex thing. It is one thing that I have always written about, trying to figure out, de-code, decipher, and yet, it still confuses the hell out of me! With that said, I still absolutely, head over heels, love love! I am the hopeless romantic! I love finding love everywhere, and in everything!

As I get ready for bed, putting this day to rest, thinking about my wonderful day, am taking just a few moments to be thankful and express my gratitude for the many loves in my life. I am thankful for the loving friendships that I have in my life. I am blessed with a true loving marriage and the wonderful, unexplainable love that happens everyday between my husband and me. I am thankful for the beautiful, warm, kind and loving spirits in my Tryst friends as well!

Celebrate the essence of love tonight. Tomorrow. And everyday after that!

Love may be a paradox, but there is love to be had!

If anyone doesn’t have another to share love with tomorrow, on the day of love, then celebrate the love within your very own heart & soul! There is love there too!

I wish you all a happy Valentines Day Tryst friends!

May love find its way to you, and may you give love to yourself and to the world!

Good good night!! ~ Jen


©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

Whimsical Trystღ

In essence of a day that is dedicated entirely to love, the lovely & talented Deana & I wrote this Poetic Duet. I am honored to write with Deana. Her style is eclectic, creative and beautiful. Definitely stop by her blog, MY THOUGHTS ON THE SUBJECT ARE AS FOLLOWS, and see for yourself!
A Poetic Duet by Deana & I, Jen of Tryst
Whimsical Tryst
In the softest silence we speak
Intense music with our eyes
I fall into the deepest sea
I’m desperate to taste you once again
 Your kiss is addictive and desirous
The heated passion you pour out
Completely melts every inch of me
I desire your erotic touch
 Time is only a matter of existence
When I’m entangled in your arms
Each moment we paint a picture
Of Love’s beautiful sweet brilliance
Your intense hold on me is
both physical and mental
I welcome your sensuous touch, as it
Overwhelms me with pure delight
Darkness falls all around
Our bodies dance into the night
Until the sunrise kisses our sky
Our love narrates this whimsical tryst
©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication