Daily Reflection on Trystღ (03/21/13)

Daily Reflection (03/21/13)
Let it snow! Let it snow! let it snow!
No. I am not kidding. No. I am not being sarcastic. It is the 21st of March and it is snowing again. Expecting 3 inches today and then 6 more on Saturday. I know. I can’t believe it either!!  
I could go on & on here about the longer delay in spring time, but I’m at that point where the subject has just been beaten to death. Everyone here in this city, on Facebook, Twitter, Google, YFrog, and Blog’s are all complaining of the long, cold winter we are still seeming to have. The cries have been hears, the tears have fallen, this winter sucked, and it’s still sucking!! WE KNOW JEN!! So, I’m finished.
I accept things the way that they are.
Do I have another choice?
This brings me to an important topic of reflection today. That of acceptance. Acceptance is a virtue that is something we should practice through out our lives. There are many things in life that are going to happen that we have no control over. There are mistakes that we may make, that we cannot change, and as a result, there are consequences that we just need to accept.
What comes with acceptance is a whole lot of attitude that makes dealing with life much better!! Not worse!! Did you think I was going to say a whole lot of attitude that sucks? Nope. When we learn to accept something, although we may or may not agree with whatever it is, we accept that it just is. We accept that we cannot change it. We accept that we need to deal with it, obviously, or we are the ones who end up making things that much worse for ourselves.
There ain’t shit I can do about the cold air. There just isn’t. I’m sorry peeps. I have no magical powers, I don’t know any magical spells, or witch craft, or Indian dances that can make things different outside. But what I can do is accept that although spring isn’t here yet, I’m sure it’s not far away. And with that kind of attitude towards things, I bet you will see me smiling and with that sprite that you are used to seeing in my steps!!
I hope your day was great, where ever in the world you are, and I hope your night is great as well!! ~ Truly, Jen 🙂
Tryst Thought: We can apply acceptance to so many things in life. And when we do, I can personally guarantee that life will be easier for you!! Having acceptance is having the demeanor of a grown, wise, patient adult. It is something that we should strive for when we are young.
The truly wise know when to fret and when not to. Trying to control things that we are powerless over, will leave us disappointed and unsatisfied.
Be realistic in your thinking, and your actions will follow.
Yes, the above ‘Tryst Words of Wisdom’ were written by Jen, straight from the mind of Jen.
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Foot steps
In the hallway
Leading my
Curious mind
There I stood
Waiting, still
In the absence
Of which
You left me
Dare to take a step
Break the still
Of the night
Only, wait…
Foot steps
Vibrating closer
Here I hold
My heart in my
Hands, tiny hands
Tiny but mine
Waiting for
Something that
Feels right
This time
All the while
Left waiting for you
In the cold
Of the Winter, as
I wait for me too…
~ J. Lefever ~
©Think. Speak. Tryst. Publication

Daily Reflection on Trystღ (03/06/13)

Daily Reflection (03/06/13)


Slacker? or Incredibly Busy?

Happy Wednesday Tryst Peeps!! Yea, so, it’s the middle of the week, the hump day!! Either we are half way through the week or we still have half way to go. Which ever way you look at it, it’s the same thing. Half way through something. That’s Wednesday all right!! Same thing every week. Wednesday comes along, and we know we are halfway there, halfway to the weekend!! So, since it’s Wednesday, and will be Wednesday all day today, here I am, coming to write a sweet reflection, with much excitement and anticipation, I must say, because I have only written ONE other reflection this week!! Which is not how I roll on Tryst!! Hell No!! I make sure, no matter what, that you all get at least a Tryst Reflection in your in-boxes to read, or not read, it’s really your choice… but I feel better at night, and don’t lose any sleep, when I know I’ve delivered to you, some Tryst words of reflection. What is my excuse?


Slacker? Yea, may be a little bit, but if this is really so, I don’t want to admit it!! I don’t want to be called a slacker!! Shit, especially when it comes to Tryst!! No. No. This week, my sweet Tryst friends, I have been very busy!! At both, home and work. Which has caused me to ‘slack’ in the fun/writing/free time department because I’ve literally had a million other things going on. ((Plus battling with these blizzards we keep having here, the dreadful weather, and all things shitty that goes along with that, i.e. winter sadness & all, well you all know… I’ve written about it))


Since spring really is just around the corner, in like a month, ugh, I’m tying to get all kinds of house work done. I’ve bought new furniture and hung up some new curtains. We got a new pool table for our basement, and a new flat screen for the living room… yes, I have a happy husband right now!! Anyway, there are other projects I’ve got going on, or on my list, and it’s been keeping my time all tied up!! It has been fun though…


Here is my point: fun, new projects around the house really help is you have the winter blues!!


((I’m calling it the ‘winter blues’ now because honestly, I’m effing sick of referencing the seasonal dep crap. You get what I mean.))


So, for all you sweet Tryst-ers, if you are wondering around your house, and thinking of something that needs to be changed, or re-modeled, or up-graded, or anything new that you want… go for it!! Spring cleaning can be any kind of new project you got going on around the house, it’s not just busting out the vacuum and duster!! Change some drapes, throw new pillows on your couch, or put some paint on the walls!! What ever you do, this new change will definitely help with the ‘winter blues’ and you will find yourself busy in a project and your mind will be far from feeding or acknowledging the stresses you have going on!!


I hope your Wednesday is wonderful!! ~ Jen


Tryst Thought: What ever you choose to give attention to, that will be all you see. If you feed sadness, you will be sad. I can assure you of this. If you feed happiness, believe me, you will feel happiness!! What do you choose to feed today?



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Seasonal Affective Douchebag ~ Tryst News

Seasonal Affective Douchebag
Also known as ‘S.A.D.’  ~ Tryst News
Who is SAD this winter? …or every winter about this time?
Is anyone just sad right now? I’m talkin just gloomy, grumpy, maybe even pissed off that we gotta get up, and continue to go about our lives, while living in a place that literally dies every year? Take a look outside. The winter in the Midwest is a sad time of the year, no pun intended. The sky is rarely blue. It’s bitter fucking cold. The dead trees match the cold, grey sky, giving this flat land a vast view of what death must look and feel like. I hate this time of the year. And, I’m telling you, I’m an up-beat kind of woman, but even the winter here is enough blah, grey, deadness to get even my spark of a spirit down. Yeah man, I’m SAD alright… and it sucks really bad!!!
This time of year brings on a condition that has its controversy… is seasonal depression really real? Or is it something that we have created, to be able to identify with, or to give an excuse for, the wave of sad feelings and non-motivation that comes down and kicks us in the ass, every year about this time. Seasonal depression, is it not?
While ‘S.A.D.’ is known for ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’, a condition that hipsters created to explain why they are grumpy. Works, doesn’t it? It’s the perfect acronym for this feeling. Well done hipsters!!
Some call it ‘S.A.D.’, some say it’s just a ‘Winter Depression.’ My favorite is ‘Seasonal Affective Douchebag,’ thank you Urban Dictionary, which states that this is a time when those who suffer from this particular problem, become nasty in the winter and for no other reason, other than it’s the dead time of the year.
You may hear another say they suffer from ‘Seasonal Dread,’ symptoms include feelings of hopelessness, personal lament, or melancholy that are directly related to long durations of unfavorable weather patterns or temperature. I heard that!
I have not researched this enough to give it the proper credentials to call it a legitimate problem or disorder. I don’t feel I need to. Why? Because I get this shit every year!! So it must be real, right?!! This year has been especially bad, and like in chronic stages the last couple of weeks! Here we are, in March, and there is more snow on the ground than Missouri has seen in the last three years combined. (That is a total guess, but I need something dramatic to go with my rant) Anyway, I understand that even in March, the idea of actual, real-spring time is still at least a month away. We won’t see regular sunshine and spring time warmness until the end of April, but shit, doesn’t that sound so far away? I don’t know if I can take this much longer without going postal or flying the coop!! I’m about to lose it!!
Incase you are still wondering about my diagnosis, here are some other symptoms of this shitty, ‘Seasonal Dread’ crap:
Feeling listlessness and board after being stuck inside a house throughout a Missouri winter with nothing to do except play Jenga by yourself. BORING!!
Hatred of mother nature for the unfortunate tundra region you live in. INDEED!!
Having moments where you want to give up, fall to your knees and cry… moments when you think that if you have to get up and look at one more dead, grey day… you just can’t predict what may happen.
While these are all symptoms of this seasonal shit we as Midwestern Missourians have to deal with every year, it gets even worse. We don’t even have fun winter stuff to do!! So it makes it that much harder to get through these winters!! No mountains to ski or snowboard, no rock climbing.. it’s so cold and dead that you basically hide from the outside… I think I’ve made my point.
I can’t imagine anyone wanting to live here in the Midwest during the winter. All I can say is, hang on… we are almost there.
Sadly I have no solution, other than re-location… which I’m not just considering, I WILL be doing here shortly… I can’t handle it another year!!
Someday soon, I will be sitting on a warm beach writing Tryst news… unfortunately, not soon enough!!
J. Lefever ~ Tryst News (03/02/13)
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Daily Reflection on Tryst (02/26/13)

Daily Reflection (02/26/13)


White Abyss

Good Morning my Tryst companions!! Would ya believe me if I told you I’m literally snowed in? Would you believe me if I told you that I swear I went to bed last night in the Midwest, but woke up in Alaska? Or maybe the Ice Age? Or maybe Hell froze over!!! I could bundle up and strap myself to my snowboard and take that to get to work, but I figured, why chance it? No one is out of their homes here!! We are all trapped in our warm & cozy homes, with our 20 loaves of bread that we got last night as a result of the victory of the verbal, and some physical, fights that went down in the stores & markets!! Here we are with another entire day to ourselves, with this white abyss all around us!! (And, it’s still snowing!! It hasn’t stopped yet…)

I’m watching the news, have been since 7 am. I’m hearing reports of power outages, something like 9200 people without power. Trees have collapsed with the weight of snow in people’s yards. Highways have literally shut down!! This is worse than last week because all the snow that fell last week was still here. It didn’t melt away, any of it!! So, this snow fall came, and just added to the inches we already had, making our entire city covered in three, four, five feet of snow in some places!! We have snow banks, and walls of snow, snow mountains due to the few successful attempts at plowing which are on the sides of neighborhood streets and highways. It’s crazy here!!

My husband is attempting to leave, go out and brave this madness and do some plowing. (We have some equipment) But I think he’s crazy!! I mean, the snow is still falling, why not wait to shovel and plow when the snow at least stops? I know how stubborn men can be, no offense to the men out there, but when they have their minds made up, there’s not much that can change it. Right? So I gotta go make sure my hubby has dressed warm enough and make him a coffee to take into the white abyss… (shaking my head)

Am I supposed to be reflecting.. oh, yes, right!! Well, I’m pretty much completely focused on the weather here right now… I guess what is important to stress here this morning is thinking wisely. Making good decisions in situations like this can help to NOT complicate your life. Like, don’t get out and drive anywhere right now. There is no where that is that pressing to be. (Well, except for extenuating circumstances, like a woman going into labor, or something.. Hopefully that’s not happening anywhere)

I just want to say to all in severe weather conditions, be safe, think clearly, and rationally!!

As for me, I have lots of things to do today around the house. I’m going to start by preparing a rack of ribs, rub them with my dry rub, and throw them in the oven to roast on low temp, all day, so they are fall off the bone tender for dinner!! Yum.. Jake will love that!!

Where ever you are in the world, Tryst Family, I hope your day is fabulous & fantastic!!

Hugs & Snow from the Midwest!!! ~ Jen

Tryst Thought: It has been years since I’ve made a snow man… The last person I did that with was my little brother… I think I’ll keep it that way. (Love you Dave. Miss you Dave)


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